Ecommerce Animation Explainer Videos

What are ecommerce animation explainer videos?

Ecommerce animation explainer videos are around 60 to 90 second videos and can help marketers get to the next level in regard to selling, marketing and explaining a specific product/service offering, in the best way imaginable.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to stand out from many competitors within the ecommerce space. Unless you have a very compelling content or a really strong story to share and a good marketing strategy to match and hold it together. Many people underestimate the power of storytelling in digital marketing today. At Animation Explainers it is at the core of everything we do.

Explaining some fresh concepts for people and being able to convince potential customers, be persuasive and take them to the final stage of the sales funnel requires a lot of experience/education and maybe more than a cup of coffee!

Our Animation videos have been helping marketing and businesses with their advertising strategy, sales and communication. We provide rich, engaging and very cost-effective video content and you won’t find a better service and offering.

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Client: MedAfford Global


Our 60 Second Ecommerce Video

MedAfford Ecommerce Animation Project

We created a short animated video for Medafford Global to help them show their audience how to order a drug online through their own platform.

MedAfford Global, Inc. acts as an agent between the consumer and Global Pharmacies. They assist the consumer through our full-service website and professional customer service team to identify the savings available in the country chosen for the generic and brand name medication prescribed by their doctor. Each medication ordered requires a valid prescription and will be delivered to the consumer’s residence or place of business.

Some more of our ecommerce animation videos

We have had many good experiences working within the ecommerce space with companies like 3commas and Truata. Take a look at the three tailored videos below. The project that we worked on with Truata shows customers the value of their security product by crafting it around an engaging story about how the product works in a very straightforward manner.

Video gives people an extremely fun, snappy way to learn about your ecommerce offering they can actually enjoy and engage with your brand in a totally new and dynamic way. Unlike dry explanations and long expanses of text & PDF documents, an animated explainer video from Animation Explainers informs and entertains!

Truata was a company based in Dublin, Ireland and is an expert provider of technologies and solutions that helps organizations conduct analytics and security. We created three videos for Truata which aimed to promote their corporate values and the great services they deliver to clients worldwide. It was used for their marketing campaign on their Linkedin streams. Now we create content for Truata on a monthly basis and really enjoy liaising with them.

Another case study is that of 3Commas in Toronto, Canada. We have worked also with 3commas, which is a cryptocurrency trading platform which helps investors minimize their risk, grow their profits and manage their portfolios. The 44 seconds animation video we created for 3commas was used for their marketing campaign. The two videos which feature heality on the landing pages of the 3Commas company website have been viewed over two million times. This is a testament to our work to scale to their branding and creating an enriching and thought provoking explainer video.

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Trūata 1 3:14

Trūata 2 1:15

Ecommerce Video Testimonials

Animation Explainers were able to efficiently and accurately deliver an animated video to explain the company service. The quality of their work met my expectation and he communicates well. I look forward to working on another project with their team.

Tim BonderMedAfford Global
Research shows that marketers who use videos makes money 49% faster than those who don’t. It’s helpful if you want to run marketing campaigns. Moreover, it doubles their conversion rate & brings more traffic to your main page.
You can use animation to show potential customers how to use your products or course. Explainer videos also bring your products to life.
Sometimes, things are better explained in live-action with a voiceover rather than reading a catalog or a manual. Animation videos can help you highlight your products and sell more.
Through that, you are not just showing what your product is and its benefits, but you are showing how they can use it efficiently or maybe technically.

Why ecommerce animation videos work?

It’s no surprise that videos have become vital in our daily social media consumption. Marketers and many different businesses are tapping this platform or format for their marketing and advertising strategy. Our team at Animation Explainers enjoy watching, creating and sharing stories, and coming up with cutting edge content to bring your brand to the next level.

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What sets Animation Explainers apart?

Animation videos are a hot trendsetter and people love our content due to the fact that we are flexible, on many different platforms – social media, websites, landing pages, ad campaigns and even emails signatures.

We are firm believers that a clear message and excellent sound quality/ music makes a great video. Animation Explainers was started as a company in 2016 on these principles. We saw a gap in the market for good quality and relatable content with very compelling stories. Take a look at our vast portfolio of work on Youtube and see the work we have done with organisations in the past!

You want to trust your brand or name on an expert creative team that really understands your vision and goals. We can help you create outstanding explainer videos. Look no further than Animation Explainers!

We have worked with different clients and business both locally and globally. We are very passionate not just about creating explainer videos but more importantly, bringing satisfaction to our clients, making sure they are happy with the finer details of every project. The Animation Explainers team enjoy the process of collaborating with campaigns and helping you bring your ideas to life.

Animation Explainers understand your needs and vision better than other video production teams out there.  Are you ready to create your own animated explainers video? Let’s have a chat.

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What else do we do? What can we do for you?

We create 2D and 3D animation videos, brand videos, explainer videos and how-to videos…. The list is really endless of what our wonderful team can do! Whether you want to get more sales, boost your ROI, drive more traffic or you just simply want to promote your business and brand, we can help you achieve your marketing goals. We have done all of these things before for our clients worldwide.

Our creative directors, Aaron and Dylan are both talented and passionate in digital marketing, tech and efficient processes to make sure the animation process flows perfectly. The team work together to nurturing clients by meeting their standards and expectations throughout. They make sure to plan thoroughly before designing, communicate with clients responsively, and oversee the business strategies and efficiency of the works.

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Let’s grab a coffee and talk about… your ecommerce business!

If you are ready, send us a message or call on Skype or LinkedIn. We are open 24/7 from Monday to Friday. We try to reply to your queries and feedback as quickly as possible. Dylan, our in-house director, will schedule a call session with you to discuss about the project and your needs. We will do a complete assessment of your ideas, business needs, and we find the best solution fit for your needs.

First, we identify the right approach, brand attributes and audience retargeting.

Next is we find the right tools for the project. We find inspiration, write a script, design a storyboard, choose a voiceover, music and sound design.

Finally, your video is done! Simple and easy.

Animation Explainers has created numerous explainer videos and worked with different clients from Ireland and across other countries like US, UK and Asia.

Our commitment is to bring a seamless experience for all of our clients with our good turnaround time and a top notch professional approach. More than anything, our ultimate goal is to build a long and lasting relationship with all of our clients, and give them total satisfaction and confidence to manage the difficulties they have in marketing their business.

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