The pricing and $$$ breakdown of an animated explainer video

The average cost of a quality animated explainer video project is between $2,500–$5,000. And that number can change depending on several factors, such as the length and complexity of the video that you need.

Ever thought about creating an explainer video project? If you want to create one, the first thing that you might probably consider would be the budget.  

In this post, we’ll review the factors that contribute to the cost or price of an animated explainer video. Here are the factors that you might need to consider before creating your own explainer video.

What are the indicators of the animated explainer video prices?

There are several components that make a good explainer video and that which can also increase or decrease the price. Of course, each of the videos is created uniquely. Depending on what goes into their making, the cost of explainer videos depends more on how they are produced really.

The two major indicators of an explainer video’s cost are video length and video style. But there are also other factors that can contribute to the cost including the delivery timeline and complexity of the project.

As with other video production teams or companies, you will find a wide range of prices out there, anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000. Some companies charge as little as $700 for a 1-minute explainer video, while others can charge as much as $50,000 (and up). 

At Animation Explainers, we base our pricing on the two aspects: length of video and complexity of project. 


Typically, an explainer video can be 30 seconds to 3 minutes long or even shorter than that. There are also clients that want or need a longer explainer video. And that can impact the total cost of the video project. 

At Animation Explainers, we consider the length of the videos as primary factor in deciding the total cost of the project. If we agree on the project, we can breakdown the price of the video for you.

If you compare our price with other teams or companies, you’ll find out we offer the most affordable services among other animation explainer video team in Dublin.

We never compromise the price with the quality of our works or production. We strive to provide you with the real value and deliver top quality in all of our explainer videos.

The complexity of the explainer video project

Another aspect that we consider in regards to the pricing of explainer videos is the level of details included in your assets. The more details you need, the more time and resources we need to manage the animation process.

Explainer videos can range from simple to more complex ones. There are a variety of topics and themes for each explainer video. And the complexity of the project can determine the price of the explainer video.

Some clients provide the script for the video and they just need a video out of the script they have. However, the price might still be the same regardless if a script is already created or not yet.

The style can also affect the cost. Check out this example of whiteboard animation.

This is the cheapest explainer video option, but you need to beware as well. There are tons of studios out there that offer low price but produces low-quality videos and lukewarm results.

Here is another example of a 2D animation and 3D animation from Scandis.

Character animation comes in many types and forms. The two most common styles that incorporate animated characters are traditional 2D and 3D.

The character design is crucial in these types of explainer videos so don’t be tricked by how simple or short it is. Even the simplest videos can take weeks to finish sometimes because of number of revisions. In fact, most short videos are usually the ones that are more complicated to create. However, they are usually the one that are more effective than the longer ones.

You may check out our portfolio if you want to look at our previous works. 

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Delivery timeline

The total cost depends on the time required to accomplish targets and goals. If you want things to get done fast and quick, then know that it can also affect the price of the video. 

An explainer video might be short and simple as you may think, but it takes time to create even a 30 seconds video. It requires time and along the process, there might be some revisions or things that needed to be changed to match the objectives and target of the explainer video. Or the team would decide to enhance the design or sound before submitting the final output. 

  • Usually, a 30 seconds video can take 1 week to produce.
  • A 60 seconds video can take 7-10 days to produce.
  • 90 seconds video can take 10-14 days to produce.
  • 2 minutes videos can take 2 weeks to produce.

We also do custom videos, but the timeline delivery depends on the availability of requirements or resources that we have.

What is the process of creating explainer videos?

The amount charged for every explainer videos anywhere can vary on the process required to create the video. For every step, there is an equivalent price. Customization and level of experience of the explainer video team are also factors to look at.

Creating an explainer video is not created in a breeze. Every good explainer video goes through at least these 6 important phases. Sometimes, it’s even shorter or longer than that depending on what you need.


This is the part where we learn what the product is and what it does. It’s sort of like an overview or introduction about the product or offers. At this stage, we gather the details about the specific video that you need, and of course, we need to understand your project.


This phase involves creating a message and identifying the target objectives of the animated explainer video. The script is an essential component of an explainer video. It can take a day or sometimes a week to know the audience and your message. It has been unique, informative, persuasive and specific as possible. Some videos are made to sell a product or service. There are also videos that inform or educate people.

Approx freelance Script Process costs – $60 – $300

Approx studio Script Process costs – $240 – $2,400


This is the part where we start to imagine how the video will look like. At this stage, we put the concept together on the table. Finding professional-looking visuals is important to create an awesome explainer video. And you need a team that has enough resources about the type of video that you need for your business.

Approx freelance animation costs – $400 – $1,500

Approx studio animation costs – $1,200 – $24,000


This phase involves the process of capturing the right mood and feeling of the story. Although it is just added as a background of the video, it helps improve the mood of the audience when watching the video. Remember, any audio content is as relevant as the visuals.

Approx freelance voiceover & sound costs – $30 – $240

Approx studio voiceover & sound costs – $60 – $1,200

Design and animation

The part where the explainer video is being created. Here, we combine visuals and sound to captivate the attention of your audience and make them buy what you are offering or selling.

Approx freelance design costs – $200 – $900

Approx studio design costs – $900 – $12,000

Sound Design and Custom Revisions

We add and balance the sound effects and music of the explainer video. Before executing or producing the video, it has to be reviewed and checked whether everything syncs and working together.

Approx freelance revision costs – FREE – $ 600

Approx studio revision costs – FREE – $ 6,000

The overall cost of the video depends on the overall tasks that the creative team needs to accomplish to put your video together. Before creating your animated video explainer, it is important to understand that every aspect or task has its own level of expense.

There is a huge amount of time and work needed to create a good animated explainer video. And some people don’t realize that. Behind that, there’s a creative process or steps o

From creating script to voiceover and animation style, teams sometimes collaborate with other teams to pin you with the output that you need for your business or whatever project you’re going to use the explainer video for. 

Now that you already know roughly how much an explainer video costs, the next step is finding an awesome team to work with you on that. 

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Why isn’t a shorter animated explainer video much cheaper than a longer video?

It’s all about the time and energy it takes to create and produce the video. For example, creating assets in 3D is literally adding an extra dimension worth of visuals that need to be designed.

Every phase of the animation process costs time and money, from creation to revision or customization.

Even finalizing (rendering) the video takes much longer than with, say, a 2D or motion graphics animated video.

The most time-consuming process is creating the original idea. But once those assets are created, you can animate them to do anything you want.

That’s why a 2-minute animated video will almost never be double the cost of a one minute video – much of the assets are already created.

Is investing in an animated explainer video worth it?

Across the board, 78 percent of marketers say that video gives them a good ROI, making it a great investment for small businesses. There are also studies that show adding videos on your landing page can boost conversions or sales by 80 percent.

Check out this good explainer video from Crazy Egg. This video was created 4 years ago and it increased their monthly income by $21,000 and boosted conversion rates by nearly 64 percent! That is quite the ROI, even if the production cost was heavy. 

The video is still used and is still relevant even today. This is a good example of a well-thought and awesome explainer video that you can take inspiration from.

We believe that ROI should drive purchasing decisions especially if it’s your first time to create an animated explainer video. In fact, we believe that ROI is such a huge part of explainer video price, more importantly for lead generating videos. 

Explainer videos can help you find potential customers and also find out if your product is right for them. We want to make sure that we are able to help you create a bespoke video that delivers people straight to your channel. It’s about providing real value in every work that we create because the success of our clients is also our success.

Final thoughts

If you need the right amount or price to spend on an explainer video, there is really no number that fits all answer! We’ve done a lot of research to find out how much an animated explainer video costs in regard to our competition.

We feel we offer the very best value in the market. Our prices are much lower than some of the video explainer teams or companies out there. And the quality of our work is better than most of our competition, check out our portfolio and see for yourself.

The best advice we can give is before you start creating your explainer video, understand what are the necessary components of your video. As we discussed above, the cost of explainer videos vary depending on factors like length, style and delivery timeline of the project.

How to get an animated explainer video quotation from us?

If you want to get an explainer video quotation from us, you may schedule an appointment with us through Calendly or call us through Skype. Our creative team will do a full assessment of your project and price it accordingly. We will then discuss and send the approximate timeline, pricing and deliverables to you over email after our call. 

Hopefully, this guide can help answer your questions about explainer video costs and why they can vary so much. If you have more questions, feel free to message us or reach out to us at any time here.

Feel free to check out our sample works out here. If you have questions regarding animated explainer videos, message us anytime.