Benefits of an Explainer Video in 2019

What is an explainer video?

It’s a clear, concise and innovative explanation of what your business does and how your product solves your customer’s problems.

What’s the benefit of an explainer video?

The explainer video addresses the potential customer’s pain point. We introduce your product, service, solution, message or advice as a solution, to explain and simplifies things. This sits as a simple icon and will aim to explain your own message within 30 to 90 Seconds. It gives the potential customer exactly the right amount of information to pique their interest and encourage them to research your product further. A really, really good explainer video will keep potential customers on your website longer (or drive them to your website) and increase their engagement with your content, increasing the likelihood of conversion. Check out the explainer video we did with 3Commas in Canada on their site (front and centre) here;

Typically, an explainer video is no more than 90 seconds long. An explainer video typically includes a voiceover and music along with animation, depending on the product and goals for the video overall.

For many companies today there’s no shiny object or tangible product for a potential customer to marvel at and to hold. As a result, it can be hard to grab and maintain a customer’s attention for a long period of time. Or if you want them to truly understand a complex problem or solution. An explainer video is key to change this!  For many of the medical device companies we work with with a never-before-seen or complicated product, in particular, potential customers may have a difficult time fully grasping the nature of the product and its benefits, see how work we did with Frontiers Group in Wales, UK here.

There are a myriad of different interesting ways to use explainer video to benefit your company. Here are just a few ideas myself and Aaron came up with to help you all out!

1) Introduce your business, software or solution.

This is the original, most widely known use of an explainer video and that’s why many people get in touch with Animation Explainers on a weekly basis. This type can familiarize potential customers with your brand and humanize your company. It can also serve to introduce your software and prompt people to learn more about it. Check out the work we did with Data Interconnect below. It’s a super example of one of the software projects we worked on. Perhaps the most famous explainer video, which was made for Dropbox, served to rocket the business from a small start-up to a multi-million dollar company and household name that we all know today.

2) Recruit and motivate employees and integrate new team members.

Explainer videos can be made—or even repurposed—to be used internally. We recently were delighted to announce a collaboration with Data analytics firm Truata.  The company – set up by MasterCard and IBM – aim to help companies carry out data analytics in compliance with the new European privacy regime.  The regime has been overhauled with the recent introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which tightens the rules for companies which process personal data.  Animation Explainers are excited to work with another Dublin based start up in 2019!

3) Increase landing page conversions.

Explainer videos don’t have to live solely on your homepage or product pages. Adding a video to a landing page can increase conversion by 80 percent. 3Commas are a great of this sort of example. They have an astronomical number of hits on their site in Canada.

4) Train sales staff and use as part of a sales pitch.

Sales staff should be able to translate features to the benefits it provides the consumer, and sometimes a boring old powerpoint isn’t enough to secure a sale. An explainer video can help the sales team by providing easily understandable talking points and can be used as part of a presentation or sales pitch. Our explainer video work with Timebox Networks is a prime example of this, with a series of videos being implemented on their site to highlight the benefits and features.

5) Promote your company on social media.

Explainer videos can be added to your Facebook page, used in a Facebook ad campaign, pinned to the top of your Twitter feed, added to a company channel on Youtube. Instagram Video is a wholly new and innovative way to catch potential clients. Our work with Pumapay is a great example of a company who have adapted well in our social media age….. They have a great competitive edge on their competition through their use of innovative social media advertising. Don’t forget to take advantage of social media to increase your brand exposure: 45 percent of consumers watch more than an hour of videos on Facebook and Youtube weekly.

6) Company announcements and software updates

Sometimes the use of a punchy explainer video is just what is needed to motivate a team and introduce new in-house changes and get your team motivated in moving together in the right direction. We were really excited to announce that Animation Explainers would be creating explainer video content for Hibernia REIT plc to help shed light on important eco operations and processes for their offices around Ireland. In the hope to educate stuff around the benefits and importance of recycling in the office, we came up with a special video tailored to target millennials who weren’t using the bins correctly!

7) Seasonal greeting and lighthearted welcome to a company office.

Having a captive video to welcome people into your office and show a fun element of your own branding. Many organisations have a numerous number of different offices in a number of locations. To have a seamless, well branded video that welcomes employees/clients into the lobby is a small detail but could go the extra mile. For example, we had many clients looking for a cheery ‘Merry Christmas’ video they could use to highlight the holiday season in 2018!

8) Show your brand isn’t location specific

Today it is very important to bridge the gap between yourself and international clients. There is nothing better than tailoring a video in their own language and making content culturally relevant to different audiences worldwide. We recently worked on a project with Hystrix Medical group and included a Germany version of the project in order to meet the demands of clients and the organisations overall strategy within the Benelux region. This is also relevant when working with companies in Asia, it is important messages we convey in the west and interpreted correctly elsewhere and worldwide.

Animation Explainers develop innovative video content to help complex businesses simplify and delivery their message across to potential clients and staff. An explainer video is the best way to do this!

Animation Explainers have worked tirelessly with companies worldwide. Our first client Mingocoin was Ireland’s first cryptocurrency company, and we worked on a series of videos with the team there. Since then we have worked on over 50 explainer videos with companies worldwide! Our idea came from the desire to help companies in niche industries (medical device, biomedical, Saas etc) to explain otherwise complex operations in a really simple and easy to digest format through the medium of a short animated explainer video.

This video sits as a simple icon on your website or any social media stream & will explain everything you do within 30 to 90 seconds. See our latest explainer video project with Hibernia REIT as one of our finest examples:

Got questions about adding video and animation to your own marketing efforts?

Schedule a call on our site with Dylan or Aaron we’d be more than happy to help you our and plan out an awesome explainer video.