Types Of Video Marketing – For Your Business Campaigns

Video marketing is here to stay, having more than proven its advantages to marketers. Video content is engaging, versatile, and a great way to flex your creative muscles. Better yet, making professional-quality video content has never been easier. With today’s webcams and phone cameras, you can take household devices and create high-quality content with an air of professionalism. Gone are the days when you needed big budgets, film crews, and state-of-the-art tech.

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While decent tech can help your videos, the content itself is king. As long as you invest your efforts into your videos, your tech won’t be nearly as important. Your audience will be engaged and take the message to heart. With video marketing your videos will perform even better if you can align the video type with your audience persona.

In this article, we’ll be giving you a few examples of the types of video marketing. With a few ideas to consider, you’ll be making great content geared toward your audience in no time.

What is video marketing?

Before we get into the types of video marketing, we’ll first offer a description of this marketing strategy. True to its name, it is a form of marketing that uses video content to achieve marketing goals. It does so by utilising the engaging nature of video content to hook viewers in, and inspire them to continue down the marketing funnel. Video content can be used at every stage of this funnel, from introducing people to a brand, to gaining conversions. The effectiveness of video marketing as a strategy partially depends on what type of video content is used and when. Let’s discuss some of those types.

Educational/instructional videos

This type of marketing video aims to teach the viewer something. This can be a concept, a task, or a new skill. As long as your viewers learn something new at the end, it can fall under the educational video umbrella.

Creating educational videos can help your audience help you. With these videos, you can position yourself as an authority in your niche. This has the positive impact of reducing the load on customer support by teaching your customers beforehand.

There are a few types of educational video. Explainer videos are the best, created specifically to condense important information into short, attention-grabbing videos, usually a couple of minutes in length at most.

Explainer videos are perfect for breaking down complex concepts, while doing so in an entertaining way. Pretty much every concept is on the table, you can make even real headscratchers a pleasure to view

While a great approach, explainer videos aren’t the only type of video you can use. You could create tutorial videos or instructional videos, which are as true to their name as explainer videos. Their job is to teach and are particularly useful in a corporate training context. With tutorial videos, it’s easy to create informative yet engaging content, perfect for keeping your employees’ attention. Tutorial videos can be personalized for your employees too, tailoring your approach to training to your employees. For teaching new things to people, tutorials and instructional videos are great for the job.

Testimonial videos

While explainer videos and the like can be engaging and informative, those aren’t always the necessary qualities for gaining conversions. For some people trust is the main factor, and wont make a purchase without a word from a trusted source.

Testimonial videos are a great way of cultivating this trust. With this type of video marketing, you can show potential customers the opinions of your existing customers and even employees. By seeing other people react positively to your brand’s products or services, potential customers are much more likely to convert. After all, if everyone else likes your stuff, there must be a good reason behind it.

The main type of testimonial video is customer testimonials. The impact of customer reviews is well known, people react positively to glowing reviews, being much more likely to convert.

Customer testimonials in video form similarly build trust with potential customers through positive reviews, with some unique benefits. Firstly, they’re in video format, which is significantly more engaging than the written word.

Secondly is employee testimonials as while customers certainly have some experience with your products or services, no one is better acquainted with them than you and your employees.

Showing customers behind the curtain is great for understanding your brand and gaining a bit of trust. However, your employees work for your brand, and so aren’t exactly an unbiased source. If you want to emphasies trust, you should instead go with customer testimonials.

Video Marketing Promo videos

Any marketing campaign for upcoming products would be sorely lacking without a promo video. Their purpose is simple – to drum up anticipation for an as-yet-unreleased product, service, or event.

Once you’ve earned the attention of a potential customer, we then need to direct them elsewhere. This could be to your social media page, product page, or your main website. At this stage we can work on guiding customers down the marketing funnel to provide more information.

Wrapping up

Take a look at our example of video marketing outreach here at Animation Explainers over on our YouTube channel. Of course, there are many more types of video marketing out there, and plenty of combinations too.

Variety is key and if your viewers see you doing something different, that might well be a draw itself. As long as you keep the focus on making quality content, the rest will follow suit.

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