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How To Make a Promo Video For Your Marketing Campaign

Video content has taken the marketing world by storm. It provides a range of unique benefits, can be done in a wide variety of ways, and simply put, it’s the way the world is going. Each day sees more people spend more time watching video content, with an increasing number basing their decision to buy a product on video. In order for a business to avoid obsolescence, turning to video content is a must. But how should you implement video content into your marketing campaigns?

One method that you have likely already heard of is promo videos. It’s a popular method used by many companies across pretty much every industry. In this article, we will break down promo videos, when you should consider using them, and some tips on how to utilize them. Let’s get started.

What is a promo video?

A promotional video, often abbreviated to promo video, is a type of video created with the sole intent to promote something. Exactly what can be promoted is quite varied, including events, products, services, or even ideas. Promo videos aim to be short and sweet, seizing a viewer’s attention and leaving them wanting to know more. This way, they can be directed elsewhere, to your website, for example, where you can provide them with more information and material in an effort to gain a conversion.

Unlike other forms of marketing, promo videos shouldn’t aim to get a viewer to buy your product. Instead, the goal is to be enticing. Think of promo videos as along the same vein as teaser trailers for a film or a game. Wither teasers, the goal isn’t to get the viewer to buy, but rather build anticipation and interest in what you’re selling. Keep this in mind and save your persuasive talent for later.

When are promo videos suitable?

Promo videos are best used to capture the attention of people unfamiliar with your brand. With them, you can introduce new viewers to your brand, showing them a bit of what you’re about and what you have to offer. As a result, you can increase the awareness of your brand, in part due to the distribution of your videos and in part due to a digital form of word of mouth. As promo videos are snappy, they are in an excellent position to be shared by your viewers.

Promo videos aren’t only useful for bringing in new viewers. For older viewers that might not be as invested in your brand recently, you can rekindle the fire and bring them back just as easily as you can attract new attention. With promo videos, you can attract completely new business, or entice older customers to return. As a result, you can improve your sales from two sources.

Why include promo videos in your marketing campaigns?

There are all kinds of approaches to video marketing, each with its pros and cons. But implementing a new type of video content can take a notable investment of time and resources. So what makes promo videos worth it?

Simply put, promo videos are effective. People often require only a little input to make their decision. Whether that be to buy your product or pass over it. Long-form videos can be great to provide information, but for the average viewer on the fence, their mind will be made up within the first few minutes at most. Promo videos can provide that input. Persuading some viewers to take the time to investigate your brand, while not having a sizable chunk of your content never reach its audience, as can be the case with long-form content. Moreover, people like promotions. Everyone likes a taste test or a coupon, and it can often be the deciding factor in whether we buy a product or not.

Effective messaging

In addition to being effective, promo videos are an entertaining method of getting your brand out there and attracting attention. They are particularly effective at sharing time-sensitive information. Promo videos are particularly useful at galvanizing your existing audience, getting them to look forward to an upcoming event or release. Promo videos see wide use in this sense, and promotional content as a whole even more so. Pretty much everyone uses them in some regard. From companies looking to build excitement for their new product, to the advertisement of a local event. Even online personalities use promotional content to maximize the number of people that visit their streams, videos, or other content.

Promo videos are effective for a few reasons. Most importantly, an audience likes watching videos from their favorite brands and influencers. They wouldn’t follow them otherwise. By releasing promo videos to your existing audience, you expose them to easily digestible information. Something they are likely to act on. This will translate into increased attention wherever the promo video directed it.

Tips for creating a great promo video

We’ve been over why promo videos are a great marketing tool and why you should use them, but how exactly should you make a promo video? While there isn’t a hard and fast rule, keep these points in mind:

  • Focus on grabbing attention – Though it might be tempting to attempt to market your product, leave that to your other marketing techniques. The purpose of a promo video is to seize attention and build anticipation, so focus on that. Think of your promo videos as teasers for your products, not something to make them sell.
  • Use great graphics – The point of a promo video is to grab your viewer’s attention. So make sure to include eye-catching graphics. There’s no point in playing it safe with boring color palettes and animations. Now is the time to get creative.
  • Utilize social media – Promo videos are a match made in heaven for social media. They’re short, attention-grabbing, and should be used often. As such, they are incredibly shareable and great at distributing time-sensitive information. You should make use of social media platforms. Even creating several variations of your promo videos to better mesh with each of your platforms.

Wrapping up

Creating video content often poses a challenge, but with promo videos, you’ll settle in fast. They are quick to make, and you won’t have to wait too long to reap the benefits. With promo videos, you will increase your brand visibility, develop your brand’s personality, and direct attention to where you need it. As such, promo videos are a tool worth having in your marketing campaigns.

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