Choosing an explainer video production company is no easy task. We know how hard of a decision it can be to choose the perfect explainer video producer for your product or service. There are so many factors to weigh up which we talk about further down in this blog post. With these having been put into consideration, then you will choose a good company. There are various explanatory video companies which are available. They can be contacted easily via their respective websites. They include.

Animation Explainers

We are the best explainer video company available on the internet right now. We have done explanatory videos for many clients, notably;, Timebox, and 3Commas. Some of the services which animation explainers offer include, customized voice over accents from around the world, animation, scriptwriting assistance and free revision of videos. Some of the issues that make Animation Explainers good in what we offer exceptional quality videos for the price that you pay!

What we offer

Animation Explainers guarantee a client a consultative approach when we give you our services. We have a speedy turn around time with our projects. We will get the work done within the timeframe that you agree upon. Additionally, we will offer a free round of revisions in the content that we produce. This is a good way of guaranteeing that high-quality work is done. We have an easily accessible and navigable website. You can schedule a time to speak to us easily online. Our account manager Dylan will be delighted to speak to you about your video marketing goals. Because of our creativeness and customer based approach, Animation Explainers are revolutionizing this industry. We offer competitive rates in relation to other competitors. Our price is based on the complexity of the video and the length of the video. We also do a lot of research and come up with amazing video content.

1. Demo Duck

This is among the pioneers in this field. They were there in the times when explainer videos where not for the name that they are today, when they were known as Demos. It is a good team to work with because they offer personalized customer attention. The team does not have many players, but the importance of this is that the small team offers good service. Because of the fact that this company has been around for a while now, the client is able to benefit from the accumulated experience.

This video proudly presents Demo Duck’s Capabilities Reel.

2. Yans Media

Yans media has done over 300 videos for different clients from all over the world. They have a good communication platform. Yans Media gives the client an option of getting high-quality content for a considerable amount of payment. The starting amount of payment for a work done by Yans Media is $2000. They will offer a revision of content and do various tweaks that the client might want to be done.? Yan Media is available online, they have a well set up website where clients can link up with them.

Yans Media create animated videos for business, connecting brands with people!

3. Switch Video

This explainer video company has done videos for notable entities. They have done explainer videos for HP and IBM, big tech companies with a good reputation around the world. The company is based in Canada, but it is available for hire in different parts of the world. The services they offer can be accessed online on their website. They will give deliverable deadlines which are top notch and actually stick to them.

Switch Video has been producing animated explainer videos for 10 years for clients worldwide in over a dozen languages.

4. Yum Yum Videos

This platform is an award-winning explainer videos platform. It offers an array of videos, starting from whiteboard videos, explainer videos, motion graphics to animated videos. They provide high-quality service. They also have an option where you can customize your videos. In addition to this, they have a section of providing revisions for the videos which have already been done. As such, this is one of the most flexible companies which offer explainer videos.

All of Yum Yum’s videos are tailored to the marketing objectives and communication needs of their clients.

5. Epipheo

This company is among the pioneers of production of explainer videos. It has been around for a good number of years in comparison with other explainer video companies. As such, they will assure the client of good service and use the experience that they have gained over the years in order to provide good service. Epipheo offers two alternatives, live video and animation. They offer good services for both alternatives. They have a good time which has been built over the years and amassed a lot of knowledge and expertise.

A video production agency serving brands, marketers and thought leaders.

6. Cub Studio

This is another award-winning animation agency which gives good service. It is not a low budget company, you will have to dig deep in order to enjoy their services. Therefore, when you have a larger budget then you can contact Cub Studio which offers distinctive art to their clients. Since its founder was originally a marketing strategist who later gained interest in animation and became good in it, you are bound to get good content which will be market bale.

Simpler animation by Cub Studio explains the animation process, from commissioning through to delivery, and how Cub Studio make that process simpler.

7. Tundra

This is a Russian explanatory video company which creates videos at a considerable rate. They offer animation not only for explanatory videos, but for whatever niche that you might want animation from. They will also create characters for their clients. They have a good portfolio, with the ability to create avatars and icons being among the top skills which they offer apart from explanatory videos. For apps and websites, they will do a la carte animations of commendable quality.

tundra logo

8. Illo

Illo is distinctive in what they do. They offer unique products and they are really great at what they do. Their videos are unmistakably peculiar. You will recognize a video done by Illo as soon as you see it. They do work which is delightful. They make sure that this work is worth seeing. They are very unique and there is no doubt that they make a cut to the top ten because of their unique way of going about it. Try and check out their art, it is nothing but impressive.

illo logo

9. Thinkmojo

Thinkmojo has done videos for commendable brands such as Google, Twitter and Slack and Square. They do an amazing work most especially to tech companies. They will create videos with impressive visual qualities. These videos usually blend well with these high-tech companies. They are also available for hire, although they can charge highly for small businesses which are not yet on the map.

Think mojo is a premier video agency that specialises in creating attention grabbing content for technology businesses.

10. Ydraw

This is a whiteboard video animation company. They are however a unique brand because of the difference of what they do from what other whiteboard video animation companies do. Yes, there are many whiteboard videos which give high-quality work, but Ydraw beats them to it. They are not your ordinary level-headed cartoon artists. Ydraw are very talented, and they will create high-quality cartoons which are not only fun to watch but also very informative. They are artistic and they pay attention to the finest detail.

Here’s the story of Ydraw. Ydraw can create an amazing whiteboard video for your company.

11. Wyzowl

They have been in operation for seven years no. Wyzowl have gained a lot of experience making these explainer videos. They have created almost thousands of videos for various clients. The clients love what this team does and they keep coming back. They will give a lot of choices and they are highly flexible. This is arguably one of the reasons why they have been in operation for long and they have worked with a huge number of clients. They will offer unlimited revisions for their clients, so whenever you feel like changing your mind, they will offer you quick alternatives.

Wyzowl create explainer videos for companies all around the world.

12. Rocketwheel

This company is based in San Fransisco, USA. They create explainer videos of high quality to their customers. Rocketwheel are however bet known because they produce a diversified service known as the hybrid screen animation style video. They are the best option for the client looking to get both services. In the hybrid screen animation stye video, the content creator combines live actions with animations to get a more elaborate story.

Rocketwheel produces premium explainer videos and software demos to bring your story to life.

13. Idearocket

This animation company is a go-to for the company which wants to market a complicated product. Idearocket is also a good option for tech companies looking to market their products. Because of their expertise, Idearocket is able to simplify otherwise complicated concepts into simpler and easily understandable concepts by using stylistic devices such as metaphors. This has made Idearocket a great explainer content company for those whose products seem too hard to market.

Idearocket is a full service animation studio specialising in explainer video for businesses.

14. Blinktower

This is a South Africa based explainer video company. It produces high-quality content for its clients at an affordable rate. The animations are cool and exciting, and they make this company a good company. They serve the whole globe, so they will be the right option for you next time you want a new touch to the way you market your products.

World class, handcrafted animated explainer videos.

15. Planet Nutshell

This company has been in existence since 2008. They are widely experienced and easy to work with. Planet Nutshell have been offering their services to a large number of clients. The will deliver the best content at an understandable rate to the client. They mainly focus on non-profit organizations, health care organization, educators and tech companies. Most of the work they have done shows a bias towards these fields, and it goes without say that they benefit their clients greatly by ensuring that they give the right information to the right target audience.

Planet Nutshell craft short-form animated videos for business, healthcare, education, and nonprofits.

16. Studio Pigeon

This service provider uses a lot of carton in the production of videos. They are excellent in their work. They will develop high quality characters and write stories which are relatable and easy flowing. They are an agency which will ask for a little bit too much in terms of payments. As such, if you are operating on a generous budget, then this is an agency which is worth giving the try.

Pigeon is an animation studio engaging the audience with stories and well-designed characters in cinema, broadcast, and web across the world.

17. We’re Alive

Very few explainer video production companies produce their own music. We’re Alive is known because of its ability to produce audios which they use in their videos. They will produce fantastic explainer videos for their clients. Not only are they able to create their own music they will also do the sound effects. As such, there are packages which they give to individuals. One such package is offering videos independently while the other package is offering the videos with music. With these, the client is able to choose the package which they want.

This is the premier of Zero Hour – the first visual representation inside the world of We’re Alive.

18. Kasra Design

This video platform has been directly involved in the production of 500 videos since it was set up. They are able to do a wide array of tasks, starting from 3d videos, 2D videos and motion graphics. Kasra Design are highly experienced in their work. They have done videos for start-up companies and the corporate world.

An award winning animated explainer video production company.

19. Renderforest

This is a new platform which makes explainer video production easier and fun. Renderforest gives you various templates from which you can choose and create a personalised video. This is a good option when working on a tight budget, because it will give you everything you want in order to create an explainer video. The biggest task that you will have will be doing the assembly work, because this you must do for yourself.

An all in one platform for creating your intros, explainer animations, promotional videos, logos or even a professional website.

20. Explain Ninja

This is a good platform which specialises in the production of short videos. They do short videos ranging from YouTube adds to Facebook video campaigns. They have good Christmas video campaigns. When choosing an explainer video production company of remarkable ability, always put in mind that a good ad campaign always pays off. In this light, Explain Ninja is a good option for creating such ads.

Helping brands get from where they are to where they want to be.

21. Breadnbeyond

This is an explainer video production unit which has the solution for you if you are working on a tight schedule and your budget is modest. It will not give you a well animated and figured out video. The video will not be elaborated and the story line will not be very strong. On the brighter side, they will get the video done, and the levels of customization and decency will be a little bit lower. This platform will ensure that you get a decent video at a good and fair price. It will also ensure that it beats the time deadline that you might have.

Breadnbeyond has created more than 2650 videos in 14 different languages.

22. Demoflick

This is a good explainer video which is budget conscious. The services which they offer are standard. They have done lots and lots of videos for commendable clients. Their clientele keeps increasing, showing that more customers appreciate their work. It is without doubt that their work is above the par. They have a good customer support basis. Demoflick will answer you shortly after you conduct them. They are a good company to try out.

demoflick logo

23. Wionet

This is a whiteboard explainer video production company. The cons of hiring them I that they have amazing storytelling abilities. Additionally, they have a lot of experience gained from dealing with many clients. Wionet produce content of high quality. They are philanthropic. They have worked on videos for non-profit organizations. Wionet are also very visible in handling charities. They are a company which gives back. As such, it is definitely one of the best to work with if your company is a non-profit organization.

wionet logo

24. Simple Story

They have a good customer relationship rapport. They work on building and maintaining relationships with their clients. This is a very valuable attribute because it shows how much they value consumer involvement and satisfaction. They will always look to have feedback on various topics that they may have. When you give them this feedback, then they will act upon it. This represents the emphasis that they lay on customer service, an indicator that they value their customers a lot.

Simple Story design custom targeted videos. They are artists, marketers & storytellers helping to tell your brand’s story.

25. The Explainer Guys

As you can see from their name, they are creative individuals who have a strategy. They obviously do explainer videos. They always keep the promise of designing their videos well. The Explainer Guys team ensure that they give their clients innovative and creative videos. With them, their creativity will help you to grow your brand. It, therefore, goes without saying that the sales of your company will increase. To attract viewers from different regions in the world, you need creativity and that is what the explainers guys do. They deliver your message via video in a very different/ unique way that attracts people with curiosity as to what the message brings

The Explainer Guys are a boutique explainer video production company.

26. Gisteo

This company which is based in Miami has been around since 2011. The creator was a marketing executive. They create videos which are used for advertisements. The videos are of high quality. They also have a Spanish speaking wing. This team can be of great use whenever a marketer wants an explainer video production company which can do Spanish videos.

Gisteo creates animated explainer videos that “get to the gist” of what your company, product, service or idea is all about.

27. 3rd Floor

This is a small but dedicated team which aims at customer satisfaction. They have an office in Oslo and Cape Town. 3rd Floor deal with both action and animated videos. They are amazing in their storytelling.

third floor logo

28. Explainify

This company is able to make companies ideas seem simple because of their storytelling ability. This is an interesting company and it provides high quality work of good value. It tells stories in interesting ways. They are an alluring company and they are easy to work with.

Your Explainer Video needs to elevate your brand, separate you from the competition, and inspire people to think, feel, and then do something. Explainer do that.

29. Grumo Media

Their target market is start up companies. The produce videos of high quality. The story line flow of these videos is exemplary. The videos are engaging, concise and exciting. Grumo media is definitely a good way for start up businesses to put themselves on the radar. This withstanding, the have worked with various well-established businesses, including various multinational businesses, therefore showing that they are well equipped with the right skills.

Producer of awesome animated videos and explainer videos for startups and Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft and Walmart.

30. Blink Tower

This company can work with a wide array of customers, they do not consider the size of the client’s business or the goals that the client has. Many explanatory video production companies will do a background check in order to establish the intent of their client and the activities the partake, but not Blink Tower. The write good scripts. To them, the substance is more important that style. As such, they will give high quality content to their clients.

Blink Tower make targeted animated video that drives sales, signups and support.

32. Explanimate

Video production is usually a very expensive feat to accomplish. As such, it always points down to the client to choose what is best for them. There are various ways in which explainer video production companies can get to work with you. You can contact them via their websites. They is usually a team which is ready to receive you and answer a majority of the questions that you might have in regard to the issue at hand. The team will thereafter take you through a list of the company’s services and how you can get them, together with the charges associated with when. Armed with this information, the client is able to make an informed choice on the product that will best suit the interest. There are many choices which are available for the customer to choose from. Here, choice should come into play. Make an informed decision depending on the time that it will take to produce the video, the quality of the video, the length of the video, the sound quality of the video in addition to many other factors.

Explanimate provide corporate animation, promos, TVC, explainer videos, music videos, product demos or anything in between.

31. Common Craft

It is a good company which charges pocket friendly charge in order to produce explanatory videos. It is available on their website and they have provided information on how to get to their services.

Common Craft’s library of ready-made videos is used by educators to inspire confidence in using technology and the internet.



Factors to take into account when choosing a supplier

Explainer videos are a good way to market your business by providing information about it in the video. There are many explainer videos production companies in the market right now. As such, it is necessary that you get the best service by choosing the best explainer video producer. Explainer videos should be well developed and well thought out so that they can attract a huge array of viewer. This is a guarantee that the business is on its way to getting more customers and having more profits. What most people ask is, which are the best explainer videos that are available to choose from right now? What are the criteria that can use to look and actually find a good explainer video production company? Here are the various factors that you should consider.

1. Price

A good explainer video production company will offer you a considerable price for the good you want to buy. Some may charge more while others may charge less. To this effect, you must discern well. Go for the company that will provide you with better services at an affordable rate. Avoid those companies that will ask for exponential amounts of money to get your work done. This does not exhaustively mean that you should avoid all the companies that charge higher and go for the ones that charge over. It means that evaluation is important. You will have to evaluate which company offers better for lower, remember always get the best service out of your money. For a fact, you are spending your money on something. So you should know that you are spending it on the right thing or not. Firstly you need to know about the product you want from the company. You need to have all the details regarding what exactly you need. So the first most important thing is to give all the requirements necessary to the company. You need to give a very clear and accurate information regarding the you want.after knowing about all your requirements, than you need to search regarding the company , you need to know the type of company that is offering the exact product you need. After analysing your needs and the company offering it, you need to put a price to that specific product you need. You need to compare between different companies to analyse in detail , and than take a final decision as to which company to choose. You need to check for even the company’s customer reputation as well. To know exactly about the company that is offering your required product, and have a very good customer relationship history.

2. Communication

Good communication between you and your service provider enables both of you to agree on the majority of issues. For one, you will both understand each other’s needs. You will get ton exchange ideas on how best you can work on the video to make it look better and more elaborate. If you cannot communicate well with the company that you chose, then it is advisable to switch from it and go for a company which values your input. Therefore, choose that company with a 24-hour response system. Chose the company which is always indulging you and asking you what you want and how you want it done. This is the company that will give you the best service. On the flipside, shun the company which does a shady job on communication, it will end up disappointing you. In a company-customer relationship , communication plays a very vital role into building this relationship. A company needs to be available for all sort of customer issues. A company’s effective response and quick to provide solution to customer problem matters a lot. So you need to distinguish companies from their customer feedbacks and then choose the company that have the most effective response for customer problems.

3. Quality

Getting the best quality work for the money that you pay is unnegotiable. Explainer video production companies which give elaborate work are the best. While other companies turn a blind eye on the quality of work that they offer and concentrate on making you dig deeper into your pockets, there are authentic video explainers who will do the best quality of work without expecting much in return. Do not compromise on the quality of work that you receive. Be thorough and make sure that you get what you want. If you are not involved in the production process in various ways like; inquiries, suggestions, and critics’, then shun this company because it might end up costing you a lot of money. When you are spending money on something, you need to make sure about the quality as well because the quality of the product is what you are paying them for. The quality makes the company differ from other companies. The quality of product matters a lot to customers and companies who create quality product have more clients than any other competitor. A customer can pay a lot if the company gives a promising product. That is why if you are paying a company for a product than you should not compromise on the quality anymore.

4. Flexibility

A company which is flexible enough is a company that will help you more. Some companies do not do well when it comes to flexibility. They will be self-imposing and authoritarian, demanding that the client give them space to do their work. They will not listen to proposals and ideas that they are given, they will just go about their work with little consideration. This, therefore, necessitates that as a client, you look for the service provider who is open-minded. These service providers always give you a listening ear whenever you have something in your mind that might pique their interest. Do not go for the self-righteous and proud company that will not work flexibly. You need to choose a company that is flexible enough for the changes you want to make in a product. A company that is willing to mould according to the changes you want. You need to choose a company that focuses on customer needs, and agrees to bring a change in their products according to customer requirements. This kind of flexibility attracts a lot of people. Because having a company that can create a changed product according to your needs is what every customer wants.

5. Revision

Offering revision is an attribute of good service providers who understand what is needed of them. Revision is core in ensuring that the content provided is of high quality. It presents the client with the opportunity to call out a few issues that they may not like and have them changed. Go for that company which offers a free revision of your content, because some companies will demand that you pay them some amount of money before they can revise their content for you. It is a persom’s habbit, they do make mistakes. There is a chance that you might like something but after implementing it you may not like the feature. So you should choose a company that can co-operate with you according to your needs And that provides full co-oepration to revise the content without asking for any sort of extra charges for that content to be changed.

6. Speed

There are some companies which guarantee you some hasty jobs when you demand them. Others will be categorical in their timeframe, putting in mind various factors which may affect this. As a rule of the thumb, more speed is usually better, because nobody likes haggard worker. Even though more speed is better, always remember that too much speed can lead to poor work. Therefore, always go for the company which gives the most realistic timeframe. An accurate timeframe along with a quality product matters a lot. To get money from clients, company might give false timeframe just to make customers bound with fake information that they will do the work timely. So you should prefer a company that gives very authentic and valid information along with accurate timeframe to not misguide you but to provide you with correct information. Do not go for the company which is too hasty or the one which is very slow. Discern your choices well.

7. Design

Always consider how the work of the company that you choose looks like. Do not go for a company which gives recycled images or is not creative with their work. The characters should be well developed and the storyline stipulated well. Here are some of the issues to consider in relation to the video design of the company. Creativity, uniqueness in products really plays a very vital role into building a portfolio for any you should always go for the company that offers uniqueness, a changed theme as compared to other companies in the market because people usually get bored from the same content being repeated. So a unique product always attracts more customers. Creativity is the main key to make your company stand out in the market in comparison with other companies.

A. Script

The script should be around 90 seconds long. This will be a considerable script. Additionally, it should aim at providing important information and details about the business. It should act as a guide on various issues that may confront the person who views it. You need to focus on the thing that script should be accurate, with authentic information. A script should be very easy to read. Using not so difficult words that the reader can not understand properly. So you need to chose a company that provide a script that is friendly enough to read by a person of any age. Because these kind of things matter, for customers and it is the company’s responsibility to fulfil such needs.

B. Animation

As stated earlier, it is usually nice to have characters who are relatable. The animations which are created by the explainer video creator should be easy to understand. The feels and looks of the video is an important attribute in ensuring that the video is of high quality. The animation should be of high quality a person finding it difficult to differentiate between a real time picture or an animation. This kind of quality in the video plays a very important role to make the viewers actually feel about the animation.

C. Music

The video should have music which captures the emotion of the story. This is usually helpful in invoking the right emotion from the viewers of the video. The music plays a very vital role into delivering the topic you want to covey to the viewers. So a music choice matters a lot, a person should be able to know the kind of music that attracts the viewers the most. And should use the music according to the theme of the video. In this way you can easily attract more viewers.

D. Voice over

It is essential to have a good voice over. The person who does the voice over must bring out the feel and the emotion that goes hand in hand with the script. For a serious piece of work, then it is usually advisable to have a serious voice over. On the other hand, a not so serious video requires a not so serious voice over. A good voice really plays a very vital role into making the viewers understand properly about theme behind the video. So with all other things, you should also focus on the voice, a strong convincing voice to deliver the type of message you want to covey to your customers.

E. Subtitles

A good video should have subtitles so that whatever is being advertised can be easier to understand. It will also help those who have some hearing impairment understand the content. Being versatile in the viewers category helps a lot into make your project wide. You can get viewers from different kind of languages in the world. So to convey your message to them subtitles play the role. Very clear and accurate subtitles can help the people understand what you really want to convey to them.