13 Awesome Motion Graphic Videos

Unless you have been living under a rock in a cave -in an even bigger cave, you have likely seen motion graphic videos. This form of animated video has become increasingly popular in recent years. It’s an excellent medium for advertisements, info-graphics, storytelling and pretty much any idea that can be imagined. The term ‘’motion graphics’’ has been around since the 1960’s but………….

What Are Motion Graphic Videos?

Motion graphics are a type of animation. The name gives it away, graphics in motion, simple right? Generally speaking, we are talking about graphics design elements such as shapes, words and logos that would typically be static. 

motion graphic videos

By adding motion to these graphics, we can move them in ways that tell a story or are visually interesting to the viewer. Think of a static advert in a newspaper, now imagine viewing the same advert on a tablet with slight motion, which grabs your attention more?

Where it gets really interesting is when we get to motion graphic videos.

We can incorporate moving graphics with video that has been shot live, or simply use motion graphics solely. Motion graphic videos are extremely effective at displaying complex information in easy to understand ways. By adding other elements such as music or a voice over, we can bring everyday ideas to life. 

The versatility that this medium offers is one of the many reasons people are flocking to create their videos for their brands, businesses and occasionally for the sheer beauty of the art-form. So, here we have compiled a list of 13 awesome motion graphic videos. Let’s take a look!

1. Siren – Animation Explainer

We start the list off with one of our very own  homegrown creations.  Siren is a software company. They provide a leading investigative intelligence platform to some of the world’s largest and most complex intelligence organizations. That sounds a little complicated, doesn’t it? That’s the beauty of using motion graphic videos – they can make complex ideas somewhat simpler. Moving images have a lasting effect that words can sometimes lack. We use cinematic music and a narrator to convey the company’s message. The 2D animated graphics help us understand this message better. They also look hi-tech and cool. I guess you can say we’re quite  proud of this video!

If you are interested in viewing more of our productions you can view  our portfolio here

2. ‘’Bananas’’ – Xander Marritt and Elias Freiberger

According to its creators this video is about the conscious and subconscious! I guess you can say in a very roundabout way, it’s promoting eating more fruit? It’s fun, quirky and doesn’t take itself too seriously, more artistic expression than anything else. The creators use the found-anywhere but grown-locally fruit in a sort of surrealist fashion. This video is, well – bananas. It’s also playful and a reminder that sometimes art – like the melting clocks of Salvador Dali, is plain weird.

3. ‘’A History of The Title Sequence’’ – From Form

This clever video tells the story of the innovators of the title sequence we see in movies. It does so in the form of – a title sequence, like the ones we see in movies! Using a drawing board as the backdrop, which springs subtle graphics to life, we can see here how less is more. Motion graphic videos can be colorful in-your-face displays like fireworks. In this case the understated sharp lines and straight edges do equally as good a job.

4. ’’The Deep Web’’ with Keanu Reeves – Duncan Elms

Here’s a winning combo, motion graphics X Hollywood movie star. Who better than the star of tech-thriller The Matrix to help us understand the complexities of the deep web? Using similar type graphics to what is used in The Matrix is a stroke of genius. The graphics alone look really polished, but the narration adds to the secretive, mysterious tone. From the documentary ‘’The Deep Web’’ it’s like life imitating art.

5. ‘’That One Time: What Made Mark Webber Lose his Cool’’ – Redbull

Here we see Formula one racer Mark Webber recant a very relatable tale about losing a piece of luggage in an airport. Again, we see the use of colorful motion graphics combined with an interesting narrative. The story is lighthearted and fun, the chaos of airport travel is something we can all relate to. The graphics really bring it to life and I think they help tell the story better than using real life footage. It adds to the cartoon-ish feel or Mark’s anecdote. The quick moving graphics and sound effects make the 3-minute video seem like it’s a lot shorter.

6. ‘’Google For Education’’ – Google

This video from Google is everything motion graphic video can be. A simple 2D animation that explains how the tech giant offers services that can be used to educate and connect people. The quick pacing along with the up-tempo music keeps the viewer engaged – it’s not too fast or too slow, this is crucial to hold attention. The graphics are not overly complicated, they don’t need to be. I like how they use the familiar Google colors only because that’s all the video requires. 

At Animation Explainers we create motion graphic videos just like the Google advert, why not take a look at our portfolio?

7. Gettysburg Address – Adam Gault

‘’Four score and seven years ago.’’ begins former United States president Abe Lincoln’s famous speech. Think about how reading about this speech – although a very powerful and moving speech, would be quite mundane when compared to viewing this video. The black and white graphics combined with light sound design really bring this well known declaration to life. That’s part of the power of using motion graphics, retelling a known story in a new and exciting way. It can make history relevant, timely and more interesting to wider audience.

8. ‘’Sugar of the Day’’ – Tien-Min Liao

What’s great about this video is the straightforward way it gets across a message that we understand logically but don’t visualize as easily. How many times have you read or heard that the food you’re eating contains X number of teaspoons of sugar? We see a live shot video that adds in the little teaspoon graphics as meals are consumed. The comparison to how much sugar was consumed two hundred years ago drives home its point about being overly aggressive or preachy. We all probably eat a little too much sugar and seeing it presented in this fashion gives us greater awareness of that.  This is like an infographic that has come to life.

9. ‘’When You Say You’re A Swimmer’’ – Eli Guillou

This video was created by student Eli Guillou while attending Savannah College of Art and Design. Not to be used as an advert or for a company, the student expresses his love for swimming, what it means to him, the grittiness, the coldness. The eerie narration gets across the profound message that serious swimmers must know well. But for the rest of us who stay in the shallow end, or in the Jacuzzi, still we can understand where he is coming from and feel the pride in his message. It has a cinematic or kind of computer game cutscene feel to it, this is art for the sake of it. 

10. ’New York Times Magazine’’ – Vallée Duhamel

Did you blink? Okay, then you missed it. Go back and hit replay because this video comes in at a whopping 4 seconds! This motion graphic video was designed to use to precede videos on the New York Times website. Someone once said ‘’brevity is the soul of wit’’ and in this case brevity is the soul of making the video you want to watch load faster. It uses newspaper crumpling sound effects to unravel the famous New York Times typeface. Like many videos in this list, it’s quite simple. 


Of course, more complex and longer videos have their merits too. Check out these 5 stunning looking animated commercial videos to see what I mean.

11. ‘’Termites’’ – Blacklist

A word of warning, if you are eating while reading this list, now will be a good time to swallow and put the sandwich down. This video was made for extermination company Terminix and frankly in my opinion is a little bit gross. Swarming, eating, flying, house-cheapening termites will burrow through wood just for the fun of it. This video plays on our imagination to purposely drive home the gross feeling that insects can give us. But that’s what makes the lasting impact, it’s not pleasant subject matter but the video does a good job of getting the point across. Again we see the versatility of motion graphics videos on display here.

12. Jack Daniel’s Label Story: “Old No. 7” – Brand New School

Whiskey giant Jack Daniels is well known for their black and white label along with its distinctive typeface. What works really well in this video is how they make use of the Jack Daniels colors to illustrate the story. This is seen a lot in motion graphic videos that brands use to promote themselves. Color plays a big part. It strengthens the familiar feel we have for certain consumer goods and services. It’s important to note how hard this would be to achieve using live video, another advantage to using the medium to make memorable videos.

  13. App Commercial –  McDonalds

Over the course of this list, we’ve seen extremely varied topics covered. From historic speeches to diet advice, wacky art and timely documentaries. Each motion graphic video is in a sense a mini- story. At the heart of a lot of these videos is that simple, time honored tradition of story-telling. So, whether you are talking about a giant brand or a students’ college submission, we see the similarities in the creative minds of those who produce these types of videos.

This advert for an app launched by fast food retailer McDonalds in Singapore is straight forward. An unassuming story about how the app works. It uses bright colors and un-complex shapes to weave its narrative. A voice over, some light sound design and good pacing. Sometimes, that’s all you need to tell a story. You can achieve a lot with a little if you know the best way to convey your message. Motion graphic videos can do that much for you.

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