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Introduction to Animation Explainers Conference Videos

A conference video influences and inspire an audience to learn more and be creative. Our corporate businesses and organizations use this to campaign for events, workshops, career fairs, seminars and well, of course conferences.  Conferences are not just a place where people wander around and meet other professionals in the industry, but it’s also a chance to share and promote your ideas or business. You can use our video content to make your conference and meeting more interesting and you can keep people invested. Some of the type of videos you can use during conferences and meetings are: project or trailer videos, introduction videos, demo videos and more.

Animation Explainers have worked with different clients worldwide in various industries and market and in events, meetings and conferences. We take pride in our experience, ethics and knowledge about different industries.

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A sample of our Conference Video work

Data Interconnect 1:13

Hibernia REIT 2 1:21

Blossom Finance 1:10

Live action or animation: which works best for your business?

Video is classic marketing at its finest. But it still exists today. It has been developed and it has been a vital part of every content marketing or strategy. Two of the most commonly used videos are live action and animation. You might want to figure out which one is the right type of solution for your business. Regardless of its different features or process, it always has its pros and cons. Let’s compare both and start weighing.

Live action has an entirely different process. From the word itself, it’s live which means it uses actual place, real persons or characters, props, etc. Because it uses real characters and scenes, it’s more authentic and credible. Consumers can mostly relate to live action videos or commercials because they can communicate with the characters in the video. It’s more human. However, it is expensive so it can hurt your budget. Not only you will need to hire actors to play the characters in the scene, but also you will pay the directors, writers and production team. Another disadvantage of this is that once the shoot is done, it’s difficult to edit the video. Say, you want to edit  some parts of the scene. You can’t just redo all the scenes or start all over again. The editing part also is not easy. It can take 2 to 3 weeks to complete a live action video.

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On the other hand, animation is perfect for product campaigns or abstract services. In comparison to live action, you don’t have to hire actors to play in the video. It uses animated characters and you can do anything to them. They can fly, swim or dance. Also, you don’t need to install more props and set up locations. Basically, it saves you more time, money and energy. It’s also used to explain difficult concepts that are difficult to demonstrate in live action such as scientific processes or theories.Depending on the length of the video and complexity of the project, it can also take much longer to finish creating the video.

Both types of video content have their own strengths and weaknesses, depending on your needs, budget and other factors, you might need to consider the things we mentioned above when choosing the best for you and your business goals.

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You need a conference video. Here’s why.

Videos are innovative.

It’s inspiring. It makes you think. It fires up and boost the confidence of the audience in learning the subject or course. More than bringing life to an idea, it also holds a lot of potential for more interaction, engagement  and shares for creative businesses.

Boost employee’s performance and sales.

Not only videos can attract customers, but also it can boost your sales. When that happens, you become more productive and your team becomes more efficient. It’s a powerful and valuable sales tool.

Adds sizzles to events and conferences.

Videos work for events and conferences, both online and social media. It helps you to get your brand and product into the minds of your customers.

Make clear, assertive points over videos.

When an idea needs clarity or elaboration, videos are perfect medium to get your idea come across right to the audience. It can help explain your content clearly and at the same time, it engages your audience. Businesses who use marketing videos get more response.

What you need before creating a conference video with Animation Explainers?


Define our objectives/goals. Having a clear and specific goal is an important first step in creating a conference video. Cross off each one as you complete them then work on another goals. Developing plan of action can help you stay motivated and focused in getting the results that you want.


Understand your audience. Identify your target market audience, their behavior, location, age, interests, and even your competitor’s audience. This will give you more insights on how to create an effective marketing strategy that will make you get ahead of the competitors.


Create a solid marketing and content plan. Planning your strategy or marketing is vital to the success of your business. If you want to maximize your time more, working with a creative team is the best way to get exactly what you want.

Testimonials: What our clients say about us?

“Aaron and Dylan have done excellent work for us across 4 different products. They we have helped us breath life into products that can either be dull or related to sensitive topics and they did a great job through their process to get the best out of us. We have had many enquiries, not only about our products from clients, but from other companies about the animations. I highly recommend Animation Explainers.”

Daire ConlonMarketing Manager

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