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Introduction to Animation Explainers Marketing Videos

Marketing videos are a type of video content which are used online which help customers know more about the product & services. They are an extremely effective strategy to boost your ecommerce sales, engagement and your brand overall. Digital marketing in this space is evolving at a breakneck speed and marketing videos through animation should be at the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy.

The constant changes in search engine algorithms are gradually decreasing the importance of traditional SEO. So businesses willing to stay ahead of the game has to constantly look for new ways to promote themselves through marketing video content.  At Animation Explainers we offer short, punchy animated video content starting at 30 seconds for as long as 2 to 3 minutes. It uses visuals, set design, effects, voiceover talent, animation, and motion graphics to create an effective marketing campaign that drives will drive organic traffic and make your brand stand out.

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Types of marketing videos:

Product Demo Video

Product videos shows only the key information about the product and its benefits. It clearly demonstrates your product or service in action. Our video project with Xarasan Mosquito Patches is a prime example of this.

How to Videos

In comparison to product demo video, the how-to video digs deeper into the product and its features, and more importantly, explaining how to use the product step by step. Our project with Hire Up Online provided App users a way to download and how to start earning rewards via their platform.

Testimonials or Review Videos

The testimonial videos are vital for ecommerce sites. It can give the customers information about the experiences of other customers, as well as the quality and functionality of the product. It can increase the confidence and desire of the customer to buy the product.

Comparison Videos

This video not only shows the important features of the product, but also its pros and cons. In this type of marketing video, you are putting the weight of the decision on the shoulder of the customers. Sometimes, they go online, find a product and they are not sure whether they should purchase it or not. This can help them discover what makes your product unique from others.

Related Videos

While it does not really belong in your category or niche, it’s still a smart and effective way to include in your marketing strategy. This can help your customers find other products or other videos with relevant information that they might find interesting, and you might find useful when promoting your products and bringing them to your landing page or website. Check out our project with Factory CRO which provided a marketing platform to show their merger.

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Why are marketing videos are effective?

It hyper engages your customers.

If the video is engaging it should fire up the emotion of the customers. That’s why it’s very important to understand your target audience and how you will convince them to take action after watching your video, or at least be interested to watch your video. That’s why at Animation Explainers we always take time to understand the products and services we are explaining.

It educates customers and increases retention and adoption rates.

More than being creative, a marketing video has to be educational or informative. The best thing about marketing explainer videos is that it doesn’t just outwardly promote the product, it builds trust and connection with customers. Don’t just tell the audience what your product is and the cool things it can do, you can also share them or teach them how your product can help them, and make their tasks more efficient or convenient. That way, you are adding value to your customers and they will appreciate it.

It can be distributed everywhere and anywhere.

Decide where you are going to use the marketing video. If you are going to add it to landing page or a website, make sure it’s source or host is Youtube; and it should be optimized from keywords down to its meta tags for increased search visibility.

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What you need to do before creating a video?


Set goals. Understanding your marketing objectives is very important first step to making business. More than building a strong foundation for your business, goals can also help improve your confidence and gives you motivation to work harder everyday, grow and achieve success. Focus your attention and actions, maximize your effort and keep developing new goals to make your business thrive. Our Requirement’s Gathering process at Animation Explainers ensures that we understand your story/ product & service in order to get the best out of your explainer video.


Know your target audience. Every business, niche or mainstream has its strength and weakness. And mostly it always lies on the consumers or buyers persona. Understand your target market and audience, demographics, behavior and interests, needs, and why they need to purchase your product or services. A smart and effective marketing is clear and specific. The better you understand your target audience, the more you will be able to focus your marketing efforts and reach the audience that most likely converts.


Create a plan. Once you have your goal or marketing objectives and target audience, it’s time to start creating your marketing plan. Learn how to attract your audience and make them feel your video. Otherwise, if they don’t feel anything about your video, you might have missed a “piece” from the puzzle. Decide how you are going to use your video and where you will distribute them. Make your marketing video more approachable and authentic.

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