6 Benefits of Vmail In Your Marketing Strategy

You’ve got (V)mail! – “‘What will NY152 say today?’ I wonder.”

Vmail is an emerging method that marketers use, combining video with a traditional email to spice things up. It can help increase their message’s impact and interest and ultimately lead to higher conversion rates than text-only methods.

Email is one of the longest-standing and most concentrated forms of digital media. Communication has been in circulation since 1972 and remains an essential part of business communication even to this day. 

It delivers some of the highest ROIs in the industry, and video has only helped sprinkle a little bit of pixie dust to allow the medium to adapt to the demands of audiences of today. Progress does not stand still, after all.

A Marketer’s Favourite Cocktail

You thought we meant Expresso Martini, didn’t you?

While Marketers sip away at the combination of email and video, the problem still ensues that some fail to harness the power, sticking to tedious old text alone.

Having found yourself here, perhaps you, like them, are unsure of the power that a Vmail campaign can bring to the table. 

As always, Animation Explainers are here to help.

So what is Vmail?

Disclaimer: this isn’t a blog about voicemail; you’ll be glad to know. Vmail is short for videomail – a marketing and communications strategy that combines email with video.

Yep, we’re saying that boring old text emails can instantly be transformed into highly engaging content simply by adding video to them, increasing the effectiveness of their distribution, boosting engagement with the brand, and even the overall conversion rate of the email messages they send regularly.

Benefits of Using Video Email

It’s all fun and games, but with more effect comes more expense. Emails with video are subsequently more costly than their bland, plain-text counterparts. So, it is understandable if you feel the need to double-check if they are even worth it (we may be biased but, they most definitely are worth it!)

In true AE style, we’ve pieced together a sophisticated list of benefits to help create a better picture for our readers.

1. Shareability

According to research by Cisco, it has been predicted that almost 82% of online traffic will be accounted for by video streaming and video downloads by 2022. That percentage is high.

And since video content is also well-favored for its high levels of shareability, adopting it for your marketing strategy will undoubtedly turn around more views and more sales! 

Adding videos to your regular newsletter, for example, gives you a chance to spread your content beyond the mailing list. 

Vmail creates bonuses from minimal work. Your existing customers are likely to share videos from Vmail email, creating buzz about your product or service without even having them included in your mailing list. That said, adding a ‘share’ button to the video can be highly beneficial: that way, all it takes for your content to be shared is the click of a button!

2. Improves brand experience

Vmails would slip naturally into the marketing strategy of particular brands. It is still crucial to ensure that any marketing medium you implement into your strategy matches your brand’s pre-existing tone and voice concerning your style and experience.

Receiving a childlike cartoon from a sophisticated jewellery store will likely confuse your target audiences and interfere with the conversion process.

That said, make sure that scripting, graphics, and narration style match your brand identity for it to become a key contender in your marketing strategy and contribute to that all-important customer conversion.

3. Breaking the mailbox noise

Research has shown that the average person receives about 120 emails per day. Who has time to check 120 emails?

The key, then, is to stand out from the bounty of dull updates in someone’s inbox, and sending a Vmail to the customer is guaranteed to give you a finer chance of being noticed and acknowledged. What’s more, if people engage with your video, they may even share it without any extra work required by you! There you have it, the snowball effect in all its glory!

4. A memorable medium

There is no doubt that video is one of today’s most consumed types of media content, and how can you be surprised? Consuming video content over still images or blocks of text can be far more entertaining. Implementing video into your email can be a simple way to make your emails memorable. 

Memorability means that even those customers that window-shop at other brands before making a final purchase decision will be more likely to memorize your approach and return to you.

Not to mention the fact that Vmails can be highly versatile, with the ability to incorporate visuals with audio and put an emotional storyline at the backbone of the structure. Text-based emails alone can lack emotional dimension. Using video can help bring your product to life and encourage an empathetic response.

5. A measurable medium

Did you just get De-Ja-Vu? 

Another great benefit of video content is gathering more information about the audience at hand.

Video analytics are handy since they can help provide the viewer’s behavior statistics. You can obtain demographic information like audience’s location, age, gender, and information categorized by the video itself, such as watch time, shares, or whether or not they have clicked on embedded links.

Gathering this information puts you in a prime spot for offering your customers exactly what they want and need, giving you the free gift of personalization. You can tailor your services and content to build more powerful connections with viewers and prospective customers with personalization.

Having a Vmail impact can make your clients learn more about your brand, thereby decreasing the chances of unsubscribing.

6. Influencing power

According to Biteable’s annual report, video content helps marketers increase their brand awareness. Furthermore, close to 49% of marketers say that videos help improve engagement with the audience. Based on that data alone, we can see that video content is more likely to gain customers’ trust and impact purchase decisions. 

If you use Vmail as your marketing tool, you are more likely to increase customers’ understanding of your service or a product. And understanding engagement with your brand will affect customer purchase decisions directly. 

You can quickly change the opinion of a potential customer who was hesitant to buy your products by introducing your brand in a short, clear video in your Vmail.

Wrapping Up

We can’t ever see emails going out of style, especially in the world of business communications. While many spokes of the business communications wheel have come and gone (sorry, Fax, we’re talking about you), corporate emails rule the world of business. Don’t try to dethrone the mighty email – adapt it to your advantage. 

But never be afraid to experiment and step out of your comfort zone because progress never stands still. Marketers must constantly seek out new ways to stand out from the noise in the online digital space.

Spruce up your flat text and images with video! Vmails allows you to reach a more diverse audience and, better, grow spark interest and conversation about your brand. Their high shareability increases the likelihood of not only emails being opened and read but remembered. 

As a result, Vmails can be your new conversion friend. Don’t ever stop pushing your marketing strategy. You may just be surprised by the heights you can reach with video.

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