Reporting & Hosting Package Plans


$ 99 /month

Monthly Cost - $99

Annual Cost - $999

*6 months minimum term


$ 249 /month

Monthly Cost - $249

Annual Cost - $2000

Includes all features and benefits of the Standard Plan, plus additional monthly:

*6 months minimum term


$ 349 /month

Monthly Cost - $349

Annual Cost - $3000

Includes all features and benefits of the Standard and Pro Plans, plus additional monthly:
*6 months minimum term

High-performance video hosting & analytics

Want to know how your videos are performing?

Now you can squeeze maximum results from each video

At Animation Explainers, we do much more than just create successful videos – We also offer powerful performance tools to help your business grow even faster.

Our video hosting & reporting plans offer

High-speed video hosting

Detailed performance analysis and reporting

Customized thumbnails

SEO for videos

Monthly review on performance

Video hosting and reporting FAQ

Hosting your own videos is an inefficient process. Usually, it slows down the entire website’s performance.

In fact, your self-hosted videos might not be available to audiences during peak internet traffic times, depending on where they live. In order to host videos yourself, you’ll need to make sure they’re encoded to be viewable across a wide range of device screens.

The best solution is to use a dedicated hosting service like ours. That way, your video content is instantly available in top-quality viewing format for each visitor, regardless of where they live or which type of device they use.

You should optimize them for viewer engagement, hosting reliability, click-through conversion, and overall marketing results. Good hosting is the first step.

The better the quality of video production and the more reliable the hosting, the better viewer engagement will be. Instead of DIY, you’ll get better performance by working with experts.

Depending on how many videos need optimization, you might choose either a Standard, Pro, or Advanced plan. In any case, personalized monthly attention from animation experts can help keep all your videos updated for best results.

To become successful, a video usually must be made available to the widest possible audience. The main benefit of using a high-speed video hosting service is broader availability for audiences everywhere.

Our hosting and reporting plans give your videos the furthest reach. That’s because our hosting provides enough capacity to serve all viewers, regardless of geographic location and ordinary internet traffic.

Most importantly, we ensure that all your video content is properly coded to be played on any operating system, and served quickly to mobile devices.

Just let our professional team here at Animation Explainers host and manage your videos. We’ll optimize them to get the highest conversion rates, while you focus on doing what you do best.

It’s easy with any of our hosting and reporting plans. We can create a customized video player with your logo, plus customized call-to-action buttons. That way, viewers will instantly recognize your videos across all media platforms.

Analytical and reporting tools can also help your brand through A/B testing – First, our creative team builds high-converting videos, then our analytics team helps tweak those videos toward maximum performance.

Just contact us today. Our hosting and reporting plans can make good videos become even more effective with only minor tweaks.

Our Packages Explained


With the Standard plan, you can track the performance of videos and make minor changes each month to optimize your engagement and marketing results.

You’ll have ultra-fast hosting, so viewers can watch anywhere anytime. The Standard plan lets you easily embed videos, and the customized thumbnails help keep your branding consistent across all types of content.

The Standard plan is a good choice if you have only a couple of videos, and you want them to perform especially well.


Using the Pro plan instead, you’ll receive all the services provided under the Standard plan, plus you’ll also receive time from our professional animators and other staff each month. Along with lead-generation forms, you’ll have customized, embedded call-to-action (CTA) buttons, plus a customized video player, and video search optimization for online SEO.

The special attention and extra features can help videos build bigger audiences, stronger engagement, and more sales.


Our Advanced plan offers a comprehensive solution for all your video content. In addition to all services provided in the other plans, you’ll also receive about twice as much work time from our animators and other professional staff each month.

To help your videos achieve better results, the Advanced plan provides clickable video links, A/B testing for performance, video chapters, client events and meeting scheduling with Eventbrite, plus accessibility tools to ensure the best viewing experience for your audiences.

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