Emojis & Social Media Icons

7 Best GIF Maker Apps and Software

GIFs have been popular on the internet almost since day one. They quickly gathered popularity on message boards and, later, social media, quickly becoming an icon of internet culture. More recently, however, GIFs have caught the eye […]

Video Editing

5 Video Editing Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Creating excellent video content relies on great ideas, execution, and people. But, one core component to a top-quality video editing. Sometimes something doesn’t go quite right during filming. Other times, a specific part isn’t necessary. To maximise […]

Sand Animation

What Is Sand Animation?

Are Animation Explainers experts in sand animation? We Shore are! Are Animation Explainers experts at sand-based puns? Maybe not. However, there is one thing that we are sure of, and that is that there is a story […]

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