Forex Explainer Videos

What are forex explainer videos?

A forex animated explainer video is usually around 30 to 90 second video that is developed to market, advertise and to explain forex solutions and services. We use visual, textual motion graphics and character animation to showcase the benefits of forex platforms.

It’s useful for banks, traders, investors, entrepreneurs and financial institutions that offers forex services. An explainer videos ultimate goal is to help everyone make wise and smart trading decisions. It can do a lot for your forex marketing strategy. Furthermore, you can show unique trading signals, experts’ opinions and training materials, analytical reviews and forecasts and more.

With our forex animation videos, you don’t have open tabs of forex glossaries to understand the terms and processes. With an explainer video it’s explained with animated characters. We add atmosphere or mood, unique accents and voiceovers and a good narrative. This can help you understand forex better, engage and boost your conversions. Get people to truly understand your forex offering. 

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See our sample forex animation videos…

We have worked with people who are in the forex industry like 3commas. We created two forex animation videos for Victor and his team in Toronto, which they used for their social media and website campaigns. 

They really enjoyed our work and the experience we made while creating it. The video has got over 2,000,000 views as it sites pride of place on the 3Commas website. From planning to creating the whole animation, we made sure we understand their business before creating a brief and the actual animation.

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3Commas 1:07

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“Really enjoyed working with the Toronto studio on our 2 explainer videos for our 3commas platform. Aaron, Dylan and the team worked really hard on getting our message right before we started the animation process.”

Victor Cucos, CEO, 3Commas

Why you need a forex animation video?

Developing a smart and reliable marketing strategy for vital for any businesses, especially for those in the forex and trading industry….. Enter the Animation Explainers team! Most marketers see forex animation videos very effective in helping them create a great narrative for brand or business, and at the same time create a content that their audience can relate to.

The animation process is not really easy and it requires a lot of brainstorming, planning and editing so you can make sure it’s done right. However, with the help of a creative team at Animation Explainers, you can save more time and energy so you can concentrate on other needs of your business, get comfortable and maximize your productivity without doing the hard lifting of animation, leave it to the experts.

Animation videos can help you elaborate your forex company and what you do. Basically, it helps you promote your business and services. You introduce your company or organization or even create a story on how you started and what is your goal as a trader or forex investor.

It helps you explain terms a lot more interesting like foreign exchange, interest rates or the market trading that are sometimes difficult to understand, especially those that are not in the market. Well, much more complicated explaining it in a way that it can motivate or compel them to learn and understand how making smart forex and trading decisions work best. It’s the best way to explain unfamiliar and dynamic subject matter to a large audience. And people can process and retain the information faster and longer than other content format like a podcast or a content copy.

You can provide simple yet effective solution to your customers. Understanding forex industry and the challenges that entrepreneurs, investors or financial institutions experience can sometimes be confusing. With animation, it provides audience  a walkthrough of the business and its processes. You can use animation to show how you help customers in creating different trading strategies and increases their profits.

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Meet the awesome Animation Explainers team: Why we’re the best team to work with for forex explainers?

At Animation Explainers, your ideas matter and we believe they have the potential to change the lives of many people. Animation Explainers help you bring your brilliant idea to the market with a better brand story through animation.

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Originally from Dublin, Ireland, the Animation Explainers have worked with many clients from across countries like the US, UK, Canada and even further afield. We take pride in creating awesome forex explainer videos and providing better customer experience. Having created hundreds of forex explainer videos, we take a unique approach for each of our clients, depending on their needs and make sure we get the details right.

We believe our job still continues even after our animation video is created. We stay with you just in case you need more help from us, we are always here to pitch in anytime. Are you ready to create your own forex explainer video? Let’s talk about it!

Our process: We like to keep it simple.

Creating a forex explainer animation is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with Animation Explainers. We keep the process easy, every single step. But before we get to the steps, we need to discuss and brainstorm your ideas so that we can come up with the best narrative and storyline for your animation project. The best projects we work on are always the ones with the strongest message and story behind the animation…


First, we identify the right approach through our requirement’s gathering process.


Next is we find an inspiration and write a script, find the right VO artist, choose sound design and music. Then it is animation time!


Finally, your video is done! That’s it. Enjoy your amazing forex explainer!

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We enjoy collaborating with different people, businesses and professionals from many different industries from different parts of the world. We have worked with people who are in the forex industry and it helped us learn more about the industry and the different challenges that arises in the industry. That’s why we streamline our ‘requirements gathering’ process and we always make sure that you get smart, specific and tailored-based solutions.

At Animation Explainers we are always committed to building a strong connection with our clients and help them bring the confidence in their brand. In order to stand out from their competitors, grow and succeed in their marketing strategies.

We are always open 24/7 from Monday to Friday. Give us a short demo or an idea of what you want to happen and we’ll figure out together how to bring your ideas to life.

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