Frequently Asked Questions


What are the services included in the cost?

  • Script
  • Storyboard
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Voice over
  • Background music
  • Post production

You can check out ‘our process’ video.


Why does it take such a long time?

The process includes:

  • Understanding your marketing requirements
  • Creating a concept
  • Preparing a script for the video
  • Sketching a storyboard
  • Drawing the illustrations for the video
  • Animating the illustrations
  • Recording the voiceover


What is animation and how is it different from a video?

Video is usually recorded using a camera, animation is designed and built using software, we happen to use an array of Adobe products for this animation process. Animation also allows you a lot more flexibility than video. In other words, animation allows you more creativity.


 Do we need to meet face-to-face or can we work remotely with you on a process?

Since we are a virtual organization. we are very comfortable working remotely with customers on projects. Between telegram,  emails, Skype and phone/web conferences, etc…you may feel like we’re working right next to you anyway ?


 How long should my video be?

This depends on a number of variable but most of our videos tend to be less than 2 minutes. The biggest reason is the longer your video gets, the less engaged your audience is. If you REALLY have a lot to say it is usually a better plan to produce multiple videos and let the viewers choose the shorter bits of content they are most interested in.


 How much does it cost to create an animated marketing video or tutorial?

Similar to building a website – all animation projects are custom and so without knowing the variables for your particular project (i.e. length of animation, character animated versus graphic animation, etc.) it’s very difficult to set a specific euro amount. Generally speaking, most animated videos that are around one minute in length fall somewhere in the range 1,500 to 3,000 euro depending on the variables I mentioned.


 My project requires multiple animated videos, do you offer a discount?

Many of the assets created in the first animation can be applied to other videos in the series saving time and reducing the overall cost of the project. 


 What are your payment terms?

We require a 75 percent deposit for your project to get started and the remaining 25 percent is due upon project completion.


 What’s the turnaround time for an animated video or tutorial?

When we quote you we will give you a date range for completion, final project turnaround is decided on the date we receive your initial deposit. The deposit secures your spot in the production schedule. Depending upon production load and timely feedback from our customers, we typically finish production of most single video projects in 2- 4 weeks.





Payment Methods:

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