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What is a Doodle Video & are they Useful?

Finding a technique that attracts attention and makes conversions simple to achieve is the goal of every video marketer. While it would be great for a technique to hit the bullseye on both targets, finding a single format that does so is all but impossible. As such, video marketers must look for a video type that strikes a balance between the two. A Doodle video can do just that.

They are an effective video type, one that can easily capture the attention of your viewers and get your message across. Doodle videos are relatively easy to make, trading the benefits that come with intricate detail for speed and simplicity. As such, they can be created quickly and distributed widely, without putting much of a hole in your marketing budget.

In this article, we will be explaining what a doodle video is, why they are effective, and the pros and cons of using them. Let’s get started.

What is a doodle video?

A doodle video is a type of video styled in its namesake – a simple drawing scribbled out while the bulk of the drawer’s attention is elsewhere. This doesn’t mean that doodle videos are absent-minded, but rather that the art is intended to accompany other content in a video.

Also referred to as whiteboard animations, doodle videos are a blend of endearing art and informative narration. The doodles support the message being conveyed by the narrator, while providing the viewer with something entertaining. This makes doodle videos highly effective at getting viewers to understand and absorb the message of a video properly.

As a result, doodle videos are perfect explainer videos and training videos. Such video types must be short and to the point, with an emphasis on capturing and keeping attention. After all, an explainer video that fails to grip the viewer is one that won’t instill its message. But, although we’d all like to seize the attention of our audiences, doing so isn’t always so obvious. There are many video types, each with its subtypes, and all have their pros and cons. Doodle videos are no exception. Let’s take a more detailed look at the types of doodle videos you could use.

Types of doodle video

Doodle videos, like many other video types, have a range of subtypes. We’ve already mentioned one, being whiteboard animation, but there are many other types of doodle videos to choose from. Each has its place in the video marketing world, but some might be a better fit for your campaigns than others.

Whiteboard animation

We’ll lead with the aforementioned whiteboard animation. As you might guess, it’s a style of animation created entirely on a whiteboard. It is one of the most accessible types of doodle video, with almost every doodle video software coming with a whiteboard animation suite.

Whiteboard animation is most effective when coupled with a strong narration and good audio assets. It’s also best to consider it a casual video type, using your whiteboard scrawlings to set a conversational tone. This is particularly useful for training videos, as it doesn’t feel like the viewer is being lectured. Rather, it makes them feel involved in casual dialogue, though one with obvious limitations.

Blackboard animation

On the opposite side of the same coin is blackboard animation. It works much in the same way as whiteboard animation, though your art has the backdrop of a blackboard instead. This can be used to set a similar casual atmosphere, or you could lean into its schooling use for a more serious tone instead. Whichever you go for, remember that this form of animation is only as good as its accompanying narration and sound assets.

Stitchboard animation

Taking a wildly different approach to the previous two is stitchboard animation. This type of doodle video uses a sewing visual effect, something incredibly unique and captivating. This is by far the most creative type of doodle video, one that can certainly catch the eye of a potential viewer. However, it can be a more time-consuming video type to create compared to the previous quickly hand-drawn types. That said, it’ll work wonders for attracting viewers.

Why you should use doodle videos

The effectiveness of video content as a marketing tool is indisputable. What is a little less clear is the exact type of video you should be using. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, so settling on the right one for your situation can be tough. Here’s why doodle videos should be at the top of your list:

  • Cost-effective – Everyone likes to get the most out of their marketing budget. Doodle videos allow you to do just that. They can be quick and easy to create, while allowing more than enough room for you to apply a bit of creativity. You have a range of software to choose from too, and editing is a breeze. For a video type that is cheap in both financial and time costs, you’ll struggle to find a better solution.
  • Eye-catching – In addition to being cheap to produce, doodle videos are also an effective way to capture attention. They’re quite unique, some types more than others, and are often received as a breath of fresh air. Interesting, attention-grabbing videos are much more likely to be shared on the internet, improving your chances of stumbling into new audiences. More attention often becomes more traffic and more conversions, so it’s quite an important trait to have.
  • Excellent at conveying a message – Communicating a message can be difficult in marketing, especially when they get complicated. As doodle videos combine visuals with narration, it makes even the most complex of ideas easy to break down. Additionally, they are great at capturing attention, which makes your message much more digestible to your audience. An easily absorbed message is more likely to stick with your viewers, increasing the likelihood of further interaction and even conversion.

Why you shouldn’t use doodle videos

Doodle videos certainly have their advantages, but they aren’t a perfect fit for all circumstances. Here are a few reasons why doodle videos might not be best for you:

  • Reliance on audio assets – While doodle videos are quick to create, the simple drawings mean that audio plays a very important role. If your narration and sound design are lacking, your video is likely to flop. For some, this isn’t much of a problem. For others, sound might not be their specialty. As such, going for a more visual video type is probably best.
  • Dull if overused – Doodle videos are eye-catching, partially due to their novelty. If you upload them too often, your audience will come to expect them. As such, they won’t be as effective at grabbing viewers’ attention. For best results, you should consider uploading some other video types, ensuring your doodle videos remain a pleasant surprise.
  • Not the best for character-driven storytelling – Storytelling is one of the most effective methods of marketing. Everyone likes a good story, and a good story has relatable characters. Doodle videos, unfortunately, aren’t the best at creating those relatable characters. While perfectly good at telling a story, this style tends to fall flat once characters are introduced.

Wrapping up

Despite its issues, doodle videos can be an excellent addition to your marketing tool belt. They’re quick and easy to create, cheap, but don’t compromise on effectiveness. If you’re looking for a novel video marketing method that is brilliant at conveying a message, look no further than doodle videos. If you’d like to learn more about another video type, why not check out our article on stop motion animation?

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