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Top 30 Awesome Explainer Videos (Our Best Picks)

What makes an Awesome Explainer Video?

Various companies have seen the benefits of explainer videos not only in creating effective ads and campaigns but also in promoting their brands, values, and goals. Even some of the biggest brands in the world, like Microsoft or Google, use explainer videos. And it just becomes increasingly popular. They are more effective in getting higher conversion rates and it increases user engagement and audience reach as well. Animated explainer videos help educate the users, sell products, and deliver a strong and compelling message that inspires people to do something. These videos may be short, but they are packed with action. Hence the name. We’ve seen how really effective they are over and over again here at Animation Explainers, at least with the ones we’ve done for our clients.

Before getting started, make sure you have:

  • Objective. Every business has its own goals or specific purpose in creating an explainer video. Either you want to gain more subscribers, sales or conversions, ask information or details, launch a product, etc.
  • Story. Just like storytelling, animated explainer videos have characters(when necessary) that address the problem, making viewers relate to the problem and that character. Finally, offer a solution.
  • CTA. The best explainer videos provoke users or its viewers to do something after watching the video. This, of course, has to be part of your campaign or goal before even start creating your animated explainer video. Your explainer video has to take its viewers to the next until the end of the funnel and only then, the video becomes a success.
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Our Top 30 Animated Explainer Video Picks

From product videos to commercial videos, here are our top picks for the top 30(yes 30!) awesome explainer videos to inspire you in creating your own. Try to find some idea in each of the videos and see what makes it totally awesome.


We’re lucky to have a talented bunch of animators at Animation Explainers. When asked what was their best explainer video this one for Fonolo was a popular choice.


The explainer video uses flat design and simple visuals to showcase the ‘congestion sensing’ technology of the router.


Watch this 2.5 min video to learn how Cisco can help you being your journey to trust-centric security with Cisco Trusted Access. The explainer video explains how Cisco helps businesses to bring their innovative ideas out in the world.


The animated explainer video uses great dynamic motion graphics with excellent sound and music design and showcases the function of the tool.


Slack brings all your team communication in one place and integrates with the tools and services you use every day. It is free to use for as long as you want and with an unlimited number of people. The explainer video tells how Slack can make communication more efficient.


A multi-tiered campaign and motion identity that played an instrumental role in Spotify’s massive growth, increasing paid subscribers 66% from 30MM to 50MM globally during the run. The explainer video shows how Spotify create motion identity and campaigns that everyone listens to.


The animated video explainer by Microsoft cloud discussed what an agile and responsive infrastructure is.


This animation goes along with Paypal’s “people rule” campaign. It’s created by Havas World Wide and Antfood. Video simply shows how Paypal works.

Tech Insider

This animated video puts the actual distance into perspective, showing a vast distance between the waves we see and the mysterious point we call Challenger Deep. Tech Insider did a really great job explaining it.

Crazy Egg

Many are probably familiar with Crazy Egg, at least the marketers. This animated video talks about the heat map tool that shows why your visitors aren’t converting. Video created by Demo Duck.


The Unroll.Me iOS app makes unsubscribing from emails easier than ever. The fun video explained how it’s done.

Litmus  Email Previews

This Animated video explains how email super ninjas can see exactly how their marketing emails will look on all platforms and browsers BEFORE they hit send. The video was produced by Planet Nutshell.


Airbnb created a fantastic handmade world that dramatizes the feeling you get while travelling with Airbnb.


Padmapper is an awesome free service that takes the pain out of finding the perfect apartment. The animated explainer videos explained how you can explore the areas you want to move to fast.

Western Union

The animated explainer video showcases how you can partner with Western Union Bill Payments to build and execute your mobile payment strategy.


Ahrefs.com is a well-known SEO tool provider boasting the world’s largest index of live backlinks that is updated with fresh data every 15-30 minutes. The animated explainer acts as a quick intro to the tools available with Ahrefs and its features.

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club delivers amazing razors and grooming products for just a few bucks. The explainer video shows what makes their razors better than others. It’s an awesome ad you should definitely check out.


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The animation explainer video showcases how Zendesk maintains its brand consistency and continue helping businesses improve their relationship with their customers.


Mint is versatile enough to help anyone’s money make sense without much effort. Created at Transvideo Studios, via its Picturelab division. Their team worked to create this succinct, visually compelling narrative through this awesome explainer video.

Aural Analytics

Aural Analytics is a powerful brain health analytics that is clinically interpretable, reliable, precise and objective. The explainer video tells how efficient they are in making better data and better decisions for everyone.


Created by Yum Yum Videos, the explainer videos talked about how Dandelin app make payments for health insurance more streamlined and convenient.


Zeux is the world’s first crypto payment and investment app. The explainer video highlights all of Zeux’s functionality in a fast-paced showreel to induce a hype to interested viewers.


The solution explainer video highlights the expertise offered by Accenture cryptocurrency and blockchain solution


For more than a century IBM has been dedicated to every client’s success and to creating innovations that matter for the world. Including the way they make their ads. The solution explainer video shows how IBM brings together services, analytics, software and infrastructure into a cloud solution.


Intellilog is the complete solution from the data logger, smartphone app, to cloud management! Made by Breadnbeyond, the solution explainer video of Intellilog illustrates how to track the temperature of your temperature-sensitive products.

Be Natur

Be Natur create a product that delivers magnesium to the human body with the biggest absorption in the fastest possible way using only natural raw materials. For 20 seconds, Be Natur was able to explain how their product benefits the health of its users.


SessionCam provides tools for session replay, heatmaps, funnels, form analytics, journey mapping, error reporting, struggle & anomaly detection. The explainer video, created by Wyzowl, shows how SessionCam is developing uniquely innovative and intelligent solutions for website optimization.


Liveforce created a new and better way to automate the process of temporary staff management. Watch the 60sec explainer video covering the key features that Liveforce offer.


Tempo offers online, offline, and digital supports to nearly 100 countries with over 300 agent locations. It is cited as the most sophisticated platform to bridge the cash and crypto. The Blockchain introduction video will help the company to bring good news to the world.

What is important

Imagine in 60 seconds more or less, you can simplify and turn a complex process into very short and punchy video content. You can hook your audience and make them believe in what you are doing. While marketing and sales are your objectives, you also need to persuade your target audience. And explainer videos makes an excellent job in attracting customers into your sales funnel. If you’re not convinced, watch the above videos again.

Nothing beats getting your message come across faster than showing it to them how it’s exactly done. And what’s a better way to do that than creating an explainer video that does it for you – educating, selling and entertaining altogether at the same time. 

Feelin some rush of inspiration?

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We do! But first, make sure that you thoroughly understand your audience and the message that you want them to get. Explainer videos are a vital component of your video content marketing strategy which is the initial draw to show your customers or audience the value of your offer and compel them to move further down the funnel. If you need a team to help you create a professional or animated explainer video, we can help!

What can animated explainer videos do for your business?

As we learned, animation explainer videos can do so many things for your business. Here are a plethora of benefits that explainer videos can do.

  • Act as a quick intro to the function and features of your product or tools
  • Maintain brand consistency and improve the relationship with customers
  • Shows how to execute a process or procedure efficiently
  • Help bring out your innovative ideas into the world
  • Uses great dynamic motion graphics with excellent sound & music design
  • Help your customers make faster decisions
  • Demonstrates how a product fits into a relatable scenario without being overly promotional

What makes an awesome explainer video?

Beyond the flying animated characters and lively colours or funky music, what really makes an awesome explainer video is the story. Being able to compel and inspire the viewers means that the story was effective and successful. And that is exactly what we do.

People love stories. We are hardwired to anything that’s narrative because we live and act in real-time. Consequently, Facebook and Instagram stories are made. Videos, with a rich and compelling story, always stands out. Even business people begin their presentation with a compelling, human-scale story.

It combines different elements including the script(which tells what the story is about), sound/FX music background, visuals or imagery to make the explainer video inspire people to think, feel and then act.

From building a concept, writing the script, animating, providing voiceovers to delivering a top-quality video, you can find a team to help turn your ideas into reality.

If you need any help with creating professional explainer videos, Animation Explainers can help you! We create overview videos, brand videos, 2D and 3D animated explainer videos, marketing videos, promotional videos, Youtube teaser videos, business use case study videos, and how-to videos. Create a customized video based on your specific brief with the awesome team of Animation Explainers.

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