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Why Animation Explainers?

Back in 2018, our co-founders and long-term friends Aaron and Dylan saw the potential to put their passion for animation and concept visualization into action.

Animation Explainers is a passionate and positive team of like-minded creatives whose enthusiasm for each project that comes our way simply shows itself in the product. We are here to consult at every step of the project and provide you with a video that truly captures the essence of your vision from the beginning.

Our motivation has remained the same since Animation Explainers began: getting elaborate and often tricky concepts across to people without turning off the modern digital consumer, to whom time is very precious in today’s busy world. We always undertake thorough research to find clarity in your brand’s core message and convey it effectively with your counsel and direction along the way.

We offer a unique and reliable solution to your business marketing needs with minimal, eye-catching explainer video content tailored to the specific needs of your target clients.

We guarantee a uniquely individual approach to your business: our experts will craft your core requirement structure, offering advice in choosing the right dynamic, format, and visuals for your video. Couple this with exceptional stylized storytelling, bold illustrations, exquisite character design, and exciting innovation – our explainer videos help you elevate your online presence, stand out from the competition, and ultimately increase customer conversion.

If you’ve made it this far, well done, and thank you for staying. Reading long pieces of content can be laborious – WE KNOW MORE THAN ANYONE!

Animation can offer a different route for your digital marketing strategy, one that your competitors will not be currently utilizing. That path can guarantee you more engagement from your potential consumers – Look no further than Animation Explainers: we are very keen to help! Read a full review about us.

Meet the key members of our amazing team

our values

Great relationships, Stunning results.


Client Commitment
We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and hands-on approach. We give clients guidance throughout the process every step of the way to deliver a product they are truly inspired by.
We are a strong team with an ambitious vision, but we know things may not always be plain sailing. We continue to strive together even in the face of adversity.
Our videos are of the highest quality: stylish, innovative, and sure to engage your intended audience and further afield. We have a talented team of expert animators who will ensure the standard of your video remains high, and the message captures attention
Abundance mentality
We offer a flexible approach and cater to a variety of industries. We are sure to have something to offer for your specific needs. We have a mindset through which we look for opportunities over obstacles. Working with a fresh young team, we are determined to capture your ideas.
Thinking out of the Box
At AE, part of our mission is to strive for authenticity. The whole team comes with batteries included, with drive, energy, are action biased, doers & problem solvers.
Extra Mile
It’s simple: we never give up. Our worldwide client base is well-looked after by our passionate team that strives to meet the brief, whatever the weather.

Explainer Video Creation

Simple Yet Effective Process

When creating explainer videos we take a simple yet effective approach. Our process unlocks a unique way to portray clarity, ease of use and to communicate effectively.

We fill a communicative gap using our client’s own branded content, remixing it, adding animation, a bespoke voiceover and high quality music to get every message across effectively!

How we do it!

We’re the animation industry’s most talented and skilled professionals. Our team creates animated stories that engage viewers and explain complex topics.

This is how we do it….

Where the magic begins. You will meet our team of creatives via the initial requirements call, where we will gather all necessary information for bringing your story to life

Our first part of the process is to draft a script centered around your message, audience, and ideas discussed in the requirements call.

We’ve worked on different styles of animation and have an extensive portfolio from which you can choose your individual style.

Where the real magic happens: your video concept will come to life!

You will receive a beautifully crafted final product that you are 110% happy with. On time and on budget!

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