Mobile App Explainer Video

What is a mobile app explainer video?

Hundreds, if not thousands, of mobile apps are being developed and launched everyday. And as apps are growing, so as the demand and increasing expectations of the users. Consumers are becoming smarter too. They look not just on the design, features or functionalities but most importantly, how it’s personalized or customized based on their experience. Marketing plays a significant role in monitoring the demographics, reach or engagement, analytics, geography, metrics, and even its competitors. Everyday, mobile app developers have to keep users, retain them and engage with them by providing fresh updates or new features, etc.

Research shows that 40% of the people download or buy the mobile app if they are allured by the contents of the video. We love watching social media stories, live videos and it’s becoming popular in comparison to other traditional marketing strategies.

Put together cool animation from Animation Explainers with upbeat music, familiar narration voice plus an emotional script (or maybe not emotional) but should be very persuasive. That’s what makes these awesome animated explainer videos and it’s proven to be a very effective strategy.

Our mobile app explainer video aims to motivate the users to download the app. Its optimal length is at least 60 to 90 seconds. It is a highly engaging and a fun way of telling your customers about your mobile app, its key features, functions, interface, advantages, and benefits. As a result, you increase your brand exposure, reach or engagement and conversions. Apps are built for many purposes but mainly it’s objective is to further entertain or simply to educate its users.

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See some of our mobile app animated videos here

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Why mobile app explainer videos work?

Consumers use mobile apps daily to be entertained, to learn something or maybe just to connect with their friends and to the world. It aims to provide seamless connection and interaction to its users.

For businesses, they use it to make their processes a lot easier. There are also apps built to simplify their tasks and boost their productivity and team performance. However, know also that the mobile apps market and industry is huge so as the number of competitors. For example, there are apps built as a tool to make payroll processes more efficient. For whatever purpose different mobile apps may have been built for, its common objective is to deliver convenience and maximum efficiency, be it for professionals, organizations or any individuals. Everyday, there are new innovations in the market and as mobile app developer, you have to keep developing and upgrading not just the features or functions of your apps but most importantly, make the consumers realize why they should keep using your mobile app(for those who are already using it) or encourage others to start using it.

Some of the mobile app developers invest on famous celebs, stars and influencers, websites or social media to do the advertising and marketing for them which still works though. However, more marketers have seen explainer videos as a more effective and interactive way to establish a stronger reach or impression on the mobile apps marketplace.

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Benefits of a Mobile App Explainer

It’s way shorter, direct and on point, but also interesting and meaningful. Consumers nowadays have shorter attention span, especially the millenials and Z-Gen generation. We don’t want to spend half of the hour just reading the benefits of your mobile app, or listen to a dull podcast discussing about how great your app is. That’s exactly the best thing about explainer videos. We combine many elements into one format – script, images/graphics, videos, gifs, voice, music. Boom! What more could you ask for?

You can even set variety of pitch or mood of the explainer videos depending on which is more appropriate to the behavior of your target audience. Appealing visualization is sometimes the key to a good sell.

You can highlight important details or cool things about your mobile app or product. You can create a short demo on how to use your product. Or maybe you want to put more emphasis on its usefulness or benefits to your target audience. Whatever it is, animated explainer videos brings life to your endless imagination. And our team at Animation Explainers is the best team to help you carry out the process.

Why Choose the Animation Explainers?

Animation Explainers prides itself in continuously providing quality results, good turnaround and overall efficiency in our services. We love collaborating and co-creating with individuals, professionals and businesses in bringing creative ideas through explainer videos wherever you are.

Our team is composed of talented individuals who understands professionalism, and we make sure that it is seen in all our works.  From conceptualisation to rendering the creative output, we simplify the task for you so you can have more time, lots of fun and most importantly, you can concentrate more on other needs of your business.

If you’re ready to talk to us about your needs, we are available 24/7 from Monday to Friday. We will reply to your queries and needs as quickly as possible. You may reach out our team through Skype or LinkedIn daily and reach one of us.

Whether small niche or mainstream, we love collaboration and we have worked globally with different individuals and organizations from around the UK, US and Asia.

Depending on the length of the video or its complexity, an average project can take 2 to 3 weeks to make. We also consider the demands of clients and specific needs of the project and work through it at the fastest way we possibly could. We don’t compromise value and cost here. We make sure that we pay you back with best results and utmost satisfaction.

For the pricing details and complete package, you may call our creative director, Dylan Healy. He will be doing a complete assessment of the project needs, your ideas and expectations and we’ll figure out the best solution for you.

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Animation Explainers is based in Dublin, Ireland but we have worked with clients from anywhere across the world. Our creative team directors, Dylan and Aaron are very passionate in helping everyone with the creative process of making explainer videos. They are both resourceful and busy in overseeing the business strategy of the company and the efficiency of their works.

Aaron Connolly’s passion for marketing trends, technology and efficient processes is shown in making sure that the whole video explainers runs smoothly for every client. Aaron always makes sure that clients expectations is delivered with ultimate satisfaction and seamless experience.

Dylan, the in-house creative director, nurtures our relationships with clients on a daily basis to make sure every animated explainer video project runs on time and everyone is happy. He runs daily operation of the Animation Explainers team to ensure every work meets the quality standard and optimum expectations of the clients.

Dylan Healy, Creative Director at Animation Explainers  – “We create online videos for businesses working in areas like blockchain, biomed, fintech, medical devices, Forex – simplifying what can often be a confusing landscape for the average consumer online. Many organisations islandwide could seriously benefit from an explainer video.”

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