When I was at school Youtube had just really become a hit. Myself and friend user to gather around a purple Imac and watch constant reels of absolute nonsense all lunchtime, anything from cat videos to skaters failing a kickflip….. Those where the days!

We all use online video for everything. Whether we want to put up a bookshelf, watch cartoons, catch up on news, watch a movie….. we look to web-based video to educate, entertain, and inform us about so many aspects of our lives now.

Online creative video has gotten traction and is a great way to convey your own brand’s messages. Businesses are publishing high-quality animated videos on their landing pages, likewise online video giants like Netflix are producing shows that only air on the web; and top-tier hosting services likeWistia have generally upped the ante on what internet video is capable of.

1) Creative Video Marketing works on all touchpoints and is totally sharable.

How does a video go viral online? Good engaging videos get shared. You may not be able to take your pals aside and get them to share a political piece from the guardian online, but you can probably get them to watch an animated 1 minute video. The same goes for your Facebook/Twitter friends and followers. If you share the latest cat video, people are going to click….. they’re going to watch it.

People share video because it’s easy to pass it along, and this works on many different digital touchpoints.

2) Video Marketing is memorable!

This one is straight-up science. If people hear or read something, they’re only using their auditory sense. But if they watch video, their auditory, visual, and gestural senses… these are all being stimulated. Which makes viewers more likely to remember what they’ve seen, share and talk about this experience.

A really, great animated video can move people like no other form of media can online. With the correct combination of music, narration, visuals, and motion can invite viewers to experience the whole range of human emotion – sometimes all in the same video, even if it is just 90 seconds! And when you foster this sort of emotion, you are onto a winner!

3) People trust creative video content.

It should be pretty obvious that many of plenty, low-budget videos have great, legitimate content but it should also be obvious that not all high-budget videos are really trustworthy every time. The point is that people are more likely to trust the information you present to take it seriously if you can package it up in the format of high-quality, well-produced animated video.

Overall creative video content is becoming less of a gimmick for marketers and more of a crucial element to a sophisticated, well-rounded content marketing touchpoint strategy. In other words, If you’re not making use of video yet, you’ll need to do it soon if you want to thrive in the new digital marketplace.

– DH –