Sand Animation

What Is Sand Animation?

Are Animation Explainers experts in sand animation? We Shore are! Are Animation Explainers experts at sand-based puns? Maybe not. However, there is one thing that we are sure of, and that is that there is a story […]

3D Animation

The History of 3D Animation

In this blog, we will look at the history of 3D animation and the evolution of this great art form throughout the years.  All animation (whether it depicts a wise-cracking owl, a walking dinosaur, or a talking […]

Types of Animation

6 Different Types of Animation

Animated videos can be an impactful and memorable way for you to connect with viewers.  They are an excellent tool for creating explainer videos due to their tendency to resonate emotionally with audiences while remaining easy to […]


How To Make an Animatic

What Is an Animatic? Animatics determine the timing for a piece of moving image. Simply put, an animatic is an animated storyboard. The boards are brought into an editing program and cut together according to the film’s […]

motion graphics

What Is Motion Graphics?

This blog post will teach you the value and inventiveness of creative motion graphics and how any organization can utilize the medium in its video marketing strategy due to its versatility. What do we mean by motion […]

Paper Cut Out Animation

What Is Paper Cut Out Animation?

There are many forms and variations of paper cut-out animation, which is among the oldest and simplest animation techniques. Fundamentally, paper cut-out animation consists of the construction of animations using 2-D characters, props, and scenes cut from […]

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