How 3D Animation Videos Can Help Your Business or Product

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Benefits of Using 3D Videos for Business Purposes

3D videos increase brand recognition. Any concept, presented as animated video, is more exciting and attracts public attention. Most people prefer to watch videos rather than read content. I think these animated videos can never be boring and can effectively convey messages. Companies are banking on the power of social media. The primary business strategy is to promote its brands efficiently and interestingly. This can, of course, be achieved by creating animated videos for your business. Your brands can reach people quickly and easily. In this digital world, product explainer video marketing is the best way to promote your business. It encourages people to visit, shop and maintain your brand. This is the most desirable way to help your audience record this information. 3D explainer  videos are used to present their innovative and creative ideas.

Business promotion is no longer the same. Marketing professionals around the world are always looking for new ways to promote their brands and businesses. One of the latest techniques to expand a business that has emerged recently is the use of short animated videos for business.  If the video is not yet part of your marketing strategy, you’re walking up a  blind alley. Your marketing department can propose triumphs with the correct product explainer video. This is the easiest way to attract users. According to a survey conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology, in 2000, the average duration of attention span was 12 seconds, and in 2013 – 8 seconds. This tells us how important it is for brands to convey their message and advertise their product using 3D explainer video. Not only are people primarily visual learners, but they also save 68% more video information than text.

Internet video can lead to the main message that your brand wants to transfer to your customer base at a higher level and a much higher percentage of visitors to your site than the texts. After viewing animated videos for business, visitors to your site not only increase in number but also understand your product or service, how it works and what its benefits are.

Video Marketing

What Makes 3D Animated Videos Great

Product explainer videos enable online presence and visibility

If your site decided to select a product explainer video to promote its business,  then there is a possibility that you end up earning the best points with the search engines that your competitors that are still in the old school to support their brands. Having a product explainer video on your home page or the home page will allow your target customers to access your brand and product, which will make them interested in your product and, finally, they will continue to buy it. Adding animated videos about your product is one of the best ways to improve conversions and increase the presence and visibility of the web. People refer to videos that have no other means, so the video can help you leave the impression of your target customers.

Animated video for business provides better user engagement

Remember when you were sitting lately while reading a company brochure or the last time you spent time on a new website, reading great content on endless web pages? Do not even try. Who likes to read too much information when they can easily understand all the information they need through a short and clear 3D explainer video. The video offers the opportunity to attract the viewer for a longer period than expected, and may also be interested in your product. If the viewer likes what you are looking for, they will stay connected to your product and eventually become a loyal customer.

Animated video for business allows secure communication

Have you ever tried to submerge your target customers with elaborate explanations of your product? It never works, is not it? Try to send your message to a possible customer base through the business animated video, and they will be all ears. With a short video, you can send information in an orderly and easy way for everyone to receive it. The video will explain the product and how it works much more easily than written content, bar graphs, pie charts or static images. Communicating your vision and thoughts through business animated videos is a must today.

Your target customers are watching more 3D videos than ever before

We survive in a world where links are extended every second, where statuses and tweets are updated every minute, and everyone spends a lot of time in front of computers and mobile screens. 78% of people watch the video at least once a week and 55% watch it every day. Only YouTube has more than 4 billion views per day, and it’s the second search engine just after Google. This indicates that the video will stay there and more videos will be seen like never before. You can not have a better time than now to add 3D video to your business and know the difference.

3D explainer videos have been helping your competitors

Yes! Okay, you were on the sites of your competitors, and you always wanted this fantastic and colourful video to appear on your site. Bright animation videos have been around for a long time and helped businesses thrive more. The fact that 81% of marketers are currently using 3D explainer video content in their marketing programs is a good indication that all brands are using these animated videos for business to their full advantage. It’s time to jump for the victory. Let your competitors know that you are far behind and surprise them with amazing videos for your product.

Easy to search

Product explainer videos are easy to search

One of the most common ways your target customers use your product is to search for it online. The product explainer video can quickly appear in all search results. So your target customers can find out more about your product. Social media can affect Google’s natural search results and may also be the starting point for your website or promotional page. The video gets a high ranking in the Google results. LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora and other networks are also readily available, and your product explainer video can find a place on one of these networks, and it will not take time to become word-of-mouth.

Animated Videos for business are shared every day

About  700 YouTube videos are being shared on Twitter every minute. Video sharing is an integral part of social media and video can quickly transmit the virus. Speaking of Facebook, every year, more than 500 years of YouTube videos are monitored every day on Facebook. The video is shared by like-minded people, friends, colleagues and partners. So if one of your target customers likes your video, they will continue to share it with others who need a similar product or service. If your video contains what it takes to fight viruses or share it with everyone, you’ve created a brand name for your business. Once you’ve recovered your video for an explanation, start sharing information with everyone. If people like what they watch, your product will quickly make a name for itself.

3D Videos stay forever and are cost-effective

It’s best not to change or continuously update your 3D video when you add videos to your website. As soon as it appears, and as soon as people adore it, it will always be online, in one click. This means that you do not have to regularly update your brochures, user guides and website pages. The main advantage of using 3D animated videos is that even if you need to add new information to the 3D video, you can easily edit and update it, making it an effective way to promote. You may want to consider running a media ad or video to support your 3D video. However, unlike TV ads deleted once the rent paid, the video content is permanently displayed on the web for your landing page.

3D explainer Video is a short cut that allows the user to buy your product

34% of clothing buyers are more likely to buy after viewing online video ads, compared to 16% after watching TV ads. (ReelSEO). When a consumer watches TV, he does not have the right to “buy now”, but with online video, you can allow his customers to buy the product immediately after watching the video. All you have to do is insert a direct link to your video. Everyone loves to buy online these days. It’s very simple and easy. The presence of online videos is similar to a shortcut for you and your customers.

Animated Videos for Business

Animated Videos for business  educate and inform users

More than 60% of consumers will spend at least two minutes watching a video telling them of the product they plan to buy.

Animated video for business has the right to keep your viewers on screens, and this is the easiest way to tempt people with emotions. We are guided by sight and sound. Animation is a great way to tell moving stories and catch the attention of your customers by creating an emotional connection with them through their online video. With the help of the video, you can make them laugh, smile, feel frustrated and even persuade them to possibly buy your product. A dynamic video with an excellent script will never fail to catch the attention of your target customers.

You receive instant  messages on the video

On the Internet, everyone has the opportunity to express their opinions on any subject. Internet video is no different. If people like your video, they will make good comments and, if you have a bad one, they will tell you the same thing. The comments section on YouTube gives viewers the freedom to honestly comment on the video. It is excellent. This way you can check the popularity and whether people like your video or not. Through comments, you can also know your target consumers, their likes and dislikes and their needs.

3D explainer videos have entered mobile phones

Internet video now accounts for 50% of total mobile traffic and up to 69% of traffic on specific networks. (Mobile analytics analysis report)

More than 85% of marketers have announced plans to increase their mobile advertising budgets shortly.

When the virtual world is reduced, video launches more than ever mobile phones. People use their phones to watch the video, which is good news for you if you plan to receive an animated video for your business. Would not it be great if your potential customers and business partners could watch your 3D explainer video on the go with their mobile phone or laptop?

Animated videos for business makes the old customer return to you

With an excellent Business animated video, you can also buy old customers. The video will add brand values to your business and people will try your product. Video adds trust between your company and consumers. Many website owners who currently use video marketing believe that adding videos increases the number of visits to the website, especially when adding new videos and updating existing videos.

You can measure the development of your business with a product explainer video

The analysis is a great way to measure the success or failure of a video marketing strategy. Your marketing team can get an idea of what works for them, what does not work, and what will work now. Analytics helps you determine videos and social activities that increase sales. This may not be possible with other means of promotion, but the best part of online marketing and video use is that you can evaluate your strategy at every step and improve accordingly.

The preceding reasons are sufficient proof that more and more animated videos for business should be used by young entrepreneurs, startup owners, marketers and big brands to support and promote their new products or services. The video, of course, leaves the viewer in mind, and only through video can you get your audience’s attention to your product and allow you to hear.

Do not wait to lose another client. Go for a win and see your players turn into loyal customers — all of this, using simple, relevant and entertaining 3D animated videos.

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