The Benefits of Using Videographics in Your Marketing Strategy

Video content has become incredibly popular in recent years, with billions of people worldwide spending hours consuming content. As such, businesses must adapt to the changing preferences of potential customers, incorporating video content into their marketing strategy.

There are many approaches to video marketing, with pretty much as many video types as you have ideas. Explainer videos can get your brand’s message across while still being entertaining, silhouette animation is great for letting your creativity loose, and videographics can provide a visual accompaniment to statistics. Though each video type has its unique applications and benefits, our focus for this article will be videographics specifically. Let’s take a look.

What is a videographic?

Videographics are a blend of information, animation, graphic design, and sound. Because of this, they are often referred to as motion graphics, making the two terms almost interchangeable.

Due to this blend of elements, videographics are an excellent and effective method of expressing your brand’s story. They combine information with entertainment, which massively boosts the retention of your brand and relevant information. It is an easily digestible format, as what would be a dense group of statistics becomes an eye-catching display of creativity. Naturally, this makes for a much more enjoyable experience for your viewers, increasing the likelihood that your brand sticks in their minds.

Videographics can work well with other animation styles, complementing other videos’ content. This could be in the form of kinetic text being interspersed throughout an animated video, or in an image-based format. As such, videographics can bring quite a varied touch to your content, allowing you to change up how you present your information.

Applications of videographics

Videographics are a versatile method of getting a message to an audience, and as such, it is a video style with many applications. Many industries make use of videographics, for example. But videographics aren’t simply beneficial to businesses with commercial interests. They are an excellent source of educational materials, research, and entertainment. In fact, it is the versatility of videographics that makes them so useful to a business’s marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at some of these applications in more detail.


Videographics can be a powerful teacher. Complex topics are, of course, difficult to understand without first taking a look at the parts that make up the whole. Videographics can do exactly that, breaking down a complicated idea into more digestible parts. It also presents data and statistics in a more accessible format, making the retention of information much more likely.

Due to its ability to break down complex ideas into bite-size components, videographics are an excellent approach to education. It provides a visual aid to learning, making the process more fun for the learner, while increasing the overall effectiveness too.

Easy to share

The more accessible and appealing a video is, the easier it is to share. Videographics are particularly accessible to a wide audience, as they focus mostly on visuals. For example, a good videographic will provide the bulk of its message through the on-screen content, complementing it with a narration or other audio device. This allows videographics to be used in an array of instances, be that on public transport, schools, boardrooms, or at home. As such, videographics are an excellent choice for videos created with the aim to reach a wide audience organically.


Of course, videographics are an excellent tool in video marketing, something anyone with even a little experience in marketing will know. The unique features of videographics can be used to create a video packed with digestible information and calls to action. This increases the odds of your viewers watching your video fully, in addition to retaining the information within. Additionally, videographics are a format poised to go viral, something that will shine a spotlight on your brand and benefit from it.

Benefits of using videographics

Videographics can be used in many different scenarios and for many different purposes. If the many applications of videographics aren’t enticing enough, here are a few reasons why they should be included in your marketing strategies:

  • Retention of information is easier: As we’ve mentioned throughout this article, videographics have a near-unrivaled effect on information retention. It dispenses information in a simple, understandable format, breaking down complex ideas into their constituent parts. These parts are accompanied by facts and figures, highlighting the particularly important parts of a message. This is all done in an entertaining and creative way, catching and holding your viewers’ attention, while improving their chances of remembering your brand.
  • Set your videos apart: Videographics add color, creativity, and entertainment from what would otherwise be a tedious infodump in many cases. While other forms of video have their benefits, videographics are the future. This novelty alone can help your videos stand out; when accompanied by their benefits, videographics are an attention-grabbing beacon.
  • Express your message through a story: People love stories. Stories have been prominent throughout human history since the dawn of time, and they haven’t become less popular in the modern age. Stories provide a means to understand and remember a concept well. This includes brand messages just as much as morals, lessons, and the like. Videographics prize entertainment, engagement, and retention above all else, making them a perfect medium to tell the story of your brand. In doing so, your marketing approach as a whole benefits.

Wrapping up

Videographics are vital to include in your marketing toolbox. They are able to reach an audience no other form of video can. With a level of accessibility that makes them perfect for almost any setting. While nailing the quantitative approach, they are also a quality option. Working well on your website, in an email, or even on your social media platforms. As such, videographics are a tool worth understanding.

When implemented into your marketing strategies well, videographics can offer an array of benefits. From increased brand visibility to improved retention. Incorporate videographics into your marketing strategy today, and your business as a whole will thank you.

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