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Developing women’s health explainer videos that educate and empower every woman

What is a women’s health animated explainer video?

Women’s health explainer videos are dedicated to addressing awareness about the challenges and other matters that women are dealing with. Our ultimate goal is to develop education videos that empower women to make smart and informed health choices and decisions.

Women’s health care and well being is a very sensitive subject. Every woman makes crucial decisions in life. Especially when they go through the motherhood stage. They are bound to have many questions on how to go through every step or phase in their lives.

An explainer video can help better explain the beautiful struggles of every woman. It helps promote the discussion of various women’s health topics, including sex, family or well being. How do you even make a safe discussion about a woman’s body or teach about women’s health in a public health perspective? Well, animated explainer videos can manage that. We can create explainer videos on any of these topics. Intimacy, relationships, health guide, family and pregnancy. Reproductive health, living healthy, drugs, supplements and methods, and etc. You give us a demo or idea and we execute the creative part of explaining it through an explainer video.

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Client: Ferti·Lily®


  • Bespoke Voiceover and music to fit the tone
  • Language Translation Supported
  • Tailored to Robert’s amazing brand


Website: www.fertilily.com

Fertility Explainer Video Example

One of our works that involved women’s health was Ferti Lily. Here’s the overview of their business.

Ferti Lily develops medical devices to help couples conceive without getting in the way of intimacy. Ferti·Lily was formed by a team of innovators with the dream to address challenges faced by modern couples trying to conceive. Robert Stal, a medical entrepreneur, has set-out to develop a range of over-the-counter solutions that are able to help couples trying to become pregnant, without getting in the way of intimacy.

“What we see is that couples are increasingly delaying their decision to start a family. Once they do, they struggle to find the help they need when things are not going according to plan. We are developing a range of products with medical experts proven to increase the probability of conceiving. All without getting in the way of the intimacy and fun of trying to conceive”.

The first product in a range of solutions, the Ferti·Lily Conception Cup, is a tested and approved medical device developed to help couples to fulfil their dream of starting a family. The innovative silicone device is inserted vaginally after sex and helps to deliver more sperm cells to the cervix. The clinical studies have shown that the soft cup is easy to use and comfortable.

We help professionals and organisations develop women’s health as a specialized issue. That needs conversation, attention and understanding, animation is a really innovative way to cut through the sensitivities around the topic. These issues include research, health care education, and women’s health advancements. At Animation Explainers collaborate and support organizations and partners in developing campaigns, information care and provision of health care.

Why animated women’s health explainer videos work?

Explainer videos can be used as a better way to learn concepts, theories and processes. Also, it’s more interactive, clearer and fun to learn it when there’s live visualization or support graphics, motion, etc.

Understanding the medical language or jargon like menstrual cycles or stages of pregnancy to anybody can be exhausting (take a look at our Ovusense and Fertilily examples), especially for men. It can be explained better with animated videos.

  • It’s clear and easier to understand than other marketing medium or format. Explainer videos combine various properties like voice, text, music, photographs and even podcasts. This is a powerful way to speak to the audience, especially to women.
  • It also gives different audience, especially partners or couples, a different perspective. A more advanced level of proficiency or comprehension of the wide range issues of women. Such as intimacy, fertility, pregnancy, parenthood etc.
  • Explainer videos can give a more authentic approach of unraveling the diverse roles of women in the family, as a sister, daughter, mother or wife.
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Whether you’re a woman seeking valuable health information. A health professional aiming to educate or inform about policies, programs or innovative health programs. Then explainer videos can save you time and energy. It’s very persuasive, professional and helpful at the same time.

Women’s health and well-being is as vital as providing them with credible information. Info they can trust on how to take good care of themselves and will give them the confidence to make smart health choices.

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Why Work with Animation Explainers

Quality is the heart of our strategy at Animation Explainers. Our team value and respect the ideas of our clients. We strive to improve our processes and deliver strategic and creative solutions for them. Animation Explainers understand your analytical needs and demands better than anybody else in the market. We simplify the complex task of explaining things for you and we make sure to deliver overall efficiency and awesomeness in our work!

We breathe life, professionalism and creativity in whatever we do at Animation Explainers HQ. These are the same values we develop to bring forward great ideas and explainer videos to all our clients.

Our team is always 24/7 available to talk to you. We respond to messages or emails within 24 hours, Monday to Friday, with coverage throughout the US and Europe.

We answer any questions you may have about explainer videos. Whether big or small brand, we enjoy collaborating with individuals and businesses from anywhere in the world. We are originally based in Dublin, Ireland, but we also work globally for clients around the US, UK and Asia. With the use of Linkedin, Skype and Collaboration documents, we find it easy and seamless dealing with clients on a daily basis.

With Animation Explainers, you are assured of working with the right team of skilled individuals, to create a next level of communicative tool, and complete solutions within a fair budget and timescale.

Meet our creative team

Got a fresh concepts and ideas and need a creative team to execute the process for you? We are happy to help. Our team is extremely resourceful and innovative, and we always love bringing fresh concepts and stirring insights to the  clients.

Aaron’s has passion for tech, marketing trends and efficient processes. This is shown in making sure that the whole video explainers engine runs smoothly for every client he works with. He always makes sure that clients expectations is delivered with ultimate satisfaction and seamless experience.

Dylan, the in-house creative director, nurtures our relationships with clients on a daily basis. He’ll make sure every animated explainer video project runs on time and everyone is happy. He runs daily operation of the Animation Explainers team to ensure every work meets the quality standard and optimum expectations of the clients.

Dylan Healy, Creative Director at Animation Explainers  – “We create online videos for businesses working in areas like blockchain, biomed, fintech, medical devices, Forex – simplifying what can often be a confusing landscape for the average consumer online. Many organisations islandwide could seriously benefit from an explainer video.”

How much does a Fertility Animation cost?

Depending on the complexity and length of the video, the pricing of our works varies. Please get in touch with Dylan or Aaron and we will have a conversation about your ideas and expectations

Our creative team will do a full assessment of the project, discuss your needs and provide the best solutions for you and then we give you the complete details. Schedule a call via our Calendly system asap!

How long does it take?

Average projects usually take 2 to 3 weeks to make.

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