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We offer standalone explainer video packages to help people understand your product, service, process or concept. Our in-house team of storytellers and animators aim to create a bespoke and tailored animated explainer video. Based in the heart of Dublin Aaron and Dylan have worked with numerous organisations worldwide to come up with fitting and timely animated explainer video content. We take a consultancy approach to each and every animated explainer video, we work on to make sure the final product is fine tuned and gets your message and call to action spot on, every time. The key with an animated explainer video is to get the script, storyboard and message finalised and the rest of the project flows succinctly!


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Example: AVM Ecosystem

Example: AVM Ecosystem

About Us

Our team of passionate animators and website developers aim to become your trusted digital storyteller. We are an Animated Explainer Video Company Based in Dublin & We will work with you to create content which will enhance your customer’s experiences.

Aaron Connolly

Aaron’s passion for animated explainer video content began as a young man. He saw the animationexplainers url up for grabs… and the rest as they say is history. Aaron has a passion for technology and efficient processes making sure the whole animated explainer video engine at Animation Explainers runs smoothly for every single client on our books. Aaron always ensures that your own vision for an animated explainer video is translated by our skilled team into reality. Aaron’s calm and cool attitude means working with our team to create an animated explainer video is always seamless and a joy.

Dylan Healy

Hailing from the Isle of Man, Dylan moved to Dublin in 2017 with two bags and a dream. Little did he know he’d be working with organisations worldwide…. Singapore, Canada & Taiwan to create bespoke and tailored animated explainer video content! Dylan is our in-house creative director and nurtures our relationships on a daily basis to make sure every animated explainer video project runs on time and everyone is happy. Dylan runs the day to day operation of Animation Explainers to ensure every animated explainer video project means our quality standard and matches in our own customer services from the start of the project until the end.

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