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Why Social Media Animation?

Social Media Animation is an engaging instrument that can help you tell your story more comprehensively and create a buzz around your brand and what you stand for.

Social Media & Video content. These are the biggest and most engaging tools in any marketer’s tool shed today. Video increases website traffic. Whilst social media is one of the most powerful methods of distributing your marketing content and reaching the people that stand by your brand values.

There is an increasing shift towards video consumption across all the social platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin etc…. Due to this there is massively growing demand for video social networks are increasingly turning to visual media. 65% of people are visual learners, and 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, that’s why our animations are an engaging way to get your message across to your target market. Vision is our most dominant sense, taking up half of our brain’s resources and much of visual information is processed 60,000 faster than text is. No wonder so many people are turning to social media animation and Animation Explainers to get their message across!

The majority of consumers worldwide prefer video content to reading content, downloading PDFs and sifting through endless infographics. At Animation Explainers, we feel that consumer preferences will lead to video explosion in content marketing over the next decade. We see that video is used more for converting and lead generation.

We have worked with clients worldwide, from Taiwan, Utah, the Isle of Man even out in China! The language of animation is universal, so let Animation Explainers translate your message for you. Find our top five videos for Social Media Animation below. We stand out as an industry leader in terms of quality and turnaround time on every single project that comes out of our creative HQ.

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Our top 5 Animated Video projects
Social Media Animation


Blossom Finance’s Social Media Animation Video Project

Blossom’s Microfinance Platform aims to create or grow profitable businesses that generate livable incomes. Microfinance institutions are community led and operated banks that provide banking facilities to marginalized communities.

We came up with a bespoke social media animation video to show how this financing can help micro-entrepreneurs grow their revenues and incomes. This project shows how we can scale to your branding in a totally different and new culture/market in Indonesia. We worked with Matthew Martin and helped leverage his brand over Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram.

Blossom Finance 1:10

Hysterix 1:07

Hystrix Medical’s Social Media Animation Project

Our 60 Second Social Media Sales & Marketing Video within the Medical Software space for Hystrix Medical. This was a superb project it work on for a medical marketplace software provider. Hystrix is accessible to all manufacturers, importers, distributors and suppliers of medical products, implants and services as well as hospitals, retirement homes and medical practices.

Our team came up with a succinct 60 Second Animation to leverage on Youtube Ads, Facebook Ads and all around the Benelux region. The Marketing team in Switzerland are utilising that video in event presentations around Europe and on their website landing page too. Check it out below!


Zero To Ten’s Social Media Animation Video Project 

Zero To Ten ( are a coaching and leadership organisation based in Utah, USA in the Management Consulting space. We have the joy of working with the Zero to Ten team to bring their branding to life and help populate their brand new website with animated video content. They have also used the video to gain a buzz around their new site on social media platforms and Linkedin.

Zero To Ten 1:37

Data Interconnect 1:13

Data Interconnect’s Social Media Animation Video Project

Our 60 Second Software Video within the Financial Services space for Data Interconnect. We created a video to better explain and describe the Corrivo Invoice to Cash Automation and how this helps Credit Management teams to Collect Cash Faster. Animation Explainers were able to cut down the jargon and complete a video that was easy to understand, explaining the whole product and very shareable content for people throughout the organisation. Social Media Animation solved Data Interconnect’s pain point! Take a look at our work…


Hibernia REIT’s Social Media Animation Video Project

Our 60 Second Software Video within the Housing & Real Estate space. We worked on a Health and Safety social media animation campaign with Hibernia Reit who are a Hibernia an Irish Real Estate Investment Trust, listed on Euronext Dublin and the London Stock Exchange. The videos we created were spread around the many social media outlets around Ireland and internally throughout Hibernia. This project was aimed at Millennials who were not utilising the bins in the offices correctly.

Hibernia REIT 2 1:21

With the five top examples above of social media animation projects it’s clear to see that companies are slowly integrating videos in their marketing campaigns. If you are in a similar situation or your interested in getting in touch with us to speak about your own ideas please schedule a call with our team.


Why should you work with Animation Explainers?

Our team at Animation Explainers continue to provide results for all of our clients around the world. We offer great turnaround times & overall efficiency in what we do.

We understand you need professionalism in this process, and we make sure that it is seen in all our works.  From writing the script to sound design and animation, we simplify the task for you so you can have more time, lots of fun in the process and most importantly, you can concentrate on more pressing needs of your business.

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