Myself and Aaron spent Summer 2018 Interning with Marketo in Dublin. That was the period we really established Animation Explainers and started to build our business up. We still find a lot of their material extremely worthwhile & they are seen as a bell-weather within the Martech industry. A lot of what we do today in ways was birthed during our internship. This podcast is timely and a very interesting listen. (click into the link below to listen)


GDPR is designed to begin to protect consumers and change the way companies approach consumer data and how they reach out to clients online. Though GDPR doesn’t address data about content and its provenance, it’s ushering in an era of increased awareness about data and the desire for transparency, a two way street for companies and users.

Given its potential, and given the widespread concern about ‘fake news’ one could easily see a scenario in which blockchain will start to be rolled out and employed to safeguard the legitimacy of information on the internet worldwide.

This level of tracking, reporting and archiving is already starting to happen privately in heavily regulated industries like financial services and pharmaceuticals, and as new regulations like GDPR come into play, there is a greater interest in making information transparent in the public domain.

In financial services, pharmaceuticals and several other industries, governments are routinely require an electronic trail of changes made to materials. Thus far, it hasn’t been required to be part of a public ledger, but regulators do need access to this sort of information.

But these solutions to date have all been centralized online, mostly held in private clouds or closed networks. A more comprehensive solution would have this information be public, which is why we should expect to see real decentralized blockchains go mainstream in the near future. The underlying technology is there.

There is tremendous value in this for consumers and for businesses — and the appetite for such openness has never been higher.

-DH 16/04/2018

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