Logistic & Supply Chain Explainer Videos

What are Logistic & Supply Chain explainer videos?

In an industry that can be full of difficulties and complexities mainly due to working within a large pool of stakeholders, many fundamental problems could easily occur resulting in miscommunication that can affect company-wide performance goals and objectives.

Understanding these complexities could be difficult for employees as well as for customers using your service.

Simplifying complex ideas is what is required to alleviate these issues. With supply chain animation explainer videos, you can attract customers to your service and create clarity within that niche in the market. Although not directly affecting the supply chain, its impact will be largely felt due to the simplifying of the process.     

A Logistics & Supply Chain explainer video is, at length, typically around 60 to 90 seconds long. They are great tools to showcase complexities in an engaging manner, listing valuable features and benefits to users in a clear and coherent way. 

Use of an explainer video can be a highly engaging and downright fun way of marketing your service and work towards breaking the mould in a highly saturated and competitive industry space.

Are you ready to create your animated explainer video?

Client: Shipping Monster

Package & Vertical:

Our 90 Second Explainer Video within the Logistics & Supply Chain Industry space for client – Shipping Monster

Shipping Monster's Corporate Animated Video Project

We worked with global Logistics giant Shipping Monster, a specialty supply chain company offering shipping, storage, and production management solutions to the live events, attractions, and entertainment industry. We collaborated on the creation of an intricate explainer video to outline all of the services and unique selling points they provide to their industry demographic. 

Overall, we not only helped deliver the results they expected but made sure they had a thoroughly enjoyable and engaging experience with us throughout.

Why Logistics & Supply Chain explainer videos are so effective?

Explaining complex concepts can be a struggle, even for industry experts. It can be a difficult task to explain your own service in the everyday language of the consumer if you have been working on this in-depth for a long period of time. Take a look below, where we have broken down three key benefits of an animated explainer video in the Logistics & Supply Chain space. 

Cut Through the Digital Noise

If given the opportunity, you can allow your Supply Chain offering to flourish in a densely saturated market with an animated explainer video.

Cut through the noise of your competitors and speak to your customers directly via engaging video content, share your uniquely personalized animated video on your site, or display it across your social output.   

Help Clients Understand Your Service

An animated explainer video can coherently outline your Supply Chain company benefits, showcasing unique incentives to your target market.

Saving customer lead times whilst also supplying essential information are crucial in the decision-making process, an animated video collects this information and delivers it in an engaging, digestible fashion.

Let’s face it, we all like to be spoon-fed the details before making an important decision. Why not let animated characters do this for you? 

Extended Outreach To New Clients

Video traffic constitutes 80% of all consumer internet traffic. Allow your brand to reach a broader audience and acquire more customers. 

We aim to bridge the gap between technical jargon and consumable content made up of support images and visuals so that your audiences fully understand what service they are buying.

Imagine many things that Animation Explainers, our process and the overall explainer videos can do for your marketing strategy. With the right tools, resources and thorough planning, you’ll surely be able to deliver your message correctly and effectively to your audience, wherever they may be.

Why work with Animation Explainers?

Our team at Animation Explainers continue to provide quality results, good turnaround, and overall efficiency in our services. We love collaborating and co-creating with individuals, professionals, and businesses to bring creative ideas through explainer videos wherever you are worldwide.

We understand professionalism, and we make sure that this carries throughout all of our work. From writing the script to sound, design and animation, we simplify the task for you to have more time, lots of fun, and most importantly, concentrate more on other business needs.

Our Process: We like to keep it simple

Creating a software animation explainer video is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with Animation Explainers. We keep the process easy peasy lemon squeezy, every single step of the way.


Firstly, we identify the right approach through our Requirement’s Gathering Process.  Our professional team will spend time discussing your industry and your company’s own specific needs for the proposed video. We will work collaboratively with you to distinguish your best solution, partaking in a comprehensive assessment of your project needs, as well as your ideas and expectations.  


Once we have discussed your project requirements, we will compile our creative team and tools.  At first find inspiration to write a killer script (we believe that everything must begin with a compelling storyline), find the right VO artist, and choose sound design and music. Then comes the fun part: it’s animation time!


Finally, your video is done! Our Revisions Process consists of a free check to ensure that everything is fine-tuned before rendering the final creative output.  Once again, this can be a fully collaborative effort.  Our software enables you to add your input and comments to the video in real-time, from which we can submit any requested changes or last-minute amendments. After this is all complete, you can enjoy your uniquely crafted software explainer video!

Meet our creative directors

Animation Explainers is based in Dublin, Ireland but we have worked with clients from anywhere across the world. Our creative team directors, Dylan and Aaron are very passionate in helping everyone with the creative process of making explainer videos. They are both resourceful and busy in overseeing the business strategy of the company and the efficiency of their works.

Aaron Connolly’s passion for marketing trends, technology and efficient processes is shown in making sure that the whole video explainers runs smoothly for every client. Aaron always makes sure that clients expectations is delivered with ultimate satisfaction and seamless experience.

Dylan, the in-house creative director, nurtures our relationships with clients on a daily basis to make sure every animated explainer video project runs on time and everyone is happy. He runs daily operation of the Animation Explainers team to ensure every work meets the quality standard and optimum expectations of the clients.

Dylan Healy, Creative Director at Animation Explainers – “We create online videos for businesses working in areas like blockchain, biomed, fintech, medical devices, Forex – simplifying what can often be a confusing landscape for the average consumer online. Many organisations could seriously benefit from an explainer video.”

We are a team who work efficiently, plan before designing, communicate regularly with clients, love what we do and care for our clients. Simply put, we are committed to getting our clients the results that they need. Take a look at our vast portfolio over on our YouTube channel.

We have created hundreds of explainer videos and that helped us acquire and develop a skill that we’re really good at which is explaining effectively. You’ll have a structure that is clear and on point. This would help you get your message across right

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