Video is on the rise. In fact, video will account for nearly 80% of all internet traffic by 2018, according to Cisco. But it’s not just consumption patterns that are on the up and up. Video is also driving some serious business results…… We have seen a real change in the way that marketers are now using and building in video within their online strategy.

Have a look at some of these stats:

  1. Emails with videos see 2-3x higher click-through rates
  2. Landing pages with videos drive 80% more conversions

Picture this: a prospective buyer comes to your site and watches 10 videos on one page and then leaves. Would you know? Would he be ranked as a highly qualified prospect? He should be, as the consumption of your video content is just as strong an indicator of buyer intent as any other type of content consumption. In fact, according to Unruly, the enjoyment of a video increases purchase intent by 97%!

And due to video’s linear nature, it’s actually easier to measure viewers’ engagement with these assets than many text-based content assets. In other words, where you can only tell if a prospective buyer downloads or doesn’t download your ebooks, you can see in-depth consumption metrics for your videos, like what parts of a video he’s watched, re-watched, or skipped.

With this viewing data in hand, marketers can feed their lead scoring and nurture programs to better qualify leads and nurture them for sales. If John watched one video while Jim watched six, you’d likely score Jim higher. And if John only watched 10% of the Product A feature video but 95% of the Product B feature video, you better bet you’d be sending him more information on Product B.

Have you used video in your marketing efforts? Let me know your experience in the comments below!!