7 Reasons Animated Advertising Can Work for You

Animated Advertising:

In an online world where our attention is constantly being pulled in many different directions, a simple and effective way to cut through the noise is with animated advertising.

What is Animated Advertising?

Glad you asked because you are about to get an education in it.

To say it’s advertising that is animated is correct, but…. it doesn’t quite do it justice. It’s a creative opportunity to bring your story to life, to weave any narrative that your imagination can think of.

Primitive man had to advertise too, caves were like the original Youtube, only darker.

Its versatility is its strength. In the world of animated advertising, space is not the final frontier, it’s as everyday as your back garden!

Sounds interesting doesn’t it? Read on to find why it’s becoming the new standard for businesses as well as services, and how it can help you message to reach a broader audience. 

Great Value

You want to know that your money is going to good use, that you can be sure of a good return on investment for the time and energy you spend.

The alternative to an animated video is to go live with a camera crew. Actors, directors, set design, finding the right place to shoot- all can jack up the cost, fast. There are so many variables that you can run into and that’s before you get the bill for the crew lunch!

When it comes to value and cost saving, live videos just don’t measure up to their animated counterparts.

Whether you want your video to stand out and be special or you would prefer something clear and concise – there is no reason to let cost get in the way of an excellent, polished, high standard end product.

Spielberg probably won’t return your calls anyway, he’s busy shining his Oscars.

Your budget can probably get him for about 46 seconds and you have to pick him up from the airport too.

In the meantime, it’s possible to create your own version of Back to the Future, set on Mars, where the main characters are played by an extinct species of penguin.

You get the idea. Animation really opens up a reasonable sized budget to the endless possibilities of a blank canvas. Take a look at this hilarious stop-motion animated advert using kids toys for a UK company.

Suddenly all that time playing with action men and barbies as a child doesn’t seem like such a waste! Consider the cost of such a production if they decided to go with a live action shoot. Really, could they even achieve the same type of impact and comedy effect with real live actors? No, I think not.

Fast Turnaround Time

Like the weather, like fashion – things change, sometimes in an instant, sometimes over a decade. What’s in vogue and considered the standard at this very moment is only ever one step away from innovation, from transformation. As industries, the business climate and society change, we also must change the way we go about advertising, about getting a message across. This is the natural growth that compounds over time.

Your business or product has perhaps not changed for years and you want to uphold a high degree of quality at all times. This is where animated advertising has a huge advantage. There is a greater ability to respond to current trends as they happen, to respond to potential customers needs quicker than traditional forms of advertising.

Take a look at our very own production, an explainer video about the best practices you can take to limit the spread of CoronaVirus.

This video was released in the middle of March 2020, well before the pandemic had made such a devastating worldwide impact.

Think about the power of that.

The potential to get across an important message in a visually pleasing manner, that is easily understandable to a wide audience and is most importantly, in the now. It’s important to strike while the iron is hot, so if you can, do.

Endless Possibilities

As children, we are encouraged to dream and dream big, our imagination is not limited by what we see and hear, our imaginations are not limited at all. As we grow, we take on more adult responsibilities. We learn to do taxes, take out the bins – hey someone has to. We understand that eating large amounts of ice-cream may feel good in the moment but not so much in the morning!

Everyone sets limits and boundaries as they’re needed because they help us do our best.

But still there is an urge to go beyond limits and dare to dream again, to imagine the impossible. Animated advertising allows you to stoke that imagination again. There really is no limit to what can be created. It is the ultimate creative blank canvas.

Maybe you need a dolphin to swim in front of a cruise ship and in the next scene have a man flying superman style through the air. Well we’ve done it! You can see it below.

Think about the creative freedom that this can give your brand, your business, your message. No need to be bound by the limits of the real world. Gravity is nice, I use it every day, but don’t you want to fly once in a while? Well now you can.

Transform the Everyday

It’s part and parcel of everyday life that not everything is exciting or interesting. Another spreadsheet, an hour-long meeting that involves looking at 100 side PowerPoint presentations. These things do not really inspire and ignite the flames of a workforce. Who wants to read a 10-page-long brochure about the inner workings of a newly produced pharmaceutical drug? Not many, unless they have to.

Either they had a really late night or those pie-charts just aren’t that stimulating anymore.

Animated advertising can turn black & white into colour, vibrant colour. It can make numbers and statistics sing and dance like your drunk aunt at a wedding. It can change what may be a quite dry and complicated topic into something which is light, fresh, and even appealing.

Look at how vibrant and colourful an everyday topic like finance can be made through animation.

We can see here how the animation manages to hold attention and inform the customer at the same time. The video effectively gets the message across. It is for these reasons that many businesses are looking to animated explainer videos for things like staff training and staff induction courses.

It can also transform more layered and complicated subjects into something easily digestible. Here is a video we worked on with Siren.io in the Software industry

Imagine trying to get this topic across via text or a brochure, you can’t. Heavy subject matter can be transformed and presented in a way that those who know little about a subject can understand, plus it looks really cool too!

Broad Appeal

What spans time and space easily? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s animated advertising. Okay that may be an exaggeration, a big one at that, but the broad appeal of an animated video should not be underestimated. In terms of visual communication, animation can be a great equaliser which opens up your business or message to a huge audience. Curious?

We have the statistics to prove it: https://animationexplainers.com/video-marketing-statistics-2019/

We can see here that animated videos are emerging as a major player within the advertising world. Video marketing beats out traditional text and image marketing methods when it comes to outreach and increases conversion rates by 80%. That is a Grand Canyon sized percentage.

In case you are wondering, that is pretty big!

Businesses are catching on, with 45% putting a video on their homepage. A great knock-on effect? Doing this has made them 53 more times likely to show up first upon a Google search. 78% have gained more traffic because of it. Those are some very large numbers and potentially some very profitable numbers.

That’s the kind of versatility and viewer engagement that you can’t ignore. It is a powerful way of being seen, heard and more importantly, remembered.

Animated advertising is simply more interesting to a larger number of people, across many platforms, all of the time, but particularly when compared to traditional advertising methods. Most modern advertising is now consumed through a small class screen that you may be reading this very blog post on, if that is where your customers are, then ask yourself -why aren’t you?

It’s the Future and The Now

As the statistics posted above show, people are moving with the trends.

It’s not just that many people are moving towards animated advertising as their first port of call for marketing and brand engagement. They have already moved and will continue to do so in the future. This is the natural evolution of the advertising industry, one method is surpassed by a better, more refined method. The best method is the one with the greatest reach that can be easily understood.

Once upon a time you had to fit this in your front pocket along with your wallet, would you do it now…

Let’s say you have a business or product that is still in the early production or startup phase. Traditionally you would have to wait to have a finished product in your hands to film a live advert or start an advertising campaign with images. But with animated advertising you can create a campaign before a product hits the shelves.

You can garner feedback and interest levels form potential customers through the use of a well-crafted, target focused video – a great leap forward from outdated marketing methods.

So, you can embrace the change and ride the wave as it comes or you can play catch-up with your competitors at a later date. Of course, we both know the better option of the two.

It’s Visually Stunning

Okay we all know that what’s on the inside counts the most. Image is nothing, we’re told this from a young age and it’s true right?

But let’s be real.

Our eyes, brains and minds are drawn to what they find the most interesting, colorful, symmetrical and stimulating. It’s part of a biological throwback to times when a brightly colored strawberry may have meant the difference between living and dying.

We are wired to seek the new, to seek the novel. Our brains are coded for pattern recognition, because it sees things that are visually interesting as promising or highly rewarding. To put it quite succinctly, good-looking things look good to us.

So why not take advantage of that?

Breathe life into your message by making it look as beautiful and visually pleasing as possible. Make it breathtaking and awe-inspiring. If Picasso was around today , well, he’d probably have a really big Instagram following ! But I think he’d also be amazed how we have the skills to create such visually striking, moving animations in a short amount of time.

Take a look at the great use of simple colours in this animation for a traffic ticket paying app.

Has paying a fine ever looked more attractive?

Wrapping it Up

Animated advertising is bigger than ever. So why not move with the times and make use of it.

Consider it a potential opportunity to take your business to the next level. To stand out in a crowd of competitors and put yourself head and shoulders above the rest.

Really, you need to ask yourself ‘can I afford to not take advantage of this revolutionary advertising tool?’

Is an animated advertisement what your business needs?

If you are looking for an animated advertisement video for your business or service, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of creators have experience making animated advertisement videos for companies large and small.

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