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Why can you trust us to help?

When Max Keizer introduced the world of crypto to me on RT’s news programme ‘The Keizer Report’ , most people would never have dreamed of how far crypto and the concept of ‘digital currency’ has come in those six lightening speed years (it’s hard to keep up with it all!) . We deal with many start-ups worldwide who are using initial coin offerings (ICO) to raise billions in funding and these companies are not just established in the USA, but worldwide!


In 2018, everyone… well most people in the world has now heard about bitcoin. Good or bad it has certainly had a massive impact socially & economically in the west. At Animation Explainers we are striving on a daily basis to get this message within the Blockchain and Crypto space out to people. This is in order to educate and instruct people on how to use these digital currencies and the overall benefits that they have. We have worked with Mingo Coin, TimeBox Networks & Funderstoken in Singapore, all to preach this message. In order to change perceptions and help people embrace this bold, new future of the digital financial market, you can find our videos within our vast portfolio.



This is a recent video we did for Time.box Networks & Alex Chang 

People in Greece, Cyprus and various other jurisdictions worldwide turned to digital currency as a backlash against the 2008 financial crisis. It seems that many places are embracing this bold future, however noticeably the Mainstream Media, Silicon Valley & Wall Street are still running scared!  In places like Greece (an economy now rising like a phoenix from the ashes) did not even think about an alternative of the current financial system until their ATMs ran out of cash and these citizens had to queue outside of their bank to withdraw all of their savings.  We now have the availability of digital cash, to own, spend and invest this money in whichever way we like. You can even seek out your own monetary policy and find a coin token that suits your own motivations and ideals in life. You only need to do a search on Linkedin to see many of these players battling it out on a global stage!


What I am trying to say is that pandora’s box is now starting to open! The word is out! Animation Explainers will not stop working for our clients in order to get this message across to you, and we are excited for the next six months as we scale Animation Explainers to new heights. We understand your product and service is complex and needs a strong voice in order to ground the message so that people will understand and invest.


So it seems that some Governments worldwide are starting to realise that they must start to wake up and ‘smell the coffee’ so to speak. Small jurisdictions like the Isle of Man can be nimble within their own Government policy and they can adapt and change to make small island economies a suitable place to do business!  Myself and Aaron deal with clients in Taiwan, Singapore and even in the USA all from our HQ in the city centre of Dublin (no better place). On a global scale,  people can now participate in this movement and a disruption in the way traditional banks do their day to day business.


Myself and Aaron noticed that nobody within the crypto space was making high quality and pleasing explainer videos, and the ones out there miss the voice and tone of what these crypto company wants to convey. They can be rushed and totally miss the point. At Animation Explainers be have a process in place which means that every video that we create is quality and has a reason for being there!


We create effective content, short, simple and to the point.  


So if you want to pick up the phone….. or even telegram me we are working around the clock to create amazing content in order to take the marketing of this industry into the stratosphere!



Thanks for reading.  DRH – Animation Explainers 04/07/2018


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