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Our team has worked with numerous medical companies worldwide. The challenge – to come up with timely 2D animations that bring clarity and up to date branding to the industry. We have worked with organisations in The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, The USA and elsewhere to come up with stunning medical animation videos and content in general. Check out our portfolio of works to see the extensive work we have done in this area.

Animation is often overlooked within this space as a jokey or jovial way to get your message across. Some people even argue that animation is not a good fit for the medical device industry as a whole. We see this as the total opposite at Animation Explainers. To be able to get your message across within the video for 90 Seconds is crucial. Animation Explainers prides itself on the process before the animation process begins so that we have the message, tone and scripting all worked out even before we start to consider animation! Most of our competitors in the space do the opposite to us and focus on the animation side.

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Types of Medical Animation Videos we offer

Please take the time to review the video content that we have produced in the past. See how we have tailored our style to many different brands and different products and services worldwide. Medical animation can be difficult to get correct, but when you have the correct team in place they can take our own ideas and bring them to life. We have worked on a number of different areas within the medical space including;

Medical Animation Portfolio

Medical Animation Video Case Studies

fertilily logo

Client: Ferti·Lily®


  • Bespoke Voiceover and music to fit the tone
  • Language Translation Supported
  • Tailored to Robert’s amazing brand


Medical devices to help women to conceive without getting in the way of intimacy

Ferti Lily in the Netherlands develop medical devices to help women to conceive without getting in the way of intimacy. Mr Robert Stal is the medical entrepreneur and our team at Animation Explainers had the pleasure of working with Robert over the course of the project. His aim and goal is to develop a range of over-the-counter solutions to help couples trying to become pregnant. Sounds great, right! We worked on a video to bring his brand to life, using his mockups and branding guidelines we came up with a bespoke and timely animation to take the Fertilily brand to the next level!

“What we see in the Netherlands but also on a wider scale around the EU is that many people are delaying having kids, and putting planning a family off. When the time comes and they are ready many families do struggle to find the products and services needed to planning out this important phase in a woman’s life. Myself and my team are developing a range of products to increase the probability of conceiving without getting in the way of the intimacy.”

The first product in a range of solutions, the Ferti·Lily Conception Cup, is a tested and approved medical device developed to help couples to fulfil their dream of starting a family. It was a true honour to work alongside Mr Stal and his team to come up with the video.

As you can see from the video the innovative silicone device is inserted vaginally after sex. The video has got a lot of traction online through social media and we are excited to work with Mr Stal to come up with language translations later on in the year.

Factory-CRO Group

Leading global contract research organization (CRO) focused on medical devices and in vitro diagnostics (IVDs)

Factory-CRO Group is a leading global contract research organization (CRO) focused on medical devices and in vitro diagnostics (IVDs) We spend three weeks working on the project with Mr Joris Bannenburg based in Utrecht, Netherlands. We worked on a bespoke video project to get individuals and organisations from within the medical products and devices industry who were looking to partner with a global CRO to sit up and take notice!

The Factory-CRO Group recently announced that with Boston Biomedical Associates (BBA) a premier full-service Medical Device/Biotechnology CRO and Consultancy based in the United States announce that they have merged the organizations.

The video highlights the merger and certainly further advances the shared strategic vision to become the leading Global Medical Device and Medical Technology focused CRO. This Followed on from the recent acquisitions of MileStone Research Organization, Five Corners, and Clinical Device Group the Factory-CRO Group now has specialized operations and expertise in the United States, Australia/New Zealand, and Europe this video project went a long way to help bring the different brands under the same roof.

The video highlights the fact that the group are the only Medical Device and Medical Technology CRO that offers services in United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, a truly global company.

factory cro

Client: Factory-CRO Group


  • Scaled to four different brands
  • Simplified their message and bespoke script
  • Personalised touch and after video consultancy
xarasan logo

Client: Xarasan


  • Effectively exampled ‘how to’ use the mosquito patches
  • Bespoke Voiceover and music
  • Custom Character animation for Xarasan


Xarasan Patches

Afterbite Patches for childern that relive itching and avoid scratching

Xarasan afterbite patches are a very small and transparent adhesives imbued with natural ingredients. Our job at Animation Explainers was the show how these patches give instant effective anti-itch relief on bites and stings and how they can contribute to relieving unpleasant sensations of itching caused by for instance mosquito bites. We were sent the product in the post and able to animate the stickers to show how to use the product properly.

The product creates a mechanical barrier which can prevent the almost irresistible urge to scratch (we all know how that feels!) and avoids further irritation. Our job was to provide a fun and enticing video aimed at children and parents to show how to use the patches in the best way & show the features/benefits of the product. Check out the video and schedule a call with our of our agents.

xarasan patches logo

Our Medical Animation Team

We are happy to help you in your pursuit for the perfect medical animation video. We always love bringing fresh concepts and stirring insights to the clients you can see this through our medical examples. Put your trust in our team to produce and insightful video around your product or services. We always makes sure that clients expectations are delivered with ultimate satisfaction and seamless experience from the start to the end of the whole experience with Animation Explainers.

How long does a medical animation take to create in our studio?

Average projects take 2-3 weeks to make, but this is dependent on the medical device, or product at hand. Each video is different and animation can take time and effort to get it correct!

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