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7 Best Animation Apps In 2022

Video content is an excellent tool in marketing, unrivaled in its ability to grab attention, boost your brand’s visibility, and ensure your message sticks in the minds of your viewers. While video content can bring a host of benefits to a business, animated videos specifically can take this to an entirely new level. Animated videos allow for an unparalleled level of creativity and artistic expression, something that can be leveraged into making popular videos and reaping the benefits that follow them. As such, it’s no surprise that animated videos are as popular as they are, both in entertainment and in marketing.

Animated videos are undeniably an effective approach to video marketing, but creating said videos can be a challenge. The process is often limited by the animation software in use. Some come equipped with an advanced suite of tools and features, others with extensive libraries of tutorials and other information. However, others still might not be quite as well equipped, leading to frustrations in production and diminishing the overall product. As such, it is imperative you choose the most appropriate animation app for your project.

In this article, we will be examining a selection of the best animation apps currently on the market, enabling you to make the best decision possible. Let’s get started.

1. Adobe Animate

Anyone with even a little experience in the fields of digital art will have heard of Adobe. They have created several pieces of software for image and video editing, and they haven’t let the field of animation escape their attention. For the same professional quality their previous products have, look no further than Adobe Animate.

Adobe Animate is compatible with both Windows and macOS devices, making its suite of features quite accessible. It can also be used with some mobile devices, such as the iPad. 

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced animator, Adobe Animate will have something for you. It can be used to create pretty much anything with a high degree of quality, from 3D models to still images. It also supports sound overlay, ActionScripts, vector graphic creation, and straightforward file imports and exports. Adobe Animate is also seamlessly integrated with other Adobe products, allowing you to better organize your work.

2. Synfig Studio

If 3D isn’t your thing, Synfig Studio will be up your alley. It’s an excellent open-source and easy-to-use 2D animation app, allowing for a range of creative effects to be applied. This includes filters, object morphing, shading, and a great many more. It can also be used to create character skeletons, something incredibly useful if your animation involves characters. Synfig Studio is available on both Windows and macOS devices, allowing you to work on whatever device you prefer.

3. Anime Studio Pro

Another excellent choice for 2D animation is Anime Studio Pro, available on Windows, macOS, and Linux devices. This app is perfect for 2D animations, coming with a range of tools and features that will enable you to create your ideal animation. With Anime Studio Pro, you’ll be able to work on characters, backgrounds, and audio, merging each aspect into a brilliant short animated video or full-length film. Anime Studio Pro also allows for easy file importing and exporting, perfect for continuing your work on other apps for a certain specialist touch.

4. Adobe After Effects

Another animation app from Adobe, Adobe After Effects is an excellent tool for both 3D animation and video editing. It can do a range of functions, from simple text rotations to the more advanced elements of post-production editing. The advanced features do mean After Effects has a bit of a learning curve, but this is eased somewhat by the intuitive user interface. If there’s something missing, the app also allows for the installation of plugins. After Effects is available on both Windows and macOS.

5. Blender

Amongst free software, Blender is one of the most popular, and for good reason. It’s an excellent 3D animation app, available on Windows, macOS, and Linux devices, with a range of fantastic features that can be used to create animations of a high caliber. Blender’s host of features includes digital sculpting, motion tracking, a variety of visual effects, and even video editing. Though it has a relatively steep learning curve, Blender comes with a library of tutorials to help bring you up to speed. If those aren’t enough, its popularity has led to the creation of many active online communities, all of which can be used to garner additional insight. Blender is also regularly updated, making its extensive abilities grow at a steady pace. It’s no wonder that many industries use Blender, from the film industry to game development.

6. Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D is another 3D animation app that provides a professional level of quality. It can be used to create renders, 3D objects, and of course, animations. Where other animation apps can be a bit daunting for newcomers, Cinema 4D is welcoming to beginners. Animators of any proficiency level will be able to get stuck in with this app. In addition to some of the more basic functions, Cinema 4D has several specialized package modules. This includes object dynamics simulation, character animations, and many more. Cinema 4D is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

7. TupiTube

TupiTube is a brilliant animation app for complete beginners, aimed at children and amateur hobbyists. It is highly accessible, getting its users designing and animating their first cartoons in no time. There is also a library of tutorials and assets, along with an intuitive exporting system. TupiTube can be a great way to kindle the flame of passion for a young animator, or get your foot in the door of animating as an adult. 

Wrapping up

Once you have your ideal animation app, animating becomes so much easier. You won’t be frustrated at an intuitive user interface, or be forced to blend the functionality of other apps due to your main app missing a feature. With the right app, you’ll be able to focus solely on what matters – animating.

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