The Pros & Cons of Using Explainer Video Software

There has been a recent explosion in the popularity of video marketing. Companies the world over are realizing the potential this form of marketing has to offer. It is only natural, then, that people have taken the concept of video marketing and attempted to improve upon it, create variations, and leave their mark on this growing tool of advertisement.

One such variation is explainer videos. A video marketing method that attempts to convey ideas in a bitesize and entertaining way. Explainer videos have garnered a significant following, from Youtube channels attracting audiences of millions, like Kurzgesagt, to companies and organizations using them as an effective means to market products and services.

This exceptionally effective niche of an already brilliant marketing approach has led to the creation of explainer video software, which is exactly as it sounds. If you want to begin using explainer videos in your marketing strategies or other pursuits, you could download this software to have the necessary tools to make your first explainer video, so why wait? Though we wish it were that easy, explainer video software is not necessarily a surefire path to success. As with anything, it has its pros and cons, as we will discuss in this article.

What is explainer video software?

Explainer video software provides users with the means to create their own explainer videos. The tools provided are accompanied by tips and guidance that allow even complete beginners to make something enthralling.

The purpose of explainer videos is to act as an alternative way to get your point across. In addition to your voice, or text if you prefer, music and a visual representation make for a much more captivating form of communication in comparison to traditional marketing tools. Better yet, these videos are a perfect fit for the internet, which, needless to say, has a large following. The combination of an attractive marketing method and a potential audience of, well, almost the entire world means that explainer videos have huge potential.

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Explainer videos are a variation on video marketing, but it doesn’t end there. Further offshoots have been created, giving you a range of stylistic options to choose from. Included are animated explainer videos, whiteboard videos, and 2D or 3D videos. Each has its pros and cons and can fit certain brands better than others. You will have to play around a bit to find out which works best for you.

Advantages of explainer video software

There are several advantages to using explainer video software. While not an exhaustive list, here are some commonly known plus points.


Perfect for small companies and individuals, explainer video software is typically very cheap. Some options are entirely free of charge, while others can be rented for a token cost or purchased outright. Quite a difference in price when compared to some alternatives on the market.

Highly Customisable

One of the main reasons companies use explainer videos is their brand. You can take many approaches when creating an explainer video. Making it reasonably easy to create something closely in line with your brand. By choosing to go with explainer video software, you have complete creative control of how your video turns out and how it links to your company and your brand. The only limit here is your own skill and patience.

Wide array of tools available

When using explainer video software, you will have access to a plethora of tools, features, and even helpful guides. Some software can also work hand in hand with SEO tools. Making marketing that bit easier for you and your team. If you find your chosen software to be lacklustre in terms of the information it gives, don’t worry. There is a wealth of help online in articles, forums, tutorials, and even explainer videos!

schedule a call bannerDisadvantages of explainer video software

Despite having notable advantages, there are several important reasons why explainer video software may not be a great fit for you.

They can be a timesink

While not costly in terms of money, explainer video software can be a serious drain on your time. Unless you are already well acquainted with video creation, you will have to put in a good number of hours learning the basics of video making and editing. In addition to the quirks of your chosen software. Though you might take to it quite well, churning out A-grade videos soon after you start, it is most likely to be a slow burner. It will take time and effort to master. In addition to a bit of trial and error, to find what works best for you.

Lack of a professional touch

Becoming an expert at video creation takes time, something you probably don’t have in spades when running a company. Similar to the previous point, you will need to invest a great deal of time into developing your skills. During which your videos will lack that professional level of quality. This isn’t to say it’s hopeless – if you have the time, this won’t be much of an issue. However, if you have your hands full already, it may be best to look at alternatives.

Video is only one side of the coin

Video creation isn’t just about nice art and editing – you need a compelling script too. Of course, this additional requirement makes the entire process that bit more time-consuming. Even if it’s something that you’re great with already. You could hire a writer to offset the additional pressure caused by scriptwriting, but that makes affordability as an advantage a whole lot less advantageous.

Is there an alternative?

You may be wondering what alternatives exist that create high-quality videos while not presenting a massive time commitment. Well, thankfully, there is! An entire industry of animation companies and video creators exists to fill this role, allowing you to reap the benefits of video marketing without sacrificing too much sleep.

Choosing to work with an animation company will incorporate many of the advantages of explainer video software while taking up a fraction of your time. You will be able to work closely with the company of your choosing, creating content that fits your brand perfectly at professional quality. Additionally, animation companies frequently have access to talent that you might not, such as professional writers, illustrators, voice actors, and so on.

While you do pay a premium for an animation company, you will have many more tools, resources, and professional help at your disposal, in addition to a marked increase in overall quality. Often, this can result in a considerable return on investment, as the quality really can make all the difference in increasing brand exposure and getting those conversions.

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