Why Animation Explainers?

Just a few reasons…

Isn’t it strange how in our hyperconnected, utopian future- present we appear to be living in can make us feel so… Disconnected? From the crack of dawn too late in the evening, bedtime, we are bombarded with unmelodious streams of information via smartphone, tablet, and the laptop screen.

Be honest with yourself. How many times in the last day alone have you started reading something interesting on the web – be it a news article, blog post, or slightly-too-personal Facebook update – managed a measly few paragraphs, and clicked onto something more interesting? You’re not alone….

Research by US magazine Slate found that users typically spent just fifteen seconds looking at an online article; around half of readers didn’t look far enough down the page to warrant scrolling; and, tellingly, of the few who remained awake past that point, 80% only consumed the rich content (that’s photos and videos) and overlooked the text. This is modern consumption: people want content short, simple, and loaded with moving pictures to coo at.

In certain sectors, this presents a conundrum. How can businesses attract interest and investors if Joe Public doesn’t understand what is going on in new and innovative industries? Enter the team at Animation Explainers!

Corporate Animated Videos

Animation Explainers is the solution!

video content

Animation Explainers offer a unique solution: minimal, eye-catching, and tailored to the needs of the client. We offer video content tailored on average under 90 Seconds to get your message spot on to your target clients. Our team have developed video content to help complex businesses simplify and get their message across since 2016.

Animated video content can easily be shared and promoted on social media, and make a splash on website landing pages. We produce animated explainer videos for numerous companies in Dublin, Canada and beyond. Schedule a call today and let’s talk about your animated explainer video!

What we set out to do

Our motivation has remained the same since Animation Explainers inception: getting elaborate and often tricky concepts across to people without turning off the modern reader, to whom time is very time precious. And if you’ve made it this far through this, well done, thank you for staying. You can go and read something else now….

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