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What is an Animated Resume?

We have done a recent blog capturing all we know about the new trend of video resumes. At Animation Explainers, there is a particular type of video resume that really has a place in our hearts.  You guessed it: the animated video resume. 

Hunting for your ideal role in today’s saturated job market is a mountain to climb. Competition is always challenging, but the evolving nature of applying for jobs means it can be hard to keep up and stand out from the crowd. 

Outside-the-box thinking is a must when you’ve been on the job hunt for what seems like a lifetime. It can be a struggle to keep the momentum going with fresh ideas when you have been rejected a few times in a row.  

So, how can you capture your best qualities and relevant experiences related to your prospects and make a memorable impression on your potential employer?

Enter: the animated video resume

Animated resume videos give you a chance to wow potential employers and impress them with your video skills. This form of content could be particularly useful if you are applying for a job in the creative industry and really want to showcase your artistic flair and tendency to think outside the box.

It is important to note that an animated resume should not completely replace your traditional resume. This type of content should function as a supplement to text resumes making you appear unique amongst the competition.

Why Create an Animated Resume?

We are in a job market so competitive that the standard resume struggles to suffice. Applicants of today are often subjected to extraordinary thinking to break the mould and stand out from the crowd. Are you finding yourself in this position? If you think that an animation resume may be for you, we have compiled a list of benefits to help with your decision:

Make a bold statement

If an employer is faced with a large pile of resumes that list the same accomplishments and awards, how do they pick a winning candidate? Having an animated video resume up your sleeve will be sure to help you catch the attention of hiring managers over the competition.

Showcase your skills

This type of content will also allow your personality to simply shine through. Encouraging the employer to connect with you on a more personal level than what can be achieved through a double-sided sheet of paper. It’s possible for the employer to determine whether you would fit into the culture of their business by listening to the way you talk, move, seeing how you dress, and the words you use.

Great Example From Kai Creative

The magic of the animated video resume is found in its dual powers to both communicate and prove your skills at the same time. This is a particularly prominent benefit if you are applying for a role in the creative industry.

An animated video resume can convey strengths that are not so easily outlined on a paper resume. Examples include qualities such as writing skills, creativity, art and design, digital marketing. As well as more personally endearing traits that may shine through, such as warmth, humor, charisma, and your ability to tell a story.

Engage with short attention spans states that employers spend a mere six to seven seconds looking at a resume before dismissing it should it not grab their attention. You really only have a few seconds to make an impression, so you need to get creative! Offering an animated resume is a brave move that will show you dare to get creative. To get noticed and really care about the job at stake since this type of content is a time-consuming venture. 

Make a memorable & lasting impression

A video resume is far more likely to leave a lasting impression than a hard copy in isolation. By watching your resume instead of merely reading it like all other applications, recruiters are more likely to remember you as the creative genius who thinks outside the box when the time comes to hire a candidate. 

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