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Benefits of an Explainer Video

If your brand is in need of a succinct, effective, and fun way to communicate information to your target audience, promote your products and services, or connect with more engaged prospects, explainer videos can help. Our customized suite of explainer videos helps you do just that. We can help your company connect with your audience in a way that you previously couldn’t, all while creating cohesive branding for your company. If you want to drive better results, improve conversion, and increase brand loyalty, our explainer videos are the right choice for you.


Connect with your audience

Explainer videos provide you with a unique opportunity to connect with your audience and keep them engaged.

Increase Conversion

Keeping your audience engaged and interested increases the chances of conversion.

Build your branding

An explainer video provides your brand with another opportunity to deploy your logo and other media.

Explain your processes

Explainer videos can help to effectively explain processes and services to your customers.

Businesses we have created explainer videos for

Our Explainer Video Portfolio

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  • Medical & Pharmaceutical
  • Blockchain / Crypto
  • Financial
  • Property
  • IT & Software
  • Leasing
  • HR & Training
  • Consumer Goods
  • Media
  • Government Relation
  • Health & Wellness
  • eCommerce
  • Mining & Metals
  • Telecommunication
  • Non Profit Organization
  • Environmental Services
  • Travel & Leisure
  • Education Management
  • Logistics & Supply Chain
Production elements

The amount of elements such as animations, music, and voice overs will factor into the pricing of your video.

Additional design and branding

If you require that we integrate your explainer video with your existing branding strategy, this will have an impact on the price of your video.

Length of your video

One of the largest factors in the pricing of your explainer video is the length of your video. Longer videos will require more budget.

Source of your script

If you would like to provide you own script, you may be able to achieve a more affordable video. Alternatively, we can provide the script.

Factors that Influence the Cost of an Explainer Video

We understand that cost is a large part in the decision-making process. You want a high-quality explainer video, but you also don’t want it to break the bank. We know that our clients need to adhere to strict marketing budgets and that is why we try to provide a simple and easy-to-understand pricing structure that gives your business a clear picture when it comes to the factors that could influence the final price of your explainer video. With this knowledge in hand, you can be sure to request an explainer video that fits within your budget.


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factory cro

Client: Factory-CRO


  • Bespoke Voiceover and music to fit the tone
  • Language Translation Supported
  • Tailored to Joris’s amazing brand


Website: www.factory-cro.com/

Factory-CRO Group Explainer Video Case Study

Factory-CRO is one of our most valued clients and we have been able to help them achieve highly desirable results using explainer videos to their full potential.

Factory-CRO is one of the world’s leading research organizations that specializes in in vitro diagnostics. To help explain what they do better and connect with their target audience on a deeper level, Factory-CRO enlisted our help to create an explainer video that both captured the essence of their brand and provided users with an easy way to understand their services.

Factory-CRO was facing several challenges before they began to work with us. They recognized that they offered a high-value, but also highly-complicated service that needed someone with the advanced ability to explain complex concepts to a general audience. We were happy to be able to help them do that.

In the beginning of our project with Factory-CRO, we spent a few weeks getting to know their company and working with some of hte highest-ranking executives in the organization to truly capture the goals and image of their brand. Our goal was to create a video that could speak to both the average consumer and their business partners, and portray Factory-CRO as a forward-thinking company that would do anything it could to help the world and its clients.

In addition to the many great services and projects that Factory-CRO has to offer, they also wanted their corporate explainer video to touch on their recent merger. Mergers and similar business shifts can be notoriously hard to communicate effectively to a user base, but we were able to help them execute their merger announcement gracefully in their explainer video.

It is rare to be able to blend so many concepts into one concise video, but we were able to produce a video for Factory-CRO that not only communicated what makes them great, but also contributed to the cohesiveness of their brand and informed their audience about their recent merger. Factory-CRO was pleased with us, and we learned about conveying multiple messages within one video to give our clients the best value possible.

blossom finance

Client: Blossom Finance


  • Manage cultural differences throughout creative process.
  • Manage project in different timezones
  • Deliver high quality explainer video


Website: www.blossomfinance.com

Blossom Finance Fundraising Explainer Video Case Study

When it came time to supercharge their fundraising efforts and address a growing conversion problem, Blossom Finance consulted our company. As a fundraising company, Blossom Finance lives or dies on the ability to provide high-quality content to their audience that not only looks great, but also has an advanced capability to convert visitors into contributors. In this way, they are able to micro-finance organisations through donations and contributions that are driven by videos and content like ours.

To start, we met with Blossom Finance’s team to go over big-picture goals and get an idea for what their values were. We quickly learned that Blossom Finance was not just an organization, it was a mission to bring value and benefit to parts of the world that otherwise would not have enjoyed it. Their mission resonated strongly with us, and we were very excited to be able to deliver a high-quality explainer video for them to display to potential contributors.

For Blossom Finance’s corporate explainer video, we were sure to include a mix of vital information such as the mission and how it works as well as an optimized sequence of lines, images, and animations that we knew would help Blossom Finance convert more of their social media followers and website visitors into contributors to their organization. In their explainer video, we were able to capture some of the passion and long-term goals that the ownership has for the organization and Blossom Finance is already starting to feel the positive effects of having an optimized way to inform and convert users into contributors.

In the Blossom Finance explainer video project, we were able to successfully capture the essence of a fundraising company, explain their mission to their audience, and help them help others through increased conversion and cash flow.

Our Explainer Video FAQs

How long does it take to get my explainer video?

In most cases, it only takes a couple of weeks for us to meet with your team, learn more about your company, curate content, and produce your video. We know that our clients are operating on a tight business schedule and that is why we do our best to respect that by providing a fast and effective service. The length of time that it takes to deliver your explainer video will largely depend on how long it is and how fast we can get the information that we need, but if you are in a particular rush, be sure to let us know!

Are explainer videos good for any category?

In our experience, we find that there are not many categories or niches that explainer videos are not effective in. Explainer videos provide you with an effective way to explain or advertise any service or product, and we have worked with clients from several different industries to deliver high-quality videos to their website or social media channels. Regardless of what type of business you are, if you have a concept that needs to be explained to your audience, we can help.

How much will my explainer video cost?

The cost of your explainer video will depend on a few things. These factors include length, production value, additional animation, additional design, script supply, and the amount of talking you want in your video. The more customization you would like, the more work it represents for us and the higher the charge will be. For the most part, the cost of your explainer video will depend on how difficult of a project your video turns out to be.

Does your team work with mine to get a better idea of what I want?

One of the core buisness pillars that we believe sets us apart is our ability to connect with the companies that we work with. We fully believe that in order to capture the spirit of your business and communicate that to your customers, we need to have a pretty good understanding of what your company does and where you provide value. One of the key strategies for achieving this is talking to you and your team to determine which elements need to be included in your explainer video and what your ideal desired outcome is. We will work with your team to form a cohesive strategy and ensrue that we are on the same page before we start your video. We will be in contact with your team throughout.

Why should I choose you for my explainer video?

If you are looking to partner with a company that has all of the experience, tools, and forward-thinking solutions that you need to thrive in this competitive business environment, then we are the right company for you. We have been working with some of the most reputable companies in the world for decades now, and in that time we have been able to refine our process to achieve the best possible results for our clients. In addition, we have conducted multiple case studies on explainer videos and our company is considered an industry leader when it comes to video production and conversion metrics. We have the experience, knowledge, and data to make explainer video work for you.

What are some of the benefits of explainer videos?

If you are considering getting an explainer video made for your company or organization, you have probably already heard about some of the great benefits of explainer videos. Explainer videos are becoming one of the most popular ways to market a product or service–and for good reason. Explainer videos help your brand or company explain your products and services in a way that makes sense to the average consumer. Our explainer videos have even more benefit to those companies that deal with products or services that could be considered to be complicated or abstract. We will help ensure that your target audience understands what you do and convince them to act upon your explainer video.

Can explainer videos be used for social media?

One of the best uses for explainer videos is social media. Oftentimes, our clients will embed their custom-made explainer videos into their website. This is a fine usage of your explainer video, but many companies have been taking it to the next level by exposing their explainer video to the massive traffic of followers that they have on their social media channels. Some of our clients have even decided to put their explainer video into a social media post, promote their post, and use it as an advertisement. With properly-made explainer videos, the sky really is the limit!

What will be included in my explainer video?

The explainer video that you get and what is included will largely depend on your price range and what you want your explainer video to achieve. Generally, a good explainer video consists of audio, animation, graphics, data, text, and a voice over. We can handle all of this in-house for you and provide you with an easy, seamless experience.

How long is an effective explainer video?

The ideal length of your explainer video will vary based upon which concept, product, or service you would like to have explained for your business. For simple videos, explainer videos of 60 seconds should be fine. For more complex videos, we can create explainer videos that span multiple minutes. Make sure that you consider your audience and their attention span when you decide how long you think your video should be. We will, of course, be on hand to advise you and guide you when it comes to the length of your explainer video while providing you with the experience and guidance that we have gained during our time in this industry.