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Creating Your Unique Story

Animation Explainers creates compelling explainer videos to help your business, brand, or orgnaization explain your story, mission, and products in a simple and straightforward way. We have an in-house team of creative animation experts that walk you through the entire process. We can produce the video’s script, storyboard, voiceover, and any animations and depictions that your video will need to effectively communicate to your audience.

According to HubSpot research, more than 50% of consumers wants to see videos from brands… more than any other type of content. Not just useful for entertainment, video on website landing pages is capable of increasing conversation rates by over 80% (HubSpot, 2019).

At Animation Explainers, it is our passion to help businesses and organizations explain their processes and effectively communicate with their target audience. With our company at your side, you’ll rediscover what it means to engage with your audience and provide them with information in the most efficient way possible.


Our U.K. Portfolio

Are you looking for a way to simplify your products, services, and value propositions to your target audience and present it in an easy-to-digest way?

Then we are the right partner for you.

We are the leading Animated Explainer Video studio in London, and we are passionate about delivering high-quality results at an affordable price. At our company, we believe in not only helping companies in and around London to produce high-quality videos from a visual standpoint, but we also want to provide them with the most efficient way possible to communicate vital information.

We have worked with some of the largest brands in Europe, the United States, and Canada to help them effectively convey information to their audiance in an innovative way.

Our London Explainer Video Packages include:

Voiceover & Music

To provide our clients with the most flexibility possible, we offer a wide range of different voiceover languages and accents, designed to connect with your audience, regardless of their nationality or the language they speak. Not only can we help you communicate to different users from around the world by selecting the right language, but we’ll also ensure that your video has the right tone and temperament to make a lasting impression on anyone who views your video.


Our staff are some of the brightest and most experienced animators in the industry, who produce some of the finest animated explainer video content out there! Our style of animation is optimised to increase conversion and invoke feelings of trust and action on the part of the viewer. For proof of our methods, look no further than some of our work samples done from our amazing clients! You’ll see that our work not only looks great, but it is optimised for success too!


At our company, we don’t just believe in producing a video, delivering it and being finished with that project. We know that each explainer video is a process. It’s completely understandable for you as a client to be nervous when investing in an explainer video, not knowing what you’re going to get. That’s why we offer revisions to each client, as we realise that getting the perfect video is a process worth waiting patiently for. We’ll help to adapt and revise your animated explainer video until you are more than satisfied.

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What our U.K. clients say

Great communication from start to finish. Really happy with finished product. Would highly recommend!

Charlotte HesterInfrastructure Marketing Manager, XMA
data interconnect logo

Client: Data Interconnect


Our 60 Second Software Video within the Financial Services space


Data Interconnect Case Study

Data Interconnect is an ISO: 9001 accredited company. They are one of the UK’s most reliable and trusted privately-owned SaaS Order-to-Cash Automation vendors.

We created an explainer video to better describe the Corrivo Invoice to Cash Automation and how this helps Credit Management teams to Collect Cash Faster. This was a big pain point for Carolyn and her team. We were able to cut down the jargon and complete a video that was easy to understand. This explainer video explains the whole product and service in under 60 Seconds.

We offer the best Explainer Videos in London!

We are a team of passionate and experienced professionals that work tirelessly to achieve positive results for our clients.

We can adapt our animation explainer videos to suit any industry, company or need that our clients might have. When you work with us, the process will be easy. Simply meet with us to discuss your goals and we will do the rest!

Why should you choose our team at Animation Explainers?

We offer high-quality explainer videos at an affordable price

We can adapt our strategies and solutions to fit your needs

We will revise our videos until you are satisfied with your order

Get your videos fast! We’ll deliver within 2 weeks on average

We will communicate with you throughout the project

Some additional questions you may have…

Who are you?

Animation Explainers is an experienced and reputable video production company home to some of the most talented staff in the industry. We are based out of Dublin, Ireland and Toronto, Canada, but have worked with some of the largest brands in Europe and across the world. We focus on providing our clients with high-quality, bespoke animated explainer videos that enables them to effectively communicate their message or spread their brand awareness to their end customer. We believe in the power of connection via visual stimulation and understand the importance of audience engagement to our clients. We work tirelessly to achieve not only strong visuals, but strong visuals that convert visitors into customers for our clients.

Explainer Video Packaged Services

Our Explainer Video packaged services include everything that you might need for your ideal explainer video including script writing, asset creation, storyboard development, custom accent and language voice overs, and innovative innovations. We aim to make each of our animations insightful, comprehensive, and targeted. For proof of our innovation and quality, check out our portfolio of some of the projects that we have done for some of the largest and most reputable brands around the world.

Why should you go with us?

When you work with Animation Explainers, you will discover why so many brands choose us for their animation explainer video needs. We offer two core benefits that we believe sets us apart from any other explainer video production company.

The first benefit is that we aren’t just a company that churns out explainer videos. We take the time and attention that it takes to produce high-quality videos that not only explain a process, but help to communicate what your brand is all about to your customers. When you work with our company, you’ll be gaining a brand ambassador that takes the time to learn about what you do and what makes you unique.

The second benefit is that we believe in providing value beyond just an explainer video creation. We design our videos to be compliant with all of your social media platforms and contribute to your online marketing campaigns. Not only do we design videos, but we help advance your digital marketing initiatives to move your business in the right direction.

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Are my revisions included?

At Animation Explainers, we believe that you – the client – should hold the power, and that is why we allow for a revision period. If you are not satisfied with our creation or wish for an idea to be expanded upon, we are happy to make alterations to your explainer video. We recognise that a proper explainer video takes time and dedication and that is exactly what we provide.

Can I choose a certain accent/language?

To allow you to have the ability to communicate with your audience in a number of different countries and cultures, we allow you to select your accent or language that you would like for your explainer video. We have all of the resources and staff that you’ll need to get an explainer video that communicates effectively and is tailored to your audience.

Can you do 2D and 3D animations?

We provide both 2D and 3D animations for our clients and encourage you to choose the one that’s right for you.

Where are you based in the U.K.?

Our UK Address:
Animation Explainers
Carran Dene, Alexander Drive, Douglas, IM2 3QX, Isle of Man

Explainer Video Testimonials

Alex Chang’s Testimonial at the end of the project - “It’s a wonderful experience to with the excellent animated explainer video process with Aaron, Dyl and team! The whole team are very organized to conduct the smooth flows for making video for me, stick to the schedule and even beyond the schedule, and absolutely no harms to the video quality at all! If you are looking for a professional team for your promoting your products with good business explainers, they are right here for you!

TimeBox NetworkAlex Chang CEO, Timebox Network

The team at Animation Explainers are easy to work and extremely professional.
Every stage of the explainer video project was thought through for our business, and their staged approach kept everything on track. The project was delivered on time, on budget and we are delighted with our video.

Data InterconnectCarolyn Arnold, Head of Marketing – Data Interconnect Ltd

What we see in the Netherlands but also on a wider scale around the EU is that many people are delaying having kids. When the time comes and they are ready many families do struggle to find the products and services needed to planning out this important phase in a woman's life. Myself and Dylan developed a video to describe our innovative product and show our product can increase the probability of conceiving without getting in the way of intimacy. The whole explainer video production process was a wonderful experience and Dylan was available over the phone/Linkedin every step of the way.

Fertilily Conception CupsRobert Stal, CEO - Fertilily Conception Cups

Animation Explainers worked under a very tight deadline, delivered more than we expected and were incredibly easy to work with to achieve an incredible end product. We would highly recommend them.

Women in Capital MarketsCamilla Sutton, CEO & President, WCM

Really enjoyed working with the Toronto studio on our 2 explainer videos for our 3commas platform. Aaron, Dylan and the team worked really hard on getting our message right before we started the animation process.

3CommasVictor Cucos, CEO, 3Commas

It was a great experience dealing with Aaron and his team. We are an ethical financial platform based in Indonesia. Animation Explainers were able to scale to our branding in a totally different cultural setting than they are used to with is a testament to their internal process and consultative approach. The animated explainer video they produced was super, really informative and is going to look amazing on my site and at conference pitches.

Blossom FinanceCEO, Matthew Martin, Blossom Finance

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