Animated Explainer videos are a new trend in the online marketing world. Aside from the fun characters, cool graphics and lively animations, explainer videos, when done well can have a really powerful impact on their audiences.

The demand for explainer videos is seriously on the rise in 2017.

Video Marketing is taking over the Internet

I am sure we can all attest to the rise of video on the internet. Whether you’re scrolling through google searches, facebook or YouTube, you cannot escape them. Did you know that by 2019, video will account for 80% of all internet traffic, this is up from 64% in 2014! This is a massive indicator of where we are heading online, so if you haven’t yet considered this show of video as part of your marketing strategy.…. now is the time to contact us at Animation Explainers today!

Another interesting trend is in the actual video metrics. Initially, marketers were only concerned with the number of views a video would receive. If a video went viral, this was considered a success and the marketing team would celebrate with beeers and high fives all around…… but as a deeper understanding of target customers surfaced, marketers have begun to shift their attention to customer engagement, how they feel at different points within the customer journey and the actual conversions a video can achieve overall.

Our Conclusions

The most savvy, and digitally aware businesses have the basic online marketing down to a science at this point. The branding, the website, the blog and email marketing campaign. But many businesses are missing out on the powerful use of creative video within their strategy, it is only a small part, but it can really make a big difference. For many people it seems that video might seem intimidating or overwhelming at first.

I love working with our clients; helping to craft their own message and discover a great story to tell through Animation Explainers. My goal is to uncover the value of an animated video for any client and then create a video that not only achieves their strategy goals, but also enhances their brand and gets them excited about their message.

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– DH –