What makes a good explainer video?

A Good Explainer Video tells a story…

Keep it short but fun and interesting. Focus on important things including the problem and solution. Understand what you are trying to achieve with your explainer video. 

Creating a good explainer video can take quite some time and work. But what really makes it good or great?

In this post, we’ve gathered the things that you need to know about animated explainer videos and what makes it a good or great one.

What is an animated explainer video?

Explainer videos are bits of video content, usually around one to two minutes of length, and they come in many forms, from traditional content, whiteboard animation, 2D, or 3D.

They can be shown as YouTube ads or displayed on landing pages, social media, and email campaigns. You can also use them in paid TV ads, trade show booths, sales pitch presentations, and more.

You can think of it as the digital-age equivalent of an elevator pitch for a business’ product or service – always just one play button away from any of its potential customers, employees, or investors out there. Check out one of our animated explainer videos below:


What to know before creating a good explainer video?

Now, you’ve learned about the things that you should incorporate into your video marketing campaign. How do you actually go about making a video that’s engaging and optimized? Here are some tips.

First off, figure out what the ideal video length is for your platform – here’s what Hubspot recommends:

  • Instagram: 30 seconds
  • Twitter: 45 seconds
  • Facebook: 1 minute
  • YouTube: 2 minutes

Other things you’ll want t to ensure the best engagement and accessibility as well as boost your SEO include using captions for autoplay and keeping the video on silent if it’s on a landing page. Videos on landing pages can be very effective but only if they don’t scare viewers away. You’ll also want to be sure to keep your video mobile-friendly across the board.

In order to understand how your videos are performing, practice good SEO standards, and always check your metrics. You can develop a standard library of various videos and keep them organized in YouTube, then incorporate them into various forms of content such as blogs and emails.

And don’t forget about your call-to-action, which on YouTube usually consists of a little annotation suggesting that users subscribe to your channel.

Creating an animated explainer video pipeline is fast and easy when you partner with a video production team. Schedule a consultation with us today to see how we can help you.

What makes an animated explainer video great?

Sure explainer videos are a strong and effective marketing force to a business or company, especially if you put them online. But what really makes an explainer video good? Here is a breakdown of what makes good explainer videos from great ones.


The message answers these questions: 

  • What’s your point? 
  • What are your target goals? 
  • How are you going to achieve your goals through an animated explainer video?

Within the first 8 seconds of the video, the consumers will be able to make a decision whether to continue watching the entire video or not. Most likely that’s enough to convince them to purchase the product or the service.

A great explainer video makes the most of the time by connecting the audience and getting their attention quickly. Of course, your video has to be concise and on point. Even if the consumer doesn’t know what your product does yet, they will understand it after watching even just the first 10 or 15 seconds.


Ever since most people think that when designing websites, it has to be huge. Incorporate all the components and features to it. It has to be with lots of text, lots of images, and lots of flashy visuals. Now though, many brands and businesses are taking the “minimalist” or simple approach with web content.

That is why animated explainer videos are a great addition to websites. They are short and easy to share. Not to mention they are also an effective way of driving loads of traffic to your website or page.

However, make sure that the audience is not distracted watching the video. And the message should come across the viewers. Its goal is to explain your product or idea without being distracted.

Make sure to keep the animation simple and that the viewers should pay more attention to the overall message of the video.


The goal of an explainer video is to explain particular product or service. That is why the voice is an important aspect to do it right. The voice of the narrator should be clear and easy to understand.

Make sure also that the narrators should talk in a straightforward and not fancy. They should be able to discuss your product simply and naturally. Talk to them directly like a person.


Explainer videos should be easy to explain and understand. The best way to do this is to make sure it makes sense. Let’s go back to understanding your message and the point of your explainer video.

Make sure to demonstrate effectively what your product is about and how it works at the beginning and end of the video.

To make sure they understood your explainer video, your goal is to make them break down or explain your product too.

Even if the product is the most expensive or familiar to them, make sure to let them know every detail of your product and how it works. That way, they can share it with others too what your product is and how it works effectively.

What are the guidelines in creating explainer videos?

In order to get the most out of your marketing video, here are the guidelines and factors that you need to look at.

  • Address your audience’s pain points at the very beginning of your video so as to quickly grab their attention. Make sure you use an interesting, clear, and direct voice.
  • Work on a custom video. This will make a huge difference in terms of engagement and reach. If you customize the characters, landscapes, and backgrounds of your video, it can help create a strong emotional connection with your viewers.
  • Make a high-quality video. Treat your video with dedication, focus, and detail in every single stage of the video production process.
  • Give your marketing video the right length. Just so you know, 160 scripted words in English represents around one minute of video. You will then need 240 words for a 90 second video. Check out our blog post about How to write a killer video script for more useful information on writing your video script.
  • Work with a professional explainer video production company that can assist you and orient you through the whole process. Picking out a talented team will certainly assure you with the best marketing results!

Creating an animated explainer video becomes easier and faster when you work with an awesome video production team. Schedule a consultation with us today to get started.

How to make a good video content?

Ultimately an explainer video is successful at helping you achieve your target goals. However, what should you understand in creating the content of your explainer video? Here are a few tips for creating compelling and authentic video content.

  1. Know why you are creating a video. Great video content has to be well thought and planned. It includes understanding your goals and what are you trying to achieve with your explainer video.
  2. Don’t rely on your video script. Your video script is just one aspect of your explainer video.  But it is the foundation of a successful and effective explainer video. However, the narration, voice, and other components are different things. So you have to also look into other components besides the script.
  3. Ensure quality and consistency. Make sure you are providing real value to your customers. Give them great quality content that they surely won’t ignore.
  4. Make your video authentic. Authenticity is a huge thing, especially in business. That is what makes your customers love your brand or business.
  5. Share customer’s testimonials.  This builds credibility and trust with your product or brand. And it is essential if you want to make a connection with your audience.

Final thoughts

A good explainer video should, therefore, be specifically designed to capture the intended audience’s attention and then make the most of it while it’s still hot. This is why the most successful ones out there are always brief, straight to the point and most importantly, have a clear call-to-action at the end.

Now that you have your own explainer video, but can you convert? Or how sure are you that your video will generate profits or increase your sales?

Conversions is the ultimate metrics to measure growth and success. Whether you are trying to increase your sales or signups, including the conversion metrics to your video content is important to measure ROI.

There are tools out there that can help you measure whether your video is effective or successful like Google Analytics or Facebook Ads. Depending on where you’d want to share your explainer video. Integrating it seamlessly to any platform and making sure you’re able to track your conversions makes it easier for you to understand valuable metrics. Also, it simplifies the entire process.

Animation Explainers team is here to help you

Are you ready to get started with your animated explainer video? If you need an animated explainer in Toronto, Animation Explainers are here to help. We are an animation video team originally based in Dublin, Ireland. We are also in Toronto, Canada where we provide animation services to our US and Canadian clients.

From 2D to 3D videos, whiteboard animation, we have a broad range of animated explainer videos to help you reach your target goals and objectives. We also create custom videos based on a few requirements and conditions. We can help you create a great content and video marketing strategy that yields effective and successful results!

There you have it: the things that make a good and great explainer video. It’s all about being able to convey and deliver your message in a simple but effective way.

Want more on creating an awesome animated explainer video?

If you need any help in creating your bespoke animated explainer video, we are here to help you. Schedule a consultation with one of our team today and we will explain to you the deliverables, requirements, pricing, and more.






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