Crypto/Blockchain Explainer Videos

What is a crypto/blockchain explainer video?

Cryptocurrency or blockchain has been around since 2008 but many of us still find it strange or completely new. We usually just hear it on world news, or often read it in press releases and websites. For banks, economists and other professionals, maybe they are very aware and familiar with it. For those who are beginners in the  blockchain and cryptocurrency world, they might find it quite confusing. Especially if it’s explained without clear and supporting information.

The best way to introduce these specific but also broad concepts is with an animated explainer video from Animation Explainers. It can make learning the subject more fun and inarguably more engaging in comparison to other marketing strategies. Discussing to someone, for example, the cryptocurrency trading like 3Commas Platform or the bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange in a persuasive, educational and interesting way is not simple.

Our Cryptocurrency and blockchain animated explainer videos help explain the industry. They can help bridge the gap of understanding. From blockchain experts and crypto influencers to strangers of the world of blockchain technology. The videos that we produce are usually very short videos, typically around 60 to 90 seconds long. It’s a mix or indexed set of related elements. Great script, animated characters, story, background music, a bespoke voiceover and mood board — and you are onto a winner!

Blockchain Explainer Video

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Funderstoken 2:03

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Why you need crypto/blockchain explainer videos?

Cryptocurrency or blockchain can seem a geeky subject and not everyone can easily comprehend the terms like bitcoin, binance, cryptocurrency or blockchains right away. Well, not unless you’re a Math nerd or a data scientist who’s really interested about the science of the blockchain technology! Otherwise, it can be exhausting to learn it or worst, explain it to others in an engaging way. Worry no more, explainer videos from Animation Explainers can make it so simple and easy for you.

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You can make an introduction of hard concepts. For example, you may discuss the blockchain tech or discuss how people can have an efficient mining and trading cryptocurrency experience in the video demo. Remember the importance of personalisation to the audience in giving better customer experience. It can be worked out through animation.


It can also help showcase and explain the features of cryptocurrency and how people see it as a very complicated concept. You can clear the areas or points which people find confusing or that which they misunderstood mostly. Again, great customer experience is the name of the game.


If you’re able to answer people’s questions in the explainer videos, you’ll surely be able to push their spirit to start learning about cryptocurrency and blockchain.


You can demonstrate how easy it is to protect and secure your information from any threat. It’s not easy to put your trust in a stranger, most especially to the realm world of cryptocurrency and technology. You can even further explain how safe cryptocurrency is and show some credible references of investors and businesses who have been using it for years and succeeding.

For first timers, you can start by creating a strong creative brief. Once you’ve gotten your way through it, you can talk to us and we can help you develop your ideas and concepts into animation.

Why work with Animation Explainers?

Animation Explainers and the team is composed of creative and talented individuals who work together to deliver awesome explainer videos. Our strength lies on the core values of honesty, dependability and partnership. For years of working with different clients around the globe, we always strive to work with utmost professionalism, steadiness and thoroughness. Our creative directors and animators work together to make sure that we deliver our promises and you get utmost satisfaction.

If you want to get onboard and discuss your idea, please contact Dylan at your most convenient time. He is going to have a sit with you in a conversation and discuss about your project needs. Our team will then evaluate the project requirements and we will provide you with a solution that fits right for the project.

We are based in Dublin, Ireland, but we have worked with several clients from other countries and continent as well like UK, US and Asia. We enjoy the process of collaborating with many individuals, businesses and entrepreneurs from anywhere to deliver creative output. If you have any queries, comments or ideas that you want to turn into an explainer video, our team is available 24/7 from Monday to Friday.

We create overview videos, brand videos, promotional or marketing videos, 2D and 3D animated explainer videos, business use case study videos and how to videos. Just give us a short demo of what you want to happen, and we design and make your explainer videos.

We base our prices and packages on the length of the video and the project needs and requirements. We offer fair and reasonable value and deliver great turnaround for each project.

Meet our creative team

Aaron’s passion for tech, marketing trends and efficient processes is shown in making sure that the whole video explainers engine runs smoothly for every client he works with. He always makes sure that clients expectations is delivered with ultimate satisfaction and seamless experience.

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Dylan, the in-house creative director, nurtures our relationships with clients on a daily basis to make sure every animated explainer video project runs on time and everyone is happy. He runs daily operation of the Animation Explainers team to ensure every work meets the quality standard and optimum expectations of the clients.

“We create online videos for businesses working in areas like blockchain, biomed, fintech, medical devices, Forex - simplifying what can often be a confusing landscape for the average consumer online. Many organisations islandwide could seriously benefit from an explainer video.”

Dylan Healy,Creative Director at Animation Explainers

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