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Best Training Video Software

It’s no secret that video holds an ever-growing degree of importance in entertainment, education, and training. Video as a format is one of the most engaging media formats available, something that makes it an excellent fit for training employees, or imparting knowledge and skills to whoever cares to watch. So what is the best training video software?

However, although video is a brilliant addition to your training materials, the question becomes how you go about doing so. Thankfully, the internet plays host to a wide array of training video software. These archives are bursting with training videos, perfect for supplying your employees with engaging and digestible training content. Let’s take a look at 7 of the best training video software currently available.

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What is training video software?

Before we begin our list, let’s summarise what training video software is. Simply put, it provides your business with a means to create, share, and watch training videos. Many of them even come with a suite of analytics tools, allowing you to obtain key data regarding how your employees interact with your videos. This will enable you to refine your approach to training.

Best Training Video Software

1. Panopto

Panopto is an excellent platform used by businesses and educational institutions alike. It is a cost-effective and intuitive platform on which to create your videos, with the automatic table of contents and chapter generator taking on some of the work. Once they’re ready to be published, doing so is a breeze.

Panopto also comes with its own analytics tools, allowing you to assess how well your employees engage with your training videos. It also provides live streaming support, allowing you to bring your entire workplace up to speed in real-time.

2. Camtasia

Camtasia is a great choice of training video software, especially for businesses that want to record and share what happens directly on their screen. In addition to this, Camtasia offers users a host of video editing options, including green-screen editing, sound, music, and animations, to name a few. Even better, your content isn’t confined to low resolution. Instead, you can import and export your content in 4K resolution, making for some crisp visuals.

3. Powtoon

If you want to create animated training videos with a professional touch, look no further than Powtoon. With it, you can record your screen and webcam directly, allowing you to show your employees exactly what you need them to see. Powtoon has a range of editing tools available, allowing you to add some flavor to your recordings. If screen capture isn’t for you, Powtoon comes replete with video templates, which provide a great baseline on which to create your video. A variety of customization options exist, allowing you to create your ideal video.

4. Skillshare

If you’ve spent any time around online learning environments, you doubtless have heard of Skillshare. The platform has an enormous vault of topics to learn about, broken into an array of easily digestible classes. In addition to written material, Skillshare can supply your employees with hundreds of videos, which can be viewed online, or if you have a premium subscription, offline too. With Skillshare’s volume of professionally created content, training your employees will be a breeze. However, these benefits come at a cost, with prices starting at $139 annually per user.

5. Lessonly

Lessonly provides intuitive software with which to create your training videos. It comes with the usual suite of editing options, including the addition of text, subtitles, and images, with the final product being automatically optimized for mobile devices. In addition to this, Lessonly places a focus on interactivity. Knowledge is easier to digest and retain when the learner plays a direct part, as opposed to sitting through lecture after lecture.

With Lessonly, you can include a range of interactive options in your training courses, such as quizzes, flashcards, and so on. Plus, if you fear your employees might lag behind in their training, you have the option to add a calendar alert to prompt them to get back into it. If this isn’t for you, Lessonly will provide you with reports that allow you to monitor the performance of your training material and how your employees interact with it.

6. Animaker

Animaker is a designer’s dream training video software. With it, you will have access to everything you need in order to create attention-grabbing training videos, all with a high level of quality. One particularly unique feature is the ability to create your own characters in the platform, allowing for an unmatched degree of customization. Animaker has the option to create automatic lip-syncing, so you won’t have to worry about adding them afterward. If you’d rather skip the creative aspect and focus on training materials that work, Animaker offers a wide range of in-house templates and assets. With them, you can focus your efforts on great training videos without the need to create unique assets.

Animaker does offer a free version, but you’ll need to bear with watermarks and an upload limit of 2GB. While not a dealbreaker, it can be pretty inconvenient for some businesses.

7. Biteable

Our final training video software is Biteable. To say the software has a wealth of readily available assets is an understatement; Biteable offers users thousands of templates, millions of clips and images, and even an AI-powered voiceover. With these tools, creating your ideal training video couldn’t be simpler.

For some businesses, long-form content might be the best fit. For others, short-form and easily digestible content is the key. As the name suggests, Biteable is heavily geared toward the latter type. With the right template and assets, plus a dash of editing, you’ll be able to create training videos that really gel with your audience.

Wrapping up, training video software

Great training videos require a blend of audience research, good ideas, and the right tools in order to be created. With the example training video software we’ve listed here, you will be able to access the right environment required to properly realise your ideal training video, one that fits your organisation and your employees. Once you have your software, you’ll be well on your way to creating training materials that can be useful to rookies and veterans alike for years to come.

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