Corporate Animated Videos

Corporate Animated Videos: Our Top 8 Best Projects

Corporate video is generating a lot of buzz online. They are increasingly being used in sales pitches and conferences. More recently to hook that Linkedin connection you have been sending emails to for the past month! Explainer videos are being utilised by small SME’s too much larger companies. Animated videos are being used to drive engagement and to capture the imagination of clients and users worldwide. A well defined and quality corporate video can help your organisation to take its marketing strategy to the next level. Corporate explainer videos can help your business get your message across.

Without further ado, we are going to breakdown our top eight video projects that we have worked on in the last year. Below we explain the impacts and how they have helped each and every one of our clients around the world.

Corporate Animated Videos
truata logo

Client: Truata

Package & Vertical:

Our 60 Second Corporate Training Video within the GDPR Compliance space


8: Truata’s Corporate training video project

This was the second project we worked on with Truata an award-winning cloud-based proprietary solution that anonymizes and analyses data. The GDPR has been a game changer in Europe. Similar laws are being implemented around the globe. These laws make it more challenging for companies to extract value from data while complying with regulations.

As Truata are hiring at a very fast pace we were assigned to create a bespoke video around the company values bringing in new hires to the company ethics and overall goals. A strong brand is a very important part of an organisation’s overall makeup.

The video aligns perfectly with Truata’s guidelines and shows how we can scale to your corporate goals.

7: Hystrix Medical’s Corporate Animated Video Project

Hystrix is a medical marketplace. It’s accessible to all manufacturers, importers, distributors and suppliers of medical products, implants and services. Along with hospitals, retirement homes and medical practices.

Our team came up with a succinct 60 Second Animation. The Marketing team in Switzerland are utilising that video in event presentations around Europe and on their website landing page too. They will be embarking on a Sales & Marketing video project with us later on in the year. Take a look and see what you think.

hystrix logo

Client: Hystrix Medical

Package & Vertical:

Our 60 Second Corporate Sales & Marketing Video within the Medical Software space
data interconnect logo

Client: Data Interconnect


Our 60 Second Software Video within the Financial Services space

6: Data Interconnect’s Corporate Animated Video Project

Data Interconnect is an ISO: 9001 accredited company. They are one of the UK’s most reliable and trusted privately-owned SaaS Order-to-Cash Automation vendors.

We created an explainer video to better describe the Corrivo Invoice to Cash Automation and how this helps Credit Management teams to Collect Cash Faster. This was a big pain point for Carolyn and her team. We were able to cut down the jargon and complete a video that was easy to understand. This explainer video explains the whole product and service in under 60 Seconds.

5: Hibernia REIT’s Corporate Animated Explainer Video Project

We worked on a Health and Safety eco driven project with Hibernia Reit who are a Han Irish Real Estate Investment Trust. Hibernia Reit are listed on Euronext Dublin and the London Stock Exchange. They own and develop property and specialise in Dublin city centre offices.

The explainer videos we created were spread around the many offices they have in Ireland. This project was aimed at Millennials who were not utilising the bins in the offices correctly. Take a look at our work and see what you think.

hibernia reit logo transparent

Client: Hibernia REIT

Package & Vertical:

Our 60 Second Software Video within the Housing & Real Estate space
truata logo

Client: Truata


Our 60 Second Corporate Training Video within the GDPR Compliance space


4: Truata’s Corporate Animated Video Project Two

This was the latest instalment for Truata In Ireland. This video was aimed at explaining data collection and retention.

It highlights the tightening of criteria for processing personal data and the far reaching business implications affecting operational efficiencies, product development, marketing programmes and customer acquisition.

What do you think of our latest piece of work?

3: Cuna Mutual’s Corporate Animated Video Project

CMutual is the pre-eminent insurance specialist for Credit Unions, Building Societies and mutual lenders. They have a unique expertise in tailoring protection solutions to fit the needs of credit providers, for borrowers, and for organisations with consumer receivables and contingent liabilities.​​

Our team had the pleasure of working on a series of four corporate animated videos around four different solutions within CMutuals suite of services. One such example is featured to the right:

cuna mutual logo transparent

Client: Cuna Mutual

Package & Vertical:

Our 60 Second Corporate Sales & Marketing Video within the Credit Union space
blossom finance logo

Client: Blossom Finance


Our 90 Second Sales & Marketing Animated Video within the Fundraising space

2: Blossom Finance’s Corporate Animation Video Project

Blossom’s Microfinance Platform aims to create or grow profitable businesses that generate livable incomes. Microfinance institutions are community led and operated banks that provide banking facilities to marginalized communities.

We came up with a bespoke corporate animated video to show how this financing can help micro-entrepreneurs grow their revenues and incomes. This project shows how we can scale to your branding in a totally different and new culture/market. We worked with Matthew Martin and his team in Indonesia to bring the Blossom brand to life.

1: Zero To Ten’s Corporate Animated Video Project

Zero To Ten are a coaching and leadership organisation based in Utah, USA in the Management Consulting space.

We had the pleasure of working with the Zero to Ten team to bring their branding to life. The brief was to help populate their brand new website with animated video content. Check out our number one Corporate Animated video project to the right:

zero to ten image

Client: Zero To Ten

Package & Vertical:

Our 90 Second Sales & Marketing Animation Video Project

Animation Explainers are the best providers of Corporate Animated Videos

The term “Corporate animation video” covers a really vast and large area of our overall production work at Animation Explainers HQ. Our team has worked with many different organisations. Companies across the globe  in totally different cultures to come up with bespoke and timely corporate animation.

Corporate Profile Videos, Sales & Marketing Project Management Videos, Training Videos, Health and Safety Instructions, Property Development Videos, Staff Induction Videos, Product and Event Launch Videos, Charity/Funding awareness Videos… we have worked on many different projects. At Animation Explainers we bring our vast experience and creativity to each corporate project. Our team make sure each and every video that we render out of our studio is of the highest quality.

For all of our corporate clients around the globe. Our main goal and marker at Animation Explainers is to deliver unique engaging and powerful promotional and marketing productions to the highest industry standards. Our creative team headed up by Dylan Healy will help you to create the best corporate video and we can ensure our total commitment is the guarantee that your next project will exceed your expectations…. You’ll be coming back again and again for more awesome animation content!

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