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6 Animated Corporate Video Examples (& Why They Work)

Animated corporate videos are quickly becoming a critical part of a Company’s digital marketing strategy. We would go as far as saying that video content is currently leading the way against other digital marketing techniques. And are you surprised? 

In today’s world, it is a well-known scientific fact that our brains process visual content at an incredibly high speed. In fact, by one estimate, visuals communicate information 60,000 times faster than text.  

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What is corporate animation?

Animation can bring new possibilities into the saturated world of corporate video production. It simply reaches levels that traditional video cannot in terms of simplifying and humanising your concepts.  

The best part? Animation is a distinctive tool that can truly create a strong emotional connection with the intended audience and convey a message that resonates with them, no matter what topic is at hand.  

Unfortunately, corporate videos tend not to find themselves up there with the most captivating forms of content. With animation, you may just boost your chances. The message here is simple: if you can raise brand awareness and encourage customer understanding of how they can benefit from your brand (all within minutes, as can be done with explainer videos), they are likely to choose you over competitors.

An animated corporate video is used by an organization to educate, entertain, or inform its customers. It is integral that the script and imagery for a corporate animated video match the brand tone of voice. This can be formal or more relaxed, depending on the purpose and audience. 

This type of content can be a powerful medium for explaining new ideas and ultimately increasing sales.

Studios in the corporate video production industry provide a wide range of animation services, most notably for B2B clients. 

At one end of the scale, there are high-end medical animators who create 3D effects to illustrate processes down to the cellular level. Such effects are impressive, but the 3D process is slow and expensive.  

On the other hand, most of these types of videos are made in 2D since the process is much more straightforward and less expensive. While the video quality may not be as impressive, state-of-the-art 2D animation, such as shown in the example below, can be just as effective for getting your message across.

Externally speaking, these videos are used to gather customers into the sales funnel for the corporation by directly raising brand awareness. Animated corporate explainer videos are increasingly being used in sales pitches and conferences.  

We all know that it can be a banal task to read paragraph after paragraph of a body of text displayed on a company website. Often, with this type of content, there is little incentive for the consumer to learn more about what your corporation has to offer. 

Lazy as it may be, we are naturally more inclined to click on a video link to find answers if there is one available. 

The stats don’t lie: video boosts potential customer engagement at large. states that as much as 84% of consumers decide to make a purchase after watching a brand video.

Since corporate companies have more staff and a set budget for staff improvement and engagement methods, it is often the case that they ask for a series of videos with a narrative of company values or to be used for internal training.

Animated corporate training videos

Corporate businesses use videos to feature effective learning goals and familiarize staff with the orientation process. These videos include training on company culture, administrative procedures (computer logins, extensions, email setups, etc.) to help company members learn how to execute basic and complex tasks in the organization. They can help a company ensure that their staff are going to work productively in their role.

There are most often elements of tedium and mundanity when it comes to explaining protocols and training sessions within the internal corporate space. 

Placing a 100-page long training manual on the desk of your newest employee is a tired strategy that is unlikely to encourage personal learning, eagerness, and initiative from the individual.

Tackle this limitation with an animated video as a candid way to boost employee engagement and interaction. Quickly educate and help your team perform at their best level with compelling visual content and drive organizational change.

Here are some of our favorite cherry-picked examples:

1. DHL

The logistics and Supply Chain Industry isn’t necessarily an enthralling space for advertising yet something we all need to learn more about since the majority of us will find ourselves using it. 

This video takes watchers through step by step, telling us what the company offers in a transparent manner. Concision is key here. It is also inclusive, showing how a shipping company can cater to your every need.  

Aesthetically, the use of the color scheme is acute in its reflection of the brand’s color themes. The DHL logo at the video’s end reinforces the company image.

2. Starbucks

Just because Animated Explainer videos are an excellent tool for tackling complex subjects and translating them into digestible content for the modern consumer, it doesn’t mean that animation can’t be used for simpler subjects, too. 

Starbucks takes coffee (thank you, Captain Obvious), a drink that 64% of Americans consume on a daily basis, and makes ample use of an animated corporate explainer video to enlighten their already-vast consumer base about how they choose and blend their famously-sourced coffee beans.

Since Starbucks is such a well-known brand, this video can disregard the usual brand introduction to allow exploration of the specifics of their knowledge and prowess when it comes to the creation of new and authentic coffee blends.

The animation style is shrewd, made up of rich color and scripting to enhance the affluent characteristics of the coffee. This automatically encourages the viewer to feel as if they can almost taste what is happening in the video.

And here lies the beauty of the corporate animated video: Starbucks narrates a powerful story about their zeal for blending coffees from all over the world in less than a minute. It is simply only natural that the consumer is left wanting more.

great explainer video company such as Animation Explainers can take any concept and help translate it into a concise concept to be consumed by vast or specific audiences, encouraging a strong call to action to your product.  

There is no doubt that keeping things short and sweet over long and digressive is a winner, packing the ultimate punch like Starbucks’ own coffee.

3. Apple – Carbon Neutral

How could we create a list of the best animated corporate videos of 2021 without mentioning tech giants Apple? 

They never disappoint when it comes to creating the highest quality animation, especially when used to launch new products. 

This video uses a combination of live-action shots and groovy animated typography and imagery. A stance as monumental as making every Apple product carbon neutral by 2030 needs top-of-the-range animation technique to back it up.  

Good job, Apple. Amazing ad creation and saving the planet all in one? You Android users should take a long hard look at yourselves. 

4. McDonalds

Fun, bold, and colorfully character-led, this 2D Motion graphics animation was created to show customers how to claim deals on the McDonalds app.  

Like Starbucks, McDonalds is a well-known brand that can focus solely on the product at hand without discussing its overall image. Subsequently, Animation is used perfectly here, with the simple background and characters keeping your attention right on the user-friendly app.  

The protagonist uses the app in a “show and tell” manner to encourage viewers that it really is that simple. The consistent use of green ticks throughout the video helps with this approach.  

5. Cross-Contamination

A canny example of how corporate animated explainer videos can be used internally within an organization to get your protocols and values across in a lighthearted manner. Staff will remain engaged and learn within a few minutes since the animation style is clear and eye-catching.  

With visual concepts such as food contamination, it is very easily transferable in the animation world. It would be much harder and time-consuming to film a live-action version of this video, with the likelihood of having less of an effect.

6. CoronaVirus Video – UK 

The other half of the B2B marketplace is based on using animated training tutorials to teach people a variety of routine tasks. An example of this occurred during the coronavirus pandemic. Several medical and healthcare organisations created explainer videos to demonstrate correct hand washing hygiene and other simple tasks. Once again, step-by-step visuals can be gallantly captured in animation in ways that can’t be easily replicated in real life.

Why are companies turning to animation explainer videos?

  • Higher engagement rates
  • Clarity and concision
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Easy to share on social media platforms
  • To capture the brand image and tone


The bottom line is this: a well-defined and quality animated corporate video can help your organisation take its marketing strategy to the next level in a creative and innovative way. 

With video content gaining rapid momentum as one of the fastest-growing marketing techniques , what better time to explore the potential of a successful corporate explainer video?

Whether your business is old or new, delivering animated corporate video content to your prospective clients is a fantastic way to not only grab but keep their attention. 

It’s simple: successful results rely on telling a good story that stirs the emotions of the audience and ends with a powerful climax.  

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