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What Are Corporate Training Videos?

But, it’s entirely possible that those training videos aren’t getting the desired results. In fact, if you’re using the old formula for corporate training videos, it’s quite likely that the results are falling short of your expectations. The question is simple – why?

Thankfully, the answer is equally simple. Most corporate training videos lack personality. They’re cookie-cutter, following the same formula and not being customised for your workplace and, more importantly, your employees. Given the disconnect, it’s no wonder your employees aren’t getting the most out of their training sessions. Corporate training videos that fail to capture attention tend to be unable to impart the necessary information too. As a result, your employee training workshops are missing their mark.

In this article, we will discuss how to remedy this problem, enabling you to create top-notch training videos that not only grab your employees’ attention, but teach them efficiently too. Let’s get started.

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Seizing attention is key to employee training videos, and using generic content isn’t going to do it for anyone. Put simply, it doesn’t strike a chord by design. It isn’t meant to resonate strongly with any single individual, but rather be passable to as many as possible. When trying to teach, going the generic route isn’t worth anyone’s time.

This lack of any relevance to your employees presents a blockade when trying to teach. Your employees want to take something from their training sessions, and generic content makes learning much more difficult. Instead of churning out content that is disconnected from your workplace and the people within it, you should create something recognisable. Something connected to your workplace, customised for the individual employees that will watch your corporate training videos. By doing so, you can ridge that disconnect and get your employees engaged and attentive.

How to create engaging corporate training videos

If you want your corporate training videos to be effective materials in your training workshops, they need to be more than just informative. They need to be engaging and attention-grabbing, too.

But how can you accomplish this? For starters, the perspective from which you create your videos is important. Take the time to consider your employees’ perspectives; think about what they need to know, what they like, their personalities, and so on. In doing so, you can craft your corporate training videos to be a perfect fit for your employees as individuals, something that will greatly enhance their ability to learn. In addition to this, you should consider efficiency. Nobody likes to sit through a convoluted lecture, one full of tangents and long-winded explanations. Instead, cut it down to what’s necessary to teach your employees what they need to know. If you can implement these two points, you’ll be making great corporate training videos every time.

To make your corporate training videos even better, you should keep a few other points in mind. Let’s consider some of the finer details.

Plan carefully

Careful planning is often the decider of the success of a video, be it a training video or otherwise. Drafting a storyboard and a script for your video is an excellent place to start, providing a strong foundation upon which to build the rest of your video. It can also help keep your video within its boundaries, avoiding an excessively long video, for example.

Identify a firm objective for your corporate training videos

Similar to planning, identifying a concrete point of your video is brilliant for both you and your viewers. You benefit from an easier time creating a training video, as the main points you want your employees to understand are clear. For your employees, they stand to have a better time learning when watching your video. A training video with a concrete point is much easier to understand and, more importantly, to remember.

Use characters and stories

People like stories. It’s why they’ve been a constant source of entertainment and information throughout history. In your workplace, they can be used to create interesting training videos, ones that ensure your employees are paying attention. Adding characters to your story is even better. They give your viewers something to relate to, making it easier to evoke emotions and get them to empathise. In doing so, this can help to capture and keep your viewers’ attention, making your video a more effective tool for training.

Add accessibility options

Adding accessibility options to your videos is a great way to ensure everyone in your workplace can benefit. A little more investment on your part, creating closed captions as an example, can allow all your employees to make use of your training materials, without requiring you to create an entirely new set of materials specifically for a few individuals. With accessibility options, everyone benefits.

Consider the length of your video

While the content of your video should be the main concern, you should also try to get the length of the video right. Broadly speaking, less is more when creating a corporate video. The longer it is, the more likely your viewers will lose interest or concentration, diminishing their ability to learn. There isn’t an exact time limit that applies to every video, however. Each video is unique, with its own goals and audience. As such, you’ll have to find the sweet spot on your own. That said, six minutes is said to be the golden rule. If you’re looking for a target to aim at, make that your goal.

Wrapping up

By adding a bit of personal flair to your corporate training videos, you stand to massively boost the effectiveness of your training workshops. Creativity and customisation help engage your employees, improving their ability to understand and retain the information you’re trying to teach. Contact Animation Explainers today to see corporate training videos can you help you grow your business.

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