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Introduction to Animation Explainers Product Explainer Videos

A product explainer video shows instructions on how a specific product works, its features or details and the problems it can solve for you. Typically around 60-90 seconds short, it aims to explain the things you’d most likely want to know about the product and reasons why you should buy it.

It helps the marketer bring the potential customers to the sales funnel. It can be used to explain how the product functions in the easiest way anybody can understand, or it can also be used as a campaign material for launching the product to the market.

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Types of marketing videos:

How to Videos

The classic “how-to” video shows, well, how to use your products! If your product has many uses, there’s something specific or complicated features that is new or unique from other products, you can use animation videos. Use this video type as a how-to while also showing the cool features of your product. Not only you can use it as product pitch but also you are giving viewers additional value or something extra.

Installation Videos

The “installation” video shows viewers how to install or setup your product. Whether it is a complex product installation or just a simple installation, it’s just easier to show via video than text and images. Make it look as easy and pain-free as possible for your viewers so they will have more confident in using your product.

Close-up Video

This is just what it sounds like – a close-up look of your product! If you’re trying to promote a detailed product, animation can help you show its small details. Things like diamonds or anything with “excellent craftsmanship” are the best subjects for this type of video. Also, you can explain the materials and craftsmanship of the different parts you’re zooming in on while showing every feature or detail of your product on the video.

Product-in-use Video

This video type is all about your product. It features real people (preferably someone who resemble your target audience) using your product in everyday life.

Story Videos

Finally, we have the “story” video. This video shows the story behind the product – why is it made? how is it made? what does the product do for you?

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Why product explainer videos are effective?

It helps set expectations of the customers about the products.

Most of the consumers now shop online and because they can’t see the product up close, they may have many questions. With an animation video, it can help them figure out what to expect about the product or how it looks like.

More than highlighting its features, it brings your product to life.

It’s difficult to tell your consumers how your product functions by only showing them a graphics or a lengthy manual copy which most of the time they won’t even bother to check out. Sometimes, it works but  most of the time, it doesn’t. People loves and enjoys watching videos. It’s fun and engaging.

It simplifies explaining how your powerful product works and its benefits.

A good product explainer video can help your customers understand the processes using whatever environments, graphics or characters you could create. Creativity and imagination is limitless. And sometimes it creates the reality.

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Testimonials: What our clients say about us?

“What we see in the Netherlands but also on a wider scale around the EU is that many people are delaying having kids. When the time comes and they are ready many families do struggle to find the products and services needed to planning out this important phase in a woman's life. Myself and Dylan developed a video to describe our innovative product and show our product can increase the probability of conceiving without getting in the way of intimacy. The whole explainer video production process was a wonderful experience and Dylan was available over the phone/Linkedin every step of the way.”

Robert Stal,CEO - Fertilily Conception Cups

What you need to do before creating a video?


Set goals. Before getting started, take time to do market research and make sure you have your marketing objectives. And it has to be specific, clear and measurable. Let’s say, you want to focus on 10x growth of your product sales for this month at the quarter of the year. You need something to reach for and a default bar that you can use to track your performance.


Know your target audience. Understand your consumers or buyers persona, their geographic region, interests and behavior, social media use and other demographics. Know who will buy your product. Know what time and day of the week they are active online. With a clearly defined target audience, it’s much easier to create a smart marketing campaign that is fit for your brand, resonates with the audience, and make your business thrive.


Create a plan. Find an awesome inspiration for your product explainer video campaign. Creating a video is a lot of work so make sure you plan it carefully, be creative and have fun.  From pre-production to production, and post production, make sure you know exactly what it is you want and you make that message come across right to your animation.

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